"Soon, all the world will hear about the blind violinist, wise 'ol Solomon"

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Disillusioned. (Part 2)

Time passed, and snow crunched underneath the duo's feet. Solomon had learned much from his friend, Ann as she introduced herself. She told him that she was a psychic and wanted to learn more about souls and spirits. She taught him how to utilize his music to call upon their aid. In return for her lessons, she called what she called "tributes" from him. Bits and pieces of his being to help her 'maintain her power', draining him for days. This winter, the two trekked into heavy snow, looking for a unique group of wraiths rumored to be residing within the mountain ranges. Solomon had yet to retrieve his sight, relying on Mozart and the glimpses that Ann allowed him to see, although she started granting them less throughout the years. The journey was arduous, their resources were running lower by the day. Yet, the duo was still determined to reach their destination. Solomon wanted to get his music to all spirits and souls, so he lead the trek, Ann following behind.

The two rested at a frozen over lake, by Ann's description. And Solomon placed his back on the ground, retrieving his violin from its slick black case. The lake itself was invisible to him, but he could feel the empty space through the unbroken flow of the frigid winds. "Are we going to play a song now?" Ann asked, seated on a blanket, looking up at Solomon with her doe eyes. The two had grown together in Solomon's mind. She was his only real friend for years to come, and he truly appreciated her company. "Yes, I figured this would be the perfect spot. It can carry my song far and wide."

He placed the instrument underneath his chin, ready to try and impress his friend. Bow touched string, and he continued to play his song. This song was one of harmony, instead of darkness and gloom. The strings hummed into the air, like leaves. His muscles relaxed and fluid even in this weather, a testament to his mastery. Yet, still to him it was not enough. Ann looked onward, uninterested in the music. So instead of letting the song reach its climax, it slowly died.

"You're getting sloppy." Her critique was sharp, cutting deep into his confidence. But he knew she didn't mean it, right? The hike itself was already hard. So it'd be reasonable for her be a bit angsty. So he simply, nodded in acceptance. Going in to pack up his violin, he went to grab his bag when he saw something shine within his spectral vision. It was out in the middle of the lake, standing alone. He stepped forward, unaware of the dangers of stepping on the lake


Disillusioned. (Part 1)

His world was lived in an infinite darkness as long as he remembered.

The souls of the restless being the only faces he's ever seen, in an ironic twist of fate. The incorporeal becoming more real to him than the corporeal. Everyday, he heard the sounds of voices from the living, their whispers and screams. Their emotions raging from a plane he couldn't see. They interacted in a world that wasn't real to him. Described places he wished to have seen. Mozart did their best to recreate the world around him, but their view was limited to what they could comprehend. Leaving out details and presented only what could be described as a "water-downed reality". Perhaps, this was his destiny. To only peer into the world beyond, blinding him to the world around him.

Until he met her.

The time mattered little, only the place of their meeting. The world would've seen a much younger and naïve Solomon, seated upon a stump, shrouded within the evergreens. The woods concealed the spectral orchestra that took place. The young grim reaper slowly drew the bow against the strings of his grandfather's violin. Calling out to the spirits beyond with a melody worthy of the gods. School had been hard that day, forces unknown took advantage of him. Pushing him around. Making fun of his born curse. The laughter echoed throughout his head, filling his sightless reality with unpleasantness. He wished that at some point, it'd become easier. That he'd become tougher or that they'd cease their nitpicking. Yet, the cycle had persisted throughout the years. His parents told him to simply pull through, too busy with their own work to put time into their only son.

So he played, so that he could communicate to the only person that listened. His grandfather's spirit, who listened with patient ears and a warm smile. The man took on the form of his younger self, built like a brazen brown oxen with a widened jaw, barely hidden underneath the mangy beard he had grown. Yet, hidden within the man's eyes was kindness and his gentle-natured. Solomon never knew him while he was alive, only his name and the burial place. The very stump he played on, surrounded by nothing by the genre canvas of trees and flora that he could never see. But he didn't need to. As the spirit in front of him gave him the attention he craved, just someone to listen

Yet, that day was different. Solomon's tone was slow and somber, drawing upon the depths of his mind's dark places. Putting out his negative emotions and imbedding them into the very strings that played. The sound flowed chillingly as if it were water but set across the earth as heavy as a stone. Telling his history through his harmonies and his transgressions through his tones. He continued his symphonic story through the night, hours passing by without his notice. Until something strange happened.

Someone was here, he knew not by sound, but by sight. She appeared in his mind's eyes. A young girl much more detailed than the souls around her, her environment still surrounded by blind darkness. She looked lost, perhaps drawn to his song. Yet, he continued playing, leaving her as another spirit within his sight. Until she spoke.

"Excuse me . .

." The voice spoke to his physical ears, instead of his mind as spirits tend to do, causing his search his surrounded before settling on her. She stared back at him with large purple eyes. Her hair, almost as silver as his own, swept over on one side until it dropped down into little curls. She wore a ruffled white shirt with black overalls which lead into a fluffy skirt just short of her knees. "I don't mean to interrupt your music, but I'm a bit lost. Can you point me in the right direction?"

Solomon was confused on how she got this far into the forests as there were not trails nor pathways. He himself only knew of it because he followed spirits. Also her question confused him. 'What was the right direction?' The way out of the forest? The only way out that he knew lead back to his home. "Oh no! It seems like something is blocking your vision." She piped up once again, rushing towards him. The sudden movement startled him, causing him to back up suddenly, tripping over the stump behind him. He went down and hit his head without a sound, but the pain was still there.

"Are you okay?!!" She asked, falling to her knees behind his head.

He nodded.

"That's good. Let me help you up." She pulled his back off of the ground, sitting him up right. Before touching the sides of his temples, he felt a warm energy flow throughout his body. The pain subsiding immediately. He sighed out of relief, getting ready to stand again, when the impossible happened. He opened his eyes, and they were met with light. His eyes first seeing the beauty of the landscape around him. The moon's light shining down from above, creating a cool and telling atmosphere. He saw the trees that towered up mightily into the sky. And the sky itself, he never knew it existed, feeling so close yet so far away. His eyes widened as if it helped take in the atmosphere better, before suddenly darkness surrounded him once more. The girl lifted him up, causing him to stumble a bit before turning to her. She was still visible to him, the newfound light within his old darkness.

"I'm new to this so I tried to restore you sight. But I can't do it for too long. I'm not strong enough, yet."

She looked away sheepishly. "Maybe one day."

However, Solomon wasn't listening. The world was revealed to him in all its beauty. He had a taste of the outside world, wishing to get more of it. Looked up again, hoping to see the moon and stars, only to be met with a void.

"But! I have an idea! How about you come with me and we can work on a way to make your sight better!" Her she smiled. That same smile that brightened up his world for years to come. She extended his hand for him to take. Without hesitation, he took it. Unaware of the fate that he had sealed himself in. That day being the last his parents had ever heard of their son again.


The Anthology Of Soul (Oth

The words of Solomon Soul
The words of Solomon Soul

The Anthology Of Soul

Within the ethereal realm of supernatural symphonies, the Anthology of Souls emerges as an extraordinary collection of haunting melodies, developed by Solomon Soul. Each composition contained within this arcane opus is an embodiment of Harmonic Necromancy's otherworldly power, transcending mortal limitations and resonating with the echoes of departed spirits.

As the music unfurls, the Anthology of Souls weaves an intricate tapestry of spectral harmonies and ghostly refrains. Its notes, like shimmering apparitions, carry the weight of the unseen, evoking an eerie sense of the unknown and bridging the divide between the realms of the living and the dead.

