"Superman Vs Thor"... and what Really went down

I know some people like to post half-assed scans that they claim being evidence of ANY kind of victory. So for instance this being one's evidence of Thor owning superman, or this of Superman owning Thor. In both cases, they were wrong. Thor caught superman by suprise in the first attack, and Superman overwhelmed thor because thor (as usual) underestimated his opponent. Aquaman and thor discuss this as the storyline continues ( here).  Superman and Thor even see themselves as their equals, too be seen on two occassions. As for Superman being able to lift Thor's hammer, people say he did this because he is worthy, or simply that he's strong enough. Here is the the truth, Thor gave it to him, knowing he was worthy of the moment. After the battle, we saw superman attempting to lift it again, but failing ( here).
After beating Thor, Superman admits that he may be the single most strongest opponent he ever faced ( here), and look how the avengers treat thor... sort of like the Justice League treat Superman eh? And last but not least, Superman admits beating him barely, it's a 50 / 50 thing. 
Hope you now see that these two are evenly matched, and that none of the two could easily beat the other. 
As for it being able to be used in battle threads or any other Superman Vs Thor material... Kurt Busiek says yes! Thing's like the Cosmic Egg that was created after the JLA / Avengers crossover still have been used in continuity.