The Spyder *Discarded*

The Spyder
🎶 Living on the edge! Flying high, spinnin' webs!🎶
🎶 Living on the edge! Flying high, spinnin' webs!🎶

Name: Reginald "Reggie" Quinn

Current Alias: The Spyder

Alias(es): Spydey/Spidey; NexGenHero;

Species: Human

Sub-Species: Para-Human

Gender: Male♂️

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: American

Orientation: Heterosexual


Age: 16

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 142lbs.

Blood Type: O-


Birthplace: New York City, New York

Residence: Queens, New York City

City of Operations: New York City, New York

Base of Operations: Some Old Supervillian Hideout

Relatives: Johnathan Quinn - Father; Maria Quinn - Mother; Richard Quinn - Uncle (Deceased);


Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliation: (Officially) None; The People

Occupation: High School Student - Sophomore; Vigilante/Superhero;

Marital Status: Single

Relationship(s): None

🕸 Personality

The Boy Behind The Mask

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Compassionate. Patient. Generous. Friendly. Forgiving. Honest. Courageous.

Reginald Quinn possesses all of these traits, nurtured and encouraged in his youth by the parental figures in his life: Maria and Johnathan Quinn, his mother and father. Johnathan Quinn’s steadfast character and belief in hard work and responsibility provided the basis of the example Reginald would try to live up to as he acquired his superhuman abilities, and, furthermore, for his heroic career he would eventually embark on. His forgiving nature and generosity would stem more from his mother Maria, who often volunteered at the local shelter in their neighborhood and brought Reginald along in his youth. This brought a humbling and generous experience, realizing the everyday blessings he took for granted were desperately needed by the homeless and destitute. This would lead to him often becoming sympathetic to those who committed crimes out of sheer desperation and often attempts to assist and encourage them in getting themselves back on the right track, offering help, advice, and even a bit of money after resolving the situation as peacefully as possible.

His compassion extends even into his fighting style, often opting for battlefield or threat removal of an individual before attempting to persuade the individual to give up his or her current lifestyle, whether it be a supervillian or an alien conqueror or even the common crook. His fighting style, if he is unable to persuade the individual(s) or simply does not have the time or opportunity for such communication, revolves mainly around incapacitation of the enemy with minimal harm inflicted upon the foe. Reginald is resolute in never using his full strength unless the situation absolutely call for it, such as when his all of his strength is required to defeat a foe who would be unfazed by any lesser attacks. Although he often experiments with his strength to see what is required to harm a metahuman or mutant individual and possesses an abundance of it, Reginald often opts to use his webbing to dispatch foes from a distance before resorting to his fists, only engaging in hand-to-hand combat when in close quarters with an enemy or his webbing has failed to incapacitate. His habit of firing webbing at his opponents stems from both the slight fear of accidentally harming someone with excessive force and the relative ease and speed of webbing up opponents, removing them as threats quickly and efficiently due to the webbing’s advance properties.

His uncle is the sole and main inspiration of his carefree and wisecracking attitude while under the mask, always telling him little jokes and playing little pranks on young Reginald. Although Reginald may be mild-mannered, the Spyder takes on a nearly completely different aspect of him, displaying a different, hidden side to his personality. His tendency to perform practical pranks on various costumed felons and crooks as well as other heroes should he have the chance tell of a more mischievous and trickster personality. His terrible knack for cracking terrible jokes or puns are both for the tactical advantage of distracting an opponent and throw off their concentration and for his own amusement and relieving his anxiety.

However, the most notable characteristic of Reginald displays itself in how he handles himself in tense situations. While he does display the tendency to wisecrack when found in a predicament, Reginald often tries to find a peaceful and appropriate solution that can resolve the situation, even when faced with difficulty and opposition or when it seems impossible to come to a peaceful conclusion. He always tries to find a resolution that can appease both sides of the conflict, sometimes trying to appeal to the inner good of the individuals or listing out the benefits of a mutual agreement. One could conclude that Reginald still has a certain naivety about him that comes with optimistic youth or that he has the characteristics of a peacemaker. One would not be wrong but the character of Reginald, especially as the Spyder, stems from his Christian upbringing. His firm belief in that everyone can do the right thing and has a choice backed by his unwavering optimism and his beliefs make him stand out from the usual superheroes, willing to be patient and work to help others rather than just delivering the normal beatdown.