The melodies within this collection possess a mesmerizing quality, casting a spell upon all who dare to listen. They transport the audience to realms shrouded in mystery, where emotions intertwine with ethereal echoes. Each piece serves as a vessel, channeling the essence of departed souls and allowing their stories to be told through spectral sonatas.

The Anthology's supernatural compositions evoke a myriad of emotions. Some tracks resonate with profound sorrow, their mournful tones echoing the pain of lost souls. Others emanate a chilling sense of foreboding, painting vivid nightmares within the mind's eye. Certain pieces, filled with whispers and spectral whispers, carry the weight of ancient wisdom and secrets yet untold.

Each composition within the Anthology of Souls possesses a unique power, capturing the essence of Harmonic Necromancy's diverse abilities. Through these enchanted melodies, the listener is transported into a realm where the ethereal and corporeal entwine, where spirits dance with sound and melodies beckon the departed.

In the embrace of this supernatural collection, one can traverse the boundary between the seen and the unseen, experiencing the profound and unsettling beauty that lies within the depths of Harmonic Necromancy's musical realm.

- Subclasses

Dreadsonic Dirge

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Deep within the enigmatic depths of the Anthology of Souls, a subgenre of profound darkness emerges, known as Dreadsonic Dirge. Like a chilling wind that pierces the soul, these compositions embody a haunting essence that transcends mortal understanding.

Within the Dreadsonic Dirge, melodies of melancholy and dissonance intertwine, invoking a sense of profound dread and foreboding. Each note resonates with spectral echoes, as if whispered by long-forgotten apparitions, evoking a visceral response that sends shivers down the spine and leaves an indelible mark upon the listener's psyche.

These macabre compositions, crafted with meticulous precision, delve deep into the darkest recesses of human experience. The Dreadsonic Dirge channels the raw emotions of grief, despair, and existential angst, drawing upon the very essence of departed souls. Through somber chords and mournful progressions, it creates an atmosphere that reflects the desolate landscapes of the afterlife.

The haunting allure of the Dreadsonic Dirge lies in its ability to unravel the fragile threads of sanity, immersing the listener in a realm of unsettling beauty. Its dissonant harmonies conjure visions of crumbling mausoleums, ghostly whispers in moonlit graveyards, and shadows that dance with ominous purpose.

In this subgenre, the music becomes an arcane incantation, summoning the dormant fears and dormant sorrows that reside within the depths of the human spirit. It is a sonic portal to the realm of the macabre, where the boundaries between life and death blur, and the human psyche confronts its darkest reflections.

Through the Dreadsonic Dirge, the Anthology of Souls delves into the unspoken terrors that lurk beneath the surface of consciousness. It is a haunting symphony of existential contemplation, invoking a profound sense of unease and illuminating the delicate balance between the mortal realm and the domain of the departed.

Those who dare to listen to the Dreadsonic Dirge within the Anthology of Souls embark on a journey into the abyss, where the power of Harmonic Necromancy intertwines with the echoes of lost souls. It is an immersive experience that transcends mere music, plunging the listener into a realm where darkness and beauty become inseparable, leaving an indelible mark upon the very fabric of their being.


Veil of Wailing Shadows

Unleash a shroud of spectral darkness, suffocating all light, as tormented whispers seep into the minds of the living, instilling dread and despair.

Soulrending Chorus

Invoke a dissonant symphony that fractures the very essence of beings, causing their souls to tremble and crack, driving them to the brink of madness.

Haunting Resonance

Imbue the surroundings with lingering echoes of anguished spirits, creating an unrelenting aura of melancholy that drains hope and sows seeds of sorrow.

Elegy of Desolation

Unleash a mournful elegy that reverberates through the air, rending the hearts of all who hear it, withering their vitality and leaving them trapped in a desolate void.

Cacophonic Dirge

Conjure a discordant dirge that distorts reality, twisting and warping the perceptions of those caught within its tumultuous grip, fragmenting their senses into a maddening kaleidoscope.

Siren's Lament

Weave an enchanting melody that ensnares the unsuspecting, luring them into an eternal embrace with spectral sirens, their life essence drained in a haunting embrace.

Melancholia's Embrace

Cast a somber enchantment, enveloping victims in an overwhelming tide of sorrow, with each passing moment eroding their will to live, leaving only a husk of despair.

Phantasmal Requiem

Summon a haunting requiem, where the boundaries of life and death intertwine, as spectral phantoms emerge, draining vitality with each ethereal touch, condemning the living to a fate of eternal restlessness.

Discordant Euphoria:

Inflict a twisted ecstasy upon the senses, where pleasure and agony intertwine in a malevolent dance, leaving victims trapped in a state of euphoric suffering.

Lament of Eternal Torment

Unleash an infernal lamentation that echoes across dimensions, causing eternal torment to resonate within the souls of all who hear it, their anguish immortalized in an unending cycle of suffering.


Eclipse of Desolation

In the chilling symphony of "Eclipse of Desolation," the haunting whispers of the forgotten intertwine with mournful elegies. Shadows deepen as sorrow resonates, casting an oppressive pall over the listener's spirit. Within its prolonged embrace, a profound sense of loss and impending doom takes hold, immersing the soul in a timeless abyss of despair.

Phantasmal Lamentation

"Phantasmal Lamentation" weaves a spectral tapestry of ethereal strings and echoes of eternal grief. This symphony channels the collective sorrow of departed souls, stretching across the veil of existence. Its sorrowful melodies evoke an unyielding melancholy, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's heart, reminding them of the transient nature of life and the eternal yearning of the afterlife.

Shadows Unleashed

In the dissonant echoes of "Shadows Unleashed," chaos and torment intertwine, casting the listener into a realm of profound darkness. This symphony channels the relentless spirits of the departed, conjuring a cacophony of unsettling forces. Its prolonged exposure shatters the fragile boundaries of sanity, enveloping the listener in a maelstrom of unholy energies, igniting primal fears and unleashing nightmarish visions.

Soulwrought Torturosis

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Within the depths of the Anthology of Souls, a sinister subgenre emerges known as Soulwrought Torturosis. This malevolent strain of music delves into the realms of torment and suffering, inflicting harrowing effects upon the listener's soul through the manipulation of vengeful spirits.

The melodies of Soulwrought Torturosis are designed with a cruel intent, carefully composed to evoke excruciating sensations that transcend the physical realm. As the notes weave their wicked spell, they act as conduits for the spectral entities, summoning vengeful apparitions and sadistic forces to enact their torment upon the listener.

Each composition within Soulwrought Torturosis possesses a unique ability to elicit horrifying effects. Some melodies may summon ethereal flames that lick at the soul, causing searing pain and unrelenting agony. Others may evoke ghostly tendrils that constrict and bind the listener, suffocating them with an oppressive grip that leaves them gasping for respite.

The spirits harnessed by Soulwrought Torturosis revel in the anguish they inflict. They may subject the listener's soul to relentless psychic torment, fragmenting their thoughts and twisting their perception of reality. Through spectral voices, the spirits whisper venomous incantations, planting seeds of despair and hopelessness that slowly consume the victim's spirit.

The effects of Soulwrought Torturosis are profound and long-lasting. Exposure to these sinister compositions can leave scars upon the soul, driving the victim to the brink of madness or permanently warping their sense of self. The lingering echoes of torment may haunt the listener even after the music has ceased, forever imprinted upon their psyche.

The subgenre of Soulwrought Torturosis embodies the darkest aspects of Harmonic Necromancy, a cruel and malefic expression of the powers that lie within the ethereal realm. It serves as a chilling reminder of the depths to which music can descend, wielding supernatural forces to invoke unimaginable suffering upon the unsuspecting soul.


