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A new Canidate for the race for Crown? 0

A great issue for any Inhumans fan the best issue of the entire run. I admit even though I am a die hard Inhumans fan I have enjoyed this run but have not been crazy about it like previous Inhuman runs. I believe that is mostly due to the fact that until now most of the previous issues have been mostly talking. Not just normal comic book chatter but fool on heavy multiple paragraphs on each page of heavy political banter. But this book o boy this is a good book for anyone ...

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This book receives the official Son_of_Magnus WTF? stamp. 0

Anyone who follows me on this site knows I truly am not pleased with Bendis at all and believe he is single handily destroying Marvel. This book just went on to prove every theory I have on Bendis and every bad thing I have ever said about him is justified. This book was one of the worst things I have read in a long time the only reason I gave it a rating is because I love Mike Deodato's artwork. Dark Avengers #13 Mike Deodato has been one of my favorite artists for a long time I love his port...

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Rogue War has begun! 0

I have been waiting for this issue for a long time and was dieing with anticipation, and I was not disappointed! This book was all I wanted and more! Geoff Johns is excellent when it comes to writing classic characters and it is rather obvious that he prefers them over Modern Age characters. So as expected the Silver Age Flash villains resurrected were handled perfectly by Johns even if out of character.    Blackest Night: Flash #2 I would also like to point out how much...

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Catfight! 0

Now this was a good book but it did not make me jump through the roof like the Catwoman book that came out this week but it was still a really good read. I love Gail Simone she stole my heart with Birds of Prey I thought that woman could do no wrong after reading that series. When she took over the Secret Six I was ecstatic and she has done a wonderful job with them so far. My only problem with Simone is I do not like the way she writes Bane and that is one of the reasons Secret Six is not my f...

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The Mask is Back! 0

Now I loved this issue everything about it was appealing to me. Selina is one of my all time favorite DC characters and Tony Bedard and Marcos Marz work so well with her. I will start off by saying the art was fabulous and very well done with very fluid fight scenes. The story was very creepy and scary I can say in all honesty that I was dead scared at some points during the story. The humor in the book was hilarious and classic Selina one of my favorite parts involved Mask's tongue and Selina's...

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