Gone for a while

Because of a recent snow storm my power has been knocked out at my house for the last few days, and this the first time I've accessed a computer since Tuesday night. Hopefully I can return fully soon to see all my CV friends again:) so take care guys I'll be back.... hopefully


Blue Diamond Tunes

I was kinda bored today and an interesting thought came across my mind, What would Sonata aka Blue Diamond theme tune would be if she was fighting the bad guys.? Well I began to search for an answer, and came across this little tune that I thought was pretty close. Its not permanent its just for fun, but if people think its pretty good  might just keep it.:) Alright when you hear the first part of the tune imagine Sonata seeing some kind of danger and running off somewhere to change into her Blue Diamond costume. When the second part of the song hits Imagine her taking down the Bad guys and saving the day.


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Now i have one more tune it was made by the same artist, When i first heard this it instantly made me think of Sonata's internal conflict, and her duel personalities.  Alright the first part of this song would be Blue Diamond's theme, the second part of the tune would be for Black Diamond(The story behind her coming soon) Then the final part of the tune would be for New Diamond( the epic story behind her is coming in the RPG with GWE) Well guys enjoy and tell me what you think.:)


My Picks

I would go with Cap and Superman as VP and Pres both would do whatever it takes to succeed, and help out the country. There is one i definitely would not want to be pres and hes right here