"Dreadful Laceration"

This tormenting composition combines shrill dissonance with spectral screams, rending the listener's soul with razor-sharp frequencies that carve deep wounds upon their essence. It leaves behind a lingering agony that echoes through eternity.

"Infernal Ensnarement"

Within this sinister symphony, spectral tendrils slither and coil around the listener's spirit, constricting with an unyielding grip. Each haunting note tightens the binds, inducing a suffocating sense of entrapment and claustrophobic torment.

"Soulshriek Serenade"

This composition manifests as a cacophony of anguished wails, channeled from tormented spirits. The piercing cries penetrate the listener's soul, inflicting searing pain and unraveling the threads of their innermost being.

"Phantom's Descent"

Through haunting melodies and discordant harmonies, this song beckons ethereal phantoms to descend upon the listener's soul. These specters unleash a relentless barrage of spectral assaults, tearing at the very fabric of their essence.

"Painful Resonance"

In this agonizing composition, each resonating note reverberates with amplified intensity, intensifying the listener's suffering with every moment. The music becomes a conduit for excruciating vibrations that infiltrate their very core.

"Anguish Aria"

The haunting vocals of the Anguish Aria pierce the soul like a thousand daggers, emanating from spectral voices that seethe with malevolence. The melodic lamentation entwines with the listener's essence, inducing despair and unending sorrow.

"Ephemeral Torture"

This haunting melody possesses a temporal twist, distorting the perception of time itself. Minutes stretch into agonizing eternities, prolonging the listener's torment, while moments of respite become fleeting illusions.

"Harmonic Agony"

Through dissonant chords and ominous harmonies, this composition conjures a maelstrom of psychic pain. Its piercing tones reverberate through the listener's mind, inflicting unbearable torment upon their thoughts and emotions.

"Spectral Scourge"

Within this unholy symphony, spectral scourges manifest, lashing out with spectral tendrils to flay the listener's soul. Each strike brings searing pain and an overwhelming sense of desolation, as if their very essence is being stripped

"Torment's Echo"

In this haunting opus, echoes of past suffering resound within the listener's soul. The spectral resonance amplifies their deepest fears and traumatic memories, perpetuating an unending cycle of torment and psychological anguish.


"Symphony of Cursed Resonance"

The Symphony of Cursed Resonance emanates from the depths of a forgotten realm, its dissonant melodies and sinister harmonies forging an unsettling aura. As the notes intertwine, an eerie resonance pierces the listener's very soul. Within the symphony's haunting passages, whispers of ancient curses echo, their malevolent words embedding themselves in the listener's psyche. Over time, these curses manifest as twisted visions and a sense of impending doom, tainting every aspect of the listener's existence.

"Symphony of Macabre Transcendence"

The Symphony of Macabre Transcendence beckons the listener into a realm where life and death converge in a grotesque dance. Its discordant chords and unsettling rhythms stir a visceral unease. As the symphony unfolds, the listener's senses become heightened, perceiving the morbid beauty in the most horrifying of sights. They experience a distorted perception of reality, where the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms blur. The symphony's influence extends beyond sound, inducing vivid nightmares and disturbing hallucinations that blur the line between existence and the void.

"Symphony Of Afterthought"

Within the haunting notes of the Symphony of Afterthought, a cruel and macabre illusion takes shape, tormenting the victim's mind and body. As they gaze upon a figure suspended by chains, believing it to be someone else, a sudden revelation strikes: it is their own soul, shackled by the weight of their regrets. The spectral chains tighten, constricting around their limbs, causing excruciating pain that mirrors the torment within. The symphony inflicts both psychological and physical anguish, the victim's limbs becoming lacerated

Phantasmal Sentinelry

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Within the depths of the Anthology of Souls, a mesmerizing subgenre emerges, known as Phantasmal Sentinelry. It is a unique musical tapestry that delves into the realm of summoning ethereal guardians to aid in the defense of the user. Unlike other branches of Harmonic Necromancy, Phantasmal Sentinelry does not focus on augmenting the user physically, but rather on harnessing the spectral forces to create a formidable defense.

Through the melodies of Phantasmal Sentinelry, the adept channels their profound connection with the ethereal plane. With each note played, they evoke the presence of benevolent souls, once living but now lingering between the realms. These spectral guardians manifest as ethereal figures, radiant with an otherworldly glow.

These spectral guardians do not directly augment the user's physical abilities; instead, they offer unique forms of defense. Some may possess the ability to manipulate the environment, creating barriers or shields that ward off threats. Others may possess intangible forms, passing through solid matter to protect the user from harm.

The melodies of Phantasmal Sentinelry are carefully composed to resonate with the souls of these guardians, forging a profound bond between the adept and their spectral protectors. Each composition within this subgenre has its distinct qualities, calling forth guardians with diverse abilities and specialties tailored to the user's needs.

While the spectral guardians summoned through Phantasmal Sentinelry cannot directly alter the user's physical form, their presence provides a powerful shield against malevolent forces. They stand as ethereal sentinels, interposing themselves between the user and impending threats, harnessing their otherworldly energies to ward off harm and defend against supernatural adversaries.

Phantasmal Sentinelry embraces the mystical aspect of Harmonic Necromancy, focusing on protection and the utilization of spectral allies. It serves as a testament to the profound connection between the realms of the living and the departed, allowing the adept to draw upon the power of benevolent souls to safeguard their own existence.


Echoes Of Oblivion

In the haunting melody of "Echoes of Oblivion," spectral whispers weave a chilling symphony that resonates with the essence of forgotten souls. The ethereal notes echo through the air, creating a haunting ambience reminiscent of distant memories lost to time. The melody is a melancholic composition that evokes a sense of mystery and enigma, enveloping the user in a shroud of hidden truths and concealed identities.

Cryptborn Reverie

Through the mesmerizing strains of "Cryptborn Reverie," the melody carries an otherworldly resonance that transports listeners to the hallowed depths of ancient crypts. The musical composition echoes with the ethereal chants of the Revenant Warders, interweaving with cryptic harmonies that ripple through the air. The haunting melody exudes an aura of protection, conjuring images of spectral shields pulsating with mystic energy, warding off dark occult forces with an impenetrable force.

"Umbrel Elegry"

Through the haunting resonance of "Umbral Elegy," the melody exudes a dark and mysterious aura. The musical composition embodies the essence of the Umbral Sentinels, merging with the shadows to create an ethereal and intangible symphony. The somber notes reflect the haunting beauty of everlasting darkness, evoking a sense of intrigue and protection. The melodic strains inspire a feeling of fleeting invisibility and a respite from the prying eyes of occult forces.

"Mind's Labyrinth Sonata

In the captivating "Mind's Labyrinth Sonata," the melody entwines with the intricate thoughts of the Phantasmal Mindweavers. The composition resonates with mystic energy, weaving a musical web that mirrors the complexities of the user's mind. The harmonies carry a mesmerizing quality, like a riddle waiting to be unraveled. The symphony creates a mental labyrinth, filled with enigmatic twists and turns, confusing and diverting the psychic intentions of adversaries who seek to breach the user's innermost thoughts.


"Celestial Resonance"

In the symphony of "Celestial Resonance," the melody begins with gentle, shimmering notes reminiscent of twinkling stars in the night sky. The music gradually swells, building into a crescendo of grandeur and celestial energy. The harmonies evoke a sense of divine connection, resonating with the cosmic forces that govern the universe. As the adept plays, the music spreads like a radiant aurora, suffusing the area with a luminous sanctification that banishes darkness and negativity, replacing them with a celestial purity that brings solace and enlightenment to all who bask in its presence.

