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The Maestro

(All of this takes place right after Godhood, a decently old RP. Well, old being a relative term.)

Unknown Date

Joey's eyes awoke in a dark room. The only thing he could see was a man's white eyes. "Who's there?" Joey said, his voice was creaky, yet his body strong. Then he saw it, a malicious smile. Yet for some odd reason, Joey had no fear. "My name is Beary Cook. Though my crew knows me as Urbs." Joey's eyes raised at the mention of the man. He was considered the king of Detroit, the mayor just a pawn. "Where... exactly am i?" His voice continued to astound him, each time he spoke an sensation running through him. "You're my own personal hospital bed. And i apologize for the intrusion, but with the wounds you had sustained, it had been odd to see you recover within a day or two. The results of my analyzation of you had even been more surprising." Joey looked around, he heard machines working, humming with the noise of a hospital. The man apparently had decent resources. "I doubt you know this Joey..." Urbs stopped to see what the young man's reaction would be to hearing his name, oddly enough, there was one. Shrugging, he continued on, "But you're a mutant."

Joey was more surprised by this more than Beary knowing his name, "But... i got my power from my an accident." A slight smirk could be heard, "Yeah, i'm sure that's what the doctors told you. What really happened is that you're powers were altered by the accident. After all, what type of human lives through an attack of that scale and power." Joey had thought the coincidence odd. "The fact is, no one. Nobody is that damn lucky, including you. But what you did have was a godlike healing factor in the works. But that's not all, you also had TP & TK just ready to burst at the seams." Urbs laughed, an odd, slightly disturbing thing to hear, yet still smooth & silky. "Imagine that, perhaps one of the most powerful mutants in the world, not yet even having his power unlocked, becoming a second rate hero because of an unlucky accident." Another laugh. But then an abrupt stop, a frown crossing his face, "But you can't just stop great power from becoming great power. No, not even one of the most powerful devices at the time can stop what you have going." Joey was starting to get confused, "I thought you said i was second rate."

"At this moment, you are." Beary said still frowning, "And after our first analysis, we also thought that." Another grin, a slight chuckle accompyning it. "I apologize Joey," He said while regaining his composure, "I'm not usually so lucky as to get someone of your caliber in my hands. So my emotions are oddly out of wack... look, it's like this Joey. I have the ability to craft you into someone of much higher ability, into someone of extreme power, into someone who can make a difference. So what do you say, friend." Joey thought about how easily Dathron had defeated him, how easily his pantheon had torn everything to shreds. How in reality, he could do nothing. So it was no surprise when Joey responded with his usual smile, "Of course, Mr.Cook"


Joey looked at the Titan with a shake of his head. The Beast had killed around 50 of Urbs remaining men, only when they knew they were outmatched had they called for back-up. Steam, the replacement leader for Urbs had sent out Joey to handle it. Quickly disposing of the others, he now had to deal with the main man. The leader of a new group that was trying to take over Detroit since Urbs had to leave. Each time one of these groups rose up, they always had to get knocked down. It was a hastle to say the least, it wasn't Steam's fault, not at all. It was just no one could order with the same amount of authority that Beary had. "Come on, what you gonna do little man." The titan said witha laugh as he was throwing around tractor trailers like nunchucks. Joey sighed, They just never learn do they. Looking at the thing, Joey believed his name to be, Mr. Right, he a slight amount of sympathy. Then remembering how quick this would end, he smiled. Moving much faster than sound, Joey closed the distance between the two and threw a single punch at his abdomen. And just like that, the swinging of the trucks stopped, as Mr Right, wide eyed, looked down to see a giant hole in his torso.

With that, Joey pushed the Hulk down to the ground and called Steam, "Yo, it's done." As the new leader picked up, "Good. Apparently, that was your last job." hm? "And why is that?" A smirk could be heard on the line, "Because apparenlty, Urbs has a bigger job for you." It was the widest smile Joey had given in a while at the thought of his name, "Urbs is finally coming back."

"To be honest, i don't know, but he hit me up and said there's gonna be something going down." Joey hadn't been this happy in a while. The man who had taught him everything was finally gonna witness just how much more skilled Joey has become, "I can barely wait!" Another smirk by smooth voiced Steam, "I'm sure. So get over here soon so that you can hear the details. Oh yeah, and make sure you clean up the mess, unlike last time." Joey scratched his head embarrisingly, "I gotchu Steam."

"Yeah, i'm sure. Anyways, cya later Joey." The phone hung up. Looking down to the ground with a smile, Joey did what he always did after leaving a scene. He spray-painted Maestro over what was left of the leader's body. Which in most cases, just meant his head.