His inherent aptitude for the sciences were encouraged by both his parents and his uncles, all who saw it as a gift, especially when it came to household electrical or mechanical problems. Fixing or patching up the wiring of the house and demonstrating a remarkable intellect when it came to a child his age, Reginald applied his knowledge and skill to his superheroic career, manufacturing gadgets and tool necessary to aid him in his war on crime. To add to his already impressive repertoire of intellectual talent, Reginald also seems to be developing a gift for tactical prowess, whether it be a result of his increasing experience as a superhero or a inborn talent flourishing through his superheroic exploits.

🏙️ Bio

It's A Long Story

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On September 7th, 2002, Reginald Quinn was born in St. Mary's Hospital to Johnathan and Maria Quinn. Reginald held all the signs of a healthy child, a miracle that his parents were happy to receive.

Skip to several years later. . . .


I'm Not Too Bad At This Whole Hero Thing

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. . . . . .

🕷️ The Human-Spider (Under Construction)

The Birth of the One and Only Para-Human

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Due to a bite from a genetically-altered arachnid specimen exposed to an unknown material and his own inherited mutant gene, Reginald possesses the proportional powers and capabilities of several species of spider. The complex mutagenic enzymes in the spider's blood that were transferred at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Reginald Quinn, granting him an "enhanced chromosome pattern." The specimen was a laboratory-bred polyhybrid, containing the Sicariidae strain that has been genetically-altered with spliced genes from the Salticidae, Lycosidae, and Dolomedes families while also exposed to an exotic material, heightening the hybrid's formidable prowess, abilities, and venom to a remarkable degree. While the spider would kill any normal human with it's bite, Reginald survived thanks to his hyper-adaptive mutant gene, which activated due to the severe biological stress his body underwent. After several days in a coma, Reginald awoke to discover new and frightening powers he had never possessed before. Reginald had transcended both mutant and meta alike becoming the world's very first para-human, a mutant-meta hybrid.

Anatomy & Physiology

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The Sixth Sense:

The foremost remarkable ability Reginald developed after the spider bite and subsequent coma; the sixth sense is an advanced, nigh-omniscient form of clairvoyance and precognition, mainly functioning as alternate form of danger sense. While he does retain the tingling sensation along the back his cerebrum that indicates when and where danger is within his vicinity via intensity and the positioning of the reverberations along the lower back of his head and neck, indicating the threat's direction.

However, in more life-threatening situations, Reginald has access to a far more unconventional power. His brain has developed the ability to access a psychic "web", interconnected with everyone and anyone within a vicinity of 200 meters or so. Through this esoteric link to the surrounding people and environment, Reginald is able to predict and anticipate a foe's attacks or one's intent and the action they are about to enact. This allows Reginald to discern one's motive and intentions and see through deception, whether it be lies, illusions, treachery, or similar deceitful tactics. However, this link also gifts the young human-spider with an empathic link to those surrounding him. This empathic link gives Reginald an advantage when trying to communicate and mediate a compromise with others, able to pick the best approach via this method.

This unique method of extrasensory perception also allows Reginald to determine the status and well-being of others, able to foresee if another individual is in harm's way or immediate danger. His ability also grants him the foresight to see into the immediate future, allowing him to discern the results of other's actions . . . .

This is in part why the Spyder is so effective in keeping civilian casualties to a minimal . . . .

Electrostatic Manipulation:

Reginald possesses the ability to manipulate the electrostatic fields surrounding the entirety of his body via . . . .

  • Electrostatic Adhesion:

Like all of his human-arachnid brethren, Reginald has the ability to perform the dubbed action of "wall-crawling" . . . .

  • Electrostatic Repulsion:

The opposite of his adhesion ability, Reginald is able to . . .

  • Hydrophobic "Sliding":

. . . .

  • Seismic/Vibration Sensory

Superhuman Strength:


  • Superhuman Durability:

Superhuman Endurance:

Superhuman Speed:

  • Superhuman Reflexes:

Superhuman Immunity:

  • Superhuman Metabolism:

⚙️ Suit & Paraphernilia


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