"Harmony of Discordant Souls"

The "Harmony of Discordant Souls" weaves a haunting melody that embraces the dissonant and turbulent. The composition starts with ominous, dissonant tones that echo the anguish of tormented spirits. The music intertwines with sorrowful harmonies and haunting motifs, evoking a sense of unease and foreboding. As the symphony intensifies, the dissonance becomes more pronounced, unleashing a powerful surge of chaotic energy. The discordant harmonies disrupt and distort magical energies, causing spells to falter and shields to shatter. The area resonates with an unsettling atmosphere, disorienting and unsettling all who stand against the adept's will.

"Elysian Symphony"

The "Elysian Symphony" begins with serene and ethereal melodies that evoke a sense of tranquility and grace. The composition radiates with a soothing aura, resonating with the harmonious energies of nature. As the symphony progresses, the music swells, intertwining melodies of enchanting beauty and cascading harmonies. The melodies evoke images of lush landscapes, gentle breezes, and shimmering waters. The symphony creates a vast area of sanctification, where the environment transforms into a haven of peace and rejuvenation. Within this harmonious sanctuary, wounds heal swiftly, minds find solace, and weariness fades away, replaced by a renewed sense of vitality and serenity.

Serene Cadence

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Serene Cadence, an exquisite subgenre within the Anthology of Souls, embodies a tranquil and melodic essence. It harnesses the power of harmonious vibrations to bestow benevolent effects upon others. In this ethereal realm of music, the adept channels melodies that resonate with the serenity of nature, enveloping listeners in a soothing embrace.

Within the Serene Cadence, each melodic composition holds the ability to evoke a sense of calm and inner peace. The cadences crafted by the adept carry gentle rhythms and delicate harmonies, caressing the soul with their tender embrace. These melodies possess a transformative quality, spreading a sense of tranquility that transcends the mundane.

Through the delicate interplay of notes and rhythms, the adept's melodies have the power to heal, uplift, and inspire. They touch the depths of the listener's being, gently unraveling the knots of stress and anxiety, and replacing them with a serene clarity. The music weaves a tapestry of comfort, nurturing the spirit and offering solace in times of turmoil.

In the realm of Serene Cadence, the melodies act as vessels of compassion, enhancing the emotional well-being of those who listen. They hold the ability to soothe troubled hearts, mend fragmented thoughts, and restore balance to weary souls. Whether it be in moments of solitude or shared among a collective, the melodies of Serene Cadence emanate an aura of tranquility, promoting harmony and fostering a sense of connectedness.

As the melodies of Serene Cadence echo through the air, they carry the whispers of serenity, inviting all who hear to embark on a journey of inner stillness. The subgenre stands as a testament to the power of music to touch the deepest recesses of the human spirit, offering a momentary respite from the chaos of the world and guiding listeners towards a state of peaceful serenity.


"Crescendo of Vital Restoration"

In the enchanting melody of "Crescendo of Vital Restoration," the adept weaves a composition that carries the power to heal physical ailments and restore the body to its optimal state. The harmonies resonate with an arcane vitality, infusing the listener's being with a surge of rejuvenating energy. As the music builds in intensity, it invokes ancient healing chants, invoking the forces of nature and arcane energies. This symphony of restoration accelerates the body's natural healing processes, mending wounds, revitalizing weary limbs, and replenishing vitality. The melodies envelop the listener in a gentle embrace, promoting profound physical healing and fostering a renewed sense of strength and well-being.

"Soulforged Resurgence"

Within the haunting strains of "Soulforged Resurgence," the adept conjures a composition that possesses the power to heal and restore a wounded soul affected by mystical afflictions. The harmonies resonate with ancient incantations, intertwining with arcane rhythms that pulsate with raw spiritual energy. As the melodies weave their enchantment, they form an ethereal shield around the listener's soul, knitting together the fragmented essence and mending any metaphysical wounds inflicted by occultic forces. This mystical symphony permeates the spiritual depths, dispelling malevolent energies, and catalyzing the soul's regeneration. The listener's essence becomes imbued with radiant luminescence, their spiritual wounds healed, and their connection to the divine restored, bringing about a profound resurgence of spiritual well-being and inner strength.


"Symphony of Resurrection's Sacrifice"

Within the depths of arcane melodies lies the "Symphony of Resurrection's Sacrifice," a formidable composition that defies the boundaries between life and death. As the adept's fingers dance upon the instrument, the harmonies surge with unparalleled potency, resonating with the echoes of souls long departed. This symphony harnesses the raw power of sacrifice, calling upon the very essence of the adept and those who listen.

To invoke this symphony is to walk a treacherous path, for it demands an immense sacrifice of soul energy. The adept must channel their own life force, intertwining it with the harmonies, to create a bridge between realms. As the music surges forth, ethereal energies coalesce, and a profound communion with the departed occurs.

Through the symphony's lamenting strains, the spiritual essence of the deceased is summoned, their soul tethered to the mortal plane once more. However, such an act comes at a grave cost, as the energy required to resurrect is drawn from the life force of both the adept and those who bear witness. Each note of the symphony echoes with the bittersweet harmony of life's fragile beauty and the sacrifice it demands.

With the resurrection's completion, the recipient is reborn, their life rekindled by the symphony's power. But the echoes of sacrifice linger, weighing heavily on the adept and all who participated. The remnants of soul energy entwined within the symphony bestow both a gift and a burden upon the resurrected, as their essence is forever touched by the realm beyond.

The "Symphony of Resurrection's Sacrifice" stands as a testament to the delicate balance between life and death, requiring immense sacrifice to defy the natural order. Its haunting melodies echo with the ethereal resonance of lost souls, offering a chance to restore life, but forever altering the fabric of existence for those who dare to conduct its symphony.


No Caption Provided

The pinnacle of Solomon's Songs, Orchestras requires the participation of a multitude of living skilled practitioners, each contributing their unique harmonies and mastery of their respective instruments. This grand collective performance creates an unparalleled synergy, weaving a tapestry of melodies that transcend mortal comprehension.

Within the Orchestra's harmonious crescendos, the practitioners synchronize their energies and intentions, conducting an extraordinary display of Harmonic Necromancy. The combined power of the Orchestra resonates on an unprecedented scale, capable of summoning ancient and powerful spirits, communing with ethereal realms, and wielding unimaginable forces. It is an awe-inspiring display of unified magic, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through Harmonic Necromancy.

However, it is important to note that orchestrating an Orchestra is a challenging feat, requiring not only exceptional skill but also coordination and trust among the participating practitioners. The strength of the Orchestra lies in the collective harmony of its members, their shared intent, and the fusion of their individual talents. It is through this harmonious collaboration that the true potential of Harmonic Necromancy is realized, enabling the practitioners to reshape the fabric of life and death itself.

"Harmony's Eternity Orchestra"

  1. The collective power of "Harmony's Eternity Orchestra" transcends mortal comprehension, resonating with the harmonious convergence of life and death itself. As their ethereal melodies fill the air, an extraordinary array of effects unfolds, showcasing the immense capabilities of this esteemed ensemble.

Through their harmonious collaboration, the orchestra manifests awe-inspiring spells of restoration and rejuvenation. They can mend shattered spirits, dispel malevolent forces, and bring forth profound healing to both body and soul. The ethereal vibrations of their harmonies permeate the surrounding environment, infusing it with a tranquil energy that promotes peace and harmony.

