The Emma/Xavier telepathic relationship.

Alright we know that since his creation Xavier has been the most powerful telepath on the planet. Barring telepaths such as Jean and Legion. Emma has always been sidelined when it came to grabbing that title simply because...well that's just it "because it's Xavier". Feats for Xavier have been given and for the most part Emma has matched those feats. So why is she not considered to be his equal? No one is saying that Emma would win against Xavier if they went in an all out battle. But you must admit that Emma has shown to be just as powerful as Xavier if not more so.

So my question is.. What makes Xavier so much more powerful than Emma that she'll never be his equal?

My Top 5 Favorite Female Heroes


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Jean Grey- Easily one of my favorite characters and always will be. Taken for a wild ride over the years by the Phoenix Force. And yet she always finds her way back. A founding member of the X-men she easily surpasses all her fellow mutants and some gods in raw power and skill but she still keeps her humanity. Her power is only limited by her imagination. She is the fire that keeps the X-men going strong when things get cold.

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Emma Frost-The Cold hearted Emma Frost has always had a special place in my head. When I feel like looking at someone who doesn't take any crap from anyone I turn to something with Emma in it. The heartless indestructible ice queen who has grabbed the heart of the leader of mutant-kind keeps by his side in an unconventional display of her other side. A World class telepath her powers still growing. May you be on the side of evil or good. I pray for you if you ever get this woman mad at you.


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Ororo Munroe-Storm goddess of the weather. The X-men's second in command she is always there to lead them and support them as a mother would there child. She can and will protect the ones she loves at any cost. A formidable fighter in hand to hand and in power she is the X-men's trick card. Always hidden in the background ready to strike with the raw power of a Category 5 hurricane. Queen of the most advance nation in the MU with friends who range from the smartest man on earth to the gods of the cosmos there is nothing she can't do if she puts her mind and the full force of nature unleashed to it.

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Willow Rosenberg- One of the most powerful witches to ever walk the buffyverse. Willow has no trouble facing down whatever trouble comes her way. With enough power to destroy the world if she wanted to and the will to hold it back Willow proves that she is as mighty as any slayer. She can do anything she can think of with the right spell. From turning you into a toad, Facing off against gods, to even bringing back the dead. All hail willow queen of the witches!



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Zatanna Zatara- Easily one of the most powerful members of the justice league. She can face down gods and demons and still be home in time to read a book of the dead. Always casting her spells backwards from a simple "POTS!" to "Pots Sih Slleps". She has surpassed her father and ranks among the elite magic users in the DC universe. A long time member of the league she has seen them through the good and bad times but her trust in them has never withered. And everyone needs a little magic in their life which Zatanna will gladly give.