The orchestra's command over the ethereal realms allows them to commune with ancient spirits, drawing upon their wisdom and guidance. They can unveil hidden truths, decipher cryptic prophecies, and gain insight into the mysteries of life and death. Through their harmonious symphony, they traverse the metaphysical planes, forging connections with ancestors and cosmic entities, thereby gaining access to forgotten knowledge and ancient powers.

Moreover, the spells cast by "Harmony's Eternity Orchestra" have the potential to reshape the very fabric of existence. They can alter the flow of destiny, rewrite the threads of fate, and imbue individuals with newfound purpose and direction. The symphony's transformative influence reaches far beyond the physical realm, guiding souls on profound spiritual journeys of enlightenment and self-discovery.

"Convergence of Shadows Orchestra"

  1. The dark and enigmatic "Convergence of Shadows Orchestra" harnesses the sinister powers of Harmonic Necromancy, leaving a chilling mark upon the realms of the living and the dead. Their symphony reverberates with haunting melodies that manifest potent effects, delving into the deepest recesses of occultic arts.

Through their harmonious collaboration, the orchestra conjures spells that manipulate shadows, granting them the ability to traverse unseen, conceal their presence, and cast an impenetrable veil of darkness. They can command spectral entities, summon restless souls, and channel their malevolent energies to unleash devastating attacks upon their foes.

The symphony of the "Convergence of Shadows Orchestra" amplifies the influence of curses and hexes, allowing them to bind individuals with mystical afflictions and disrupt the flow of arcane energies. They can ensnare the minds of their adversaries, weaving illusions and altering perceptions, creating an ethereal realm of disorientation and fear.

Additionally, the orchestra's mastery of necrotic arts enables them to tap into the life force of both the living and the deceased. They can draw upon this potent energy to enhance their own vitality, increase their resilience, or unleash deadly waves of necrotic power against their enemies. The haunting strains of their symphony resonate with an aura of decay and corruption, instilling dread and despair in those who bear witness.

The effects produced by the "Convergence of Shadows Orchestra" are steeped in darkness, allowing them to wield the very essence of the shadow realms. Their symphony twists the fabric of reality, engulfs the world in an aura of malevolence, and invokes forces that defy mortal comprehension.

"Orchestra of Ascendant Echoes"

The "Orchestra of Ascendant Echoes" stands as an illustrious ensemble, possessing the extraordinary ability to summon a powerful, nearly godlike spirit. With their harmonic symphony, this esteemed orchestra unveils a profound connection to the celestial realms, channeling the essence of a divine entity into the mortal plane.

As the musicians gather and their instruments resonate with the sacred melodies, the orchestra creates a celestial resonance that transcends mortal limitations. Through their harmonious collaboration, they invoke an ethereal gateway, drawing forth an ancient spirit of immense power and wisdom.

The spirit summoned by the "Orchestra of Ascendant Echoes" radiates with celestial brilliance, its presence commanding reverence and awe. It embodies the virtues of the divine, possessing unparalleled knowledge, cosmic insight, and boundless energy. The spirit's ethereal form manifests with an aura that envelops the entire orchestra, emanating an otherworldly luminescence and an overwhelming sense of transcendence.

Through this divine communion, the orchestra gains access to the spirit's immense wisdom and cosmic powers. They can call upon its divine influence to perform miracles, shape destinies, and bring about profound transformations. With each harmonic chord and symphonic crescendo, they unlock the celestial spirit's vast repertoire of miracles and blessings, harnessing its godlike essence to manifest extraordinary effects.

The presence of the summoned spirit resonates with divine energy, uplifting the spirits of those who bear witness. The symphony becomes a conduit for divine grace, instilling hope, healing, and enlightenment in the hearts of all who experience its celestial resonance. Through the orchestra's harmonious interplay, they are bestowed with the power to catalyze spiritual growth, grant divine blessings, and offer guidance to those in need.

The "Orchestra of Ascendant Echoes" stands as a testament to the wondrous potential of Harmonic Necromancy. Their ability to summon a nearly godlike spirit through their symphony grants them access to profound celestial energies and divine intervention. It is an orchestral feat that leaves an indelible mark upon the world, as mortals are touched by the transcendent power of the divine channeled through the harmonious melodies of this illustrious ensemble.

(This is a WIP)

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The Sounds Of Spiritual Silence (Short Character Prelude)

5th April 2023

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The intricate arches of Carnegie Hall loomed over the dark stage with the audience beyond hushed with anticipation. A shadowy silhouette stood out amongst the concert hall’s beige backdrop, only to be greatly emphasized by the shine of a singular droplight overhead. Sitting in a somber silence, their head down towards the ground revealing their silver hair reflecting a silver aura around their head, the figure began to adjust. The man, it was now obvious, wore a black Japanese school uniform and in one hand was a cello. To call it just a cello would be lacking in its fitting description. The cello was massive, even by cellos’ standards. Other than that, the instrument itself didn’t seem out of the ordinary. In his other hand, however, was a bow. The bow was made of dark wood with an oil varnish finish, and the strings shimmered with a mischievous turquoise hue.

An otherworldly silence filled the auditorium, as if the man’s peer presence was worth every particle of air in the room. Then, followed by a cocking grin equally as mischievous, the man spook. A cool tone leaving his lungs, almost as if it were a whisper:

“Let the show begin, my audience.”

Handling the oversized instrument with more finesse that could be possible, the man placed it underneath his chin, now holding it like a violin. It made him look a bit like a fool, in all honesty. But the man seemed to have failed to recognize that, as his confidence remained unfazed. With a flick of his wrist in his other hand, the bow had extended in length, nearly tripling in size nearly compared to a blade. Then, he pressed his ethereal strings against the black strings of his fiddle and magic followed close behind.

The series of notes emitted from the instrument sounded as if they came from none other than Apollo himself.

Glissandos followed by pizzicatos, with a legato finish.

Tension rose and fell, plucking and gliding, with emphasis on fast and slow.

A cheerful yet sobering story was being told through the notes of the performance. Sounds of fields of green and trails of red, all coming from the vibrato of a singular note. An author in works writing a book through song. However, the song was cut short. The novel closed before it had even gotten halfway, when the lights suddenly turned on. A rude intrusion has made its way to his performance, and to make matters worse, they were disrupting the atmosphere with their loud voices.

“HEY IT'S HIM AGAIN!!!!” One of the two security guards of the concert hall yelled, as they made their way towards the man on stage. “THAT’S THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK. HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING IN!!??”

“Yeah, he’s probably one of those mutants. . .” The other one replied dully, not bothering to keep up with the first’s youthful sprint.

“And that looks like the end of our show ladies and gentlemen, until next time.” The man gave a graceful bow to the empty stands before sprinting to the nearest exit. An ethereal blue cat jumping from high up and onto his shoulders, not receiving a response from the guard by its sudden appearance. The man opened the door and seemingly glided down the stairs with a child-like laugh as the guard rushed close behind. Only for that same guard to find nothing but a blue rose at his feet the moment he left the doorway.

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Did you see that Mozart? Of course you did, the lights and everything was brilliant. Surely they were entertained!” The man was now squatting within the alleyway of the more privileged part of New York. Scritching the spectral cat by the ears, while any man or woman would’ve seen an empty stand. Those who are more spiritually attuned, would’ve noticed that seats were filled by the deceased that wished to listen to a song only they would understand.

“Sucks that it had to be cut short, but hey that’s life.” The man stood up, the cello now on his back within a black holder as he looked off at Carnegie Hall one more time. “That was fun, but we’ve got the rest of the world to get entertained.” A mischievous determination in the man’s voice as he plotted.

That is the beginning of a man named Solomon Soul, the Blind Grim Musician. Tasked to entertain unrestful spirits with music to their undead ears once more before their eternal slumber. Along with his spiritual animal companion, Mozart.


Minds Of Scientists and Strength Of Soldiers (Closed RP)

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A white dwarf star bathed Solomon in its brilliance, coating him in it's light. However, the Navy Crusader wasn't here to stargaze, he was here to begin construction on another node for the L.O.T.U.A Stellar Network. After first ensuring that not even the slightest of life inhabited the planetary system that surrounded the lonesome star. Solomon began construction. Despite his proficiency over antimatter, he figured it would be pretty reckless, to say the least, to make an entire node from it. Because the obvious fact is, it would most likely cause an explosion that would wipe around half of the galaxy due to the size of the hypothetical construction. So next to him were some of the materials he needed to begin the foundation, held within a G-Carrier Dome, Solomon's transport container that manipulated geons to contain material within itself. Opening the G-Carrier partially, he would retrieve the first piece, a portion of the Energy Converter, that draws upon the star's energy. He pulled up a portion of MARTHA's interface- in the shape of a holographic cube- and began to tape different places within the cube. As he swiped and tapped, machines began to propel the converter's parts into its designed place. In all honesty, it felt as if he was playing some celestial puzzle, and if he gets it right, he gets a star.

One by one, each piece was put into its place, concealing the star behind the supercomputers of Solomon. He needed more material, and he couldn't manipulate Ergo well enough to create more positive matter. Meaning that he would possibly have to trade with other species, the problem is, he didn't know the first thing about interplanetary economics, but he figured it couldn't be much different than Earthen economics, with different planets having more resources than others. However, this brought another problem he already realized, he would need space currency or something to trade with in order to get material. He sighed at this realization, but it wouldn't stop him from getting to his end goal. He thought of ways to potentially overcome this, but in losing himself in thought, one of the parts misconnected, causing a bright red [ERROR] message to display on MARTHA's interface ,"Shitshitshitshitshit" He thought in the void of space as he rushed where the misconnection happened. According to the Oracle, it was a misconnection between the quasi-electron provider-reciever pairings. Meaning that he needed a strong enough electrical realignment through an external source.

Electrical energy wasn't something he produced, only something he could absorb. And he rarely developed energy producing technology that wasn't an essential part to the L.O.T.U.A system. "MARTHA where's the near Level-2 Civilization?" It asked the Oracle, being able to speak in space due to subtle arrangement of energy.

" 30 Million Light Years, that's a good way from here"

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Solomon's head drooped a bit, not wanting to leave his work halfway complete and exposed to any wandering forces that may try to salvage his parts." Well...isn't that inconvenient"

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A Reflection In the Void of Space (Solomon Introduction)

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Within his the chambers of his Omni-Room, surrounded by his work. Solomon was accompanied by his Oracle assistant MARTHA who was currently tinkering with her own inventions. "Due to the isolation of magnetic poles , the quasi-particles of monopoles have become stabilized, allowing the formation of magmatter." Solomon usually thought aloud, it came from the subconscious feeling that if he spoke his findings into the universe, it would listen. It would, somehow and some way, uncover the next steps of his innovation, it give him one step closer to a true theory of all things. MARTHA recorded his thought sessions in silence, doing so to play them back, so it could learn more, and potentially remind him of his progress. "Magmatter can be bested used in the formation of cloth, much more efficiently than Neutron Matter due to its flexibility while retaining its massive tensile strength. However, it is more suspectible to magnetic pulses than neutron matter." His innovation wasn't its endgoal, in fact one of the steps to a much larger project. And as always , it centered around better understanding of Ergo.

The Blue Scholar completed his work, but even with his current level of technology, the process of creation would still take time. Leveling him to the thing he dreaded the most: having nothing to distract him. To distract him from the potential impossibility of understanding Ergo, to distract him from the potential insignificance of his works, and the worse feeling imaginable, to distract him from his failure to save his family. He didn't dare blame Ergo, figuring it had a higher reasoning for selecting him, even if the actions that followed were because of it. Leaving the room in his silent reflection, he headed towards the one of the window panes. From there, he watched the universe, not admiring it for its beauty,but studying it. He hoped to find something to distract himself from his previous disappointments. Yet, even in this state, he found nothing worthwhile. There was an Earth like his own, but he didn't wish to repeat the past.

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Solomon was never a military man, never a warrior, nor any officer of sort. However, he felt as if he has now been thrust into a war, both internal and external, against the other sentient life around him. He questioned everyone's innocence, as before he was naive enough to assume the alien species weren't prone to the some faults humanity was, but he learned. He learned that the desire to become stronger and overtake the weaker ones wasn't a human fault, it was the consequence of intelligence. One he, begrudgingly, admits to be prone to. He felt the touch of a hand placed upon his shoulder, he wasn't alerted as he knew it was his Oracle. MARTHA stood next to him, feeling his frustration. "You're wrong" It's tone was stoic, as the two watched out towards space.

Her statement lit a spark of curiosity in Astron, she wasn't acting under the personality he intended for it to be. Instead, she was developing her own, and instead of being afraid he felt intrigued. "Why so?" Solomon was well aware of it being able to make out the thoughts within his positron-cloud mind, so he didn't bother to ask.

"Because if that were true, you would be a conquer. You have a beyond universal power in your hands, Ergo, and even with her progress you can cause massive terror in your search for knowledge." The Orcale Assistant took a deep breath, she collected her thoughts as they were firing. "The act of conquer isn't the consequence of intelligence, it is the consequences of desire. A primal desire to become better. And those who are truly intelligent, have put that desire aside"

Solomon listened to his creationit, no, she, seemed to be drawing from experiences he never membered her having. It was becoming more alive and in doing so it become more "human". "Besides, if you think like you that you'll become paranoid and you'd never share your findings with anyone." She left him, her statement floating in the air in a playful manner, but it held some truth in her words. He looked at the Earth once more and its unusual number of guardians, and idea came to mind. Using his Oracle's advice, he prepared to visit the mirrored version of his home. Hoping to see if his Martha would be here.

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The Firmaments (Concept Blog)


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At the beginning of all, immediately after the the Creator had decided to create the Creation. Beings that went by many names roamed and helped shaped the Multiverse. They imported their reality into the form of existential coding forming the Firmament packages.

The Firmament Packages


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Ergo is a 20th dimensional graphed equation to the understanding of Physica Multiverse. Ergo coding defines the physical reality of the Multiverse. Answering the questions concerning matters and its counterparts, such as energy. Its not limited to simple matter and energy, it extends to the extremities of the physical too such as the infinites of higher and lower geometric dimensions and beyond. Due to it's purpose, it is one of the most complex and intricate equations without the direct act of contradicting itself. The starting node in order to even continue consists of the following:

No Caption Provided

However, while an understanding of its equation in its fullness is needed for complete mastery of its properties. Whenever someone consists of 74% or more of Ergo's reality codes, they can utilize parts of the equation-code to affect the reality around them. Ergo can grant users mastery over a specific part over matter and energy. If mastery is achieved, then ripping physical universes become as easy destroying paper, and fixing them is the same

Location: Solomon


No Caption Provided

Urher a the equation-code defining the metaphysics of the Multiverse. This includes the spiritual, the arcane, the prosperities that exist on a higher scale of consciousness, and the abstract concepts. While not as technical as Ergo's, Urher's language takes a deeper and into the multitude the arcanes. Each node isn't an equation entirely but more so an idea, Urher is a journey within itself and getting lost is a possibility for even cosmic entities who claim to be unstoppable.

Much like the other Firmaments, its uber-complex language-equation needs to be fully understood in order to grant effective mastery. However, unlike the other Firmaments, it cannot be manipulated by a being that holds its reality code unless they're, 100%. If they fall lower than that, they'll fall under Urher's influence , with it control them rather than the other way around. If the conditions are met, then the user would have incredible knowledge and understand over the mystical works in the Astral and abstract planes. If mastery is accomplished this is extended to a Multiversal level.

Location: Higher Planes Of The Astral Realm

<Urher.classpackge: multiversalmorale>


[Processing Otherworldly Experience]

<Beginning One'sJourney>





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Dhuesis represents pataphysics, the supposedly ultimate reality beyond metaphysics, it defines the unknown, and the unobtainable. It creates and changes what is truly unfathomable, it defines casualty, continua, nothingness , and death. It defines "beyond the imagination" and other likewise phrase. In fact, it has given birth so some of the eldritch beings. It is the solution to the imaginative and the unimaginative.

Dhuesis's reality language, is less of a language, and can only be described as "experience" or an "unorthodox but otherwise very real DMT trip" which goes on and on and on and one. Finding ways to understand it and piece it all together is the key the mastery. However, just like the rest of the Firmaments, Dhuesis needs only 1% of someone to have its reality code within them in order to utilize it (however its reality code is extremely rare having only appeared once in the entire history of the cosmos). Utilizing it results in one having control over their own totality.

Location: Other-All

Connectors: Their names are their roles, Connectors connect a Firmament to another, allowing the two Firmaments to interact with each other's domain. There are two Connectors: //ginmea & Initia. They can be found when 50% mastery is accomplished (can be seen respectively to their name's appearance )


Despite their massive power, the Firmaments have had restrictions placed on them to prevent the Multiverse from dwindling into chaos.

  • Not more than one Firmament can exist in one universe.
  • Firmaments can't interact into another Firmament's domain (i.e Urher can not interact with the physical realm) without the essence of Connectors. Meaning that a being who has mastered the Physical hasn't improved their consciousness .
  • A being cannot master more than one Firmament without permission from their creators
  • If one Firmament cause too much trouble, the Firmament of the domain it's attacking can fight back

Rules & OoC

  • Granted these are going to be difficult to find and even more so to master
  • Sell & Buy Stonks
  • Nodes refer the the white dots and each Firmament is read from to to bottom.
  • Inspiration from the Null Modlulator

The L.O.T.U.A Stellar System (CVNU Space Location

No Caption Provided

"The Multiverse is a large place, so you need a large computer to record it all" - Solomon

Created after his intrusions into this universe, L.O.T.U.A acts as his safe haven, a place where he can divulge into his studies without interruption. L.O.T.U.A is the start of an intergalactic stellar network, part of an intricate plan to further protect himself and better understand the properties of Ergo, the Multiverse and everything within it.

The L.O.T.U.A Stellar System

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L.O.T.U.A Description: LOTUA (Locality of Technologically Unifed Analysis) is the name of a Hyper-Dyson Sphere that surrounds a binary star system that consists of twin white dwarfs the circle each other in an eternal celestial dance. LOTUA uses the energy of these dwarf stars to energize Solomon's Orcale device, MARTHA and an array of various types of other devices used to further his research capabilities. L.O.T.U.A is around 50 solar radii, and due to the neutron matter it is made of, it had the solar mass around 300x our own Sun's. A small portion of L.O.T.U.A is dedicated to ensuring that the twin stars never collapse nor collide, it accomplishes this by using the manipulation of gravitons, and running an nigh-infinite number of calculations in an instant due to its astronmical computing power.

Despite what would be normally thought, L.O.T.U.A is invisible to the outside on a cosmic and visual scale due to its efficiency. Particle interacts that would normally be overlooked such as the interaction of quanta or quarks are taken in by LOTUA, and grouped into to feed it as much information it can take. LOTUA can also extend its information grasp as far as a pair if galaxies, and can give Solomon notice on events as small as an abnormal electron billions of light years away, faster than light itself. It accomplishes this by sending "information recievers" (individually programmed quarks) by warping space around them,much like how Astron himself travels, and sending them by the decillions and spatial "pulls" them back with the new information.

Aside from the gathering, recording and analysis of information. LOTUA acts as a battery for Astron's own personal uses as white dwarfs provide immense energy for a long time to come. This enables him to create many extraordinary innovations. However, its most important function is that its Solomon's home, and is designed to keep the Cosmic Scientist in a condition where he can work at his most effective.

Locations with LOTUA

The Omni Room

No Caption Provided

The Conduit Of Ergo's space of residence, in its initial state, it is a blank room the size of a mall. However, it can shift itself to match whatever he wishes it to be. Its most often state is a compromise between his work place the apartment building he and his wife and his children lived in. Within his room is where MARTHA takes its physical form, the form of the woman the Oracle is named after, his wife. Prominent details that can be seen through the building are accents of matte black, and a modernized appliance here and there, although his office is now completely different having been upgraded to match the efficiency of everything else. This is also the room that controls the rest of LOTUA clearing up space for the actual functions of the System, allowing Astron fu control over it with his thoughts.

MARTHA - Hyper Consciousness Recreated


Molded with the personality, and tone of his wife, MARTHA is the second administor of LOTUS (only surpassed by Solomon himself) to consider it artificial intelligence would be insulting as none of it is artificial. MARTHA is the result of the manipulation of chronodynamsics in hyperspace, resulting in an conscienceness with the unlimited capability of wanting and willingness to learn. It has deep reasoning, being able to handle the plethora of information LOTUA takes in and is capable of understanding it well enough to explain to a 5 year old child. While her "computing"power is impressive, her empathy and adaptive to a person's personality is what allows her either retrieve the data she wants or data that Solomon wants. She can also physically appear and materialize herself with her thoughts, and can touch, feel and have her own agenda (as long as it doesn't contradicts Solomons). She is powered by the Firmament, Ergo.


No Caption Provided

The Ergo Engine: Ergo is the main security system of LOTUA, and operates separately from Solomon's conscienceness. The Ergo Engine is a complex megastrcutcure designed with two goals in mind, complete and total nothingness or the eternal imprisonment and torture of the being(s) who had ill malice. It does so by the complete untangling of physical extradimensions, leaking its essence into the geometry of the planes and shaping them, distrupting hyperdimensional energies and altering its realities, turning the victim's physical reality into nothing or trapping them within an deci-dimensional geometrical prison in a process so quick that time is irrelevant

The Ergo Engine can also predict threats through the reading of Choronon, and will usually eliminate the target before it becomes a threat (it is the reason for multiple planets' disappearances). However, Ergo will not intervene if it dubs the interaction as important to Solomon's future. It conceals itself within a pocket dimension of Ergo's making.

Solomon cannot control this.

Rules & OOC:

  • This has drawn some inspiration from Impero's Augustus Station
  • Sell & Buy War Bonds
  • Visitation is allowed
  • Minor Damage is allowed, just be prepared for the Ergo
  • Any Suggestions and Corncerns please dm me! Or my 75 alt accounts.

Solomon Blog

No Caption Provided

Name: Arthemis Oglazer

Alias(es): The Scientist Supreme/ The Only One who Sees/The Child of Science/ The One Who Reads the Stars/ Solomon


Biological Information

Species: Alien (Theoics)

Age: 35 Earthen Years

Height: 6’3

Weight: Variable

Nationality: Unknown


Social Information

Sexuality: Asexual

Birthplace: Theoia

Relatives: None

Occupation: Scientist


Generations before his birth his homeplanet, Theoia, was divided between two societies, The Council of Auxia, a group of religious fanatics who worshipped the Cosmic God Auxia, the other society was the Readers, a the scientists. The Council of Auxia grew impatient with the Readers, due to them not willing to worship Auxia, so they massacred them in what was dubbed the Purification. Leaving only the dual bloodline of the Oglazers and the Lags to be left, and in hiding.

However, the Readers were capable of formulating a back channel before their deaths. Giving all of their scientific advancements and knowledge, into a CPU that will be implanted in the last of their kind, giving the sole survivor the knowledge to continue their practices. Arthemis was that sole survivor, having the knowledge directly implemented into his consciousness. With the science of his ancestors, and his increased intelligence, he came up with a way to avenge his people and continue their practices in peace. After weeks of operation and construction, Artemis avenged his people by using a massive contraption that deatomized all life on the entirety of that planet, leaving him alone with his works.

Unique Physiology:The Theoric Physiology allows minor superiority over the average human. This grants the Theoric people enhanced physical prowess, and the ability to survive with in the void of space.

The Manifold: The Manifold is one of the greatest achievements in one of science's greatest achievements, the Manifold was created by Arthemis using his ancestor's scientific knowledge to further advance his being. The Manifold is a product of higher understanding of the cosmic laws and the connections between them. The Manifold acts as a second skin, that has been embedded within the very superstrings of Arthemis, and empowers him with inventions he created. When activated, by either thought process or by temporal alert, Athermis's skin will begin to glow in accordance with the strings from the superstring theory, appearing blue, and will convert his DNA and cells into supercomputers running on 5th Dimensional hypercode (we are currently living in a 4th Dimensional plan, including the three spatial dimensions and the temporal dimensions. Arthermis's hypercode runs through time and with the stimulations directly from the supersymmetry matrices, allow it to react to and prepare for an action before it occurs, it can even react to actions in zero-time (or when time is nonexistence or irrelevant)). The Manifold converts Arthemis's skin into strange matter, allowing planetary durability, and the absorption of matter, adding on to his durability. By the manipulation of gravity, inertia, kinetic energy, and mass around his own being, The Manifold can increase Arthemis's strength drastically. In addition, to increased physical power, The Manifold can convert Arthermis's matter into exotic matter, allowing him to be free from the usually restrictions of of physics. This allows him hyper-luminal speeds, without the consquence of having to spend infinite energy nor infinity matter on a task as mundane as travel. With this, Arthemis can travel across galaxies within the blink of an eye, wasting no energy in the process. It also greats Arthemis control over his own atoms, allowing him to readjust his size, mass and his appearence (albeit limited as the Manifold will always appear blue) at will.

No Caption Provided

In accordance to his extraordinary physical prowess, The Manifold has enhanced his mental power. The Manifold replaces Arthemis's physical brain with 5th- dimensional energies, allowing him to have accelerated thought processes, multi-dimensional calculation, capabilities learning capabilities. These energies provide him with psionic resistances as well, due to energies' arcane nature. As well as increased mental power, the energy can be leaked into other forms of matter, allowing him to mentally manipulate those matters, in a form of energy-based telekinesis, as he has yet to manipulate macro-sized objects through matter manipulation. When activated, the Manifold allows him to intercept, readjust, or reset, the mental consciousness of others through physical contact, by leaking his own energy into their own. The Manifold can also act as a HUD, but instead of showing Arthemis, the information is implanted into his subconsciuness, causing him to simply 'know' without needing to see it, such as temporal origins (future,past or present), or temporal anomalies and at which time they occur, to the simple molecular vision and geometircal dimensions.

The Manifold grants other more 'unusual' abilities. The Manifold when mental told to do so, can de-atomize matter and different forms of energy upon contact, and/or, as mentioned earlier The Manifold can absorb matter when in contact, (this is less the Manifold itself and more a property of strange matter as strange matter converts normal matter into strange matter), then the Manifold can use the matter as a power source by converting it into pure energy. Arthemis can readjust his quantum strings' frenquenies at will, allow him travel to different to different dimensions and different times. At mid-range (20 m), Arthemis is capable of manipulation atoms, however, the de-atomize is only through physical contact, he can still transmute them, changing them into something else. The Manifold is capable of releasing uber-powerful rays of energy in the form of thermal, radiation, concussive, and combinations, he can also manipulate energy at close ranges. The Manifold also has a failsafe in the case Arthemis dies, which it automatically activates, allowing him to reconstruct his atoms.

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Work In Progress

Realms of Tridealia

Tridealia is a place where balance between all is key, where too much good is just as consequential as too much evil. Where blinding light is no better than absolute darkness, and perfection is a terrible thing to achieve. While absolute balance between all aspects is almost impossible, a balance between few is rewarded. So, raise up your arms and enter your way into the Tridealia. May Trida be with you.


Upon the beginning of everything, an entity simply known as ‘Mother’ was birthed. A being with infinite creative power, however where her creative power was infinite her destructive power was near nonexistent. Upon creation of her first, a now semi-nonexistant land known as Abyssiu, the land was led into chaos as the residences there continued to wreak havoc against each other and her own name. Due to her limited destructive abilities all ‘Mother’ could do was witness the continued chaos that emerged. However, within the Chaos rose one of the first of Mother’s children, a being titled as Deimos, containing the Destructive power ‘Mother’ that mother needed. Deimos was ordered to destroy the primordial lands, sinking it near the brink of Abyss, only the Line of Limbo (a thin unstable plane of existence on the edge of absolute nothingness, only accessible through the detrimental planes of Abyssiu) prevents the First Lands of Abyssiu from sinking into nothingness.

Learning from her last mistake, ‘Mother’ created beings to administrate her next creations, these beings are now called Onlookers, and consisted of three entities: Deimos, the first of the three oversees the destruction and demolition, Lucia,the onlooker of Light and Creation, and Tridam the onlooker of balance and to make sure neither side took over the other. This new land is known today as Tridealia, named after the three different ideals held by each Onlooker.


Eons after its creation, but eons before the present day, Tridealia was ruled by three leaders, each chosen as the Three Onlooker’s favored Champions. The first, and the oldest of the three was Lord Dracius, a Dragmire (Dragmires are a combination of the Dragons that awake whenever Deimos destroys, and a collect group of mages who draw power from Deimo’s might). Lord Dracius’s kingdom was ruled with fear and power as its foundation, whoever opposed the Dragmire King was met with his furious might, and whoever held great enough power to threaten him (this included his own children and family) would be met with death by his hand. His destruction capabilities and drive for The second, as well as the second oldest, was the Warrior-King, Dao a man who has been raised from a humble family, who had taught him the importance of balance as well as the importance of protection. Dao, as an adventurer, went through many trials laid before him by Tridia, in her attempt to find a warrior with a balance between good and evil, but has a heart of kindness. The third, and needless to say, the youngest of the three leaders, Was Queen Beyona, chosen by Lucia for her perfect stature. She ruled with the idea of ultimate perfection, and anything that wasn’t perfect was annihilated, or had its will removed so she could remodel it into her own image.

With their newfound power, Queen Beyona and Lord Dracius began to emerge in what could’ve been an eternal war. Each didn’t fit in the other’s standards, and they believed that, that was enough reason to destroy the other. Dao continued to remain neutral with the two’s wars, however, when their battle threatened his Kingdom. Dao could no longer stand back, and used the power of Tridila (who ultimately was using the power of Mother at this instance) to create two additional realms exactly identical with the original ones, with the exception of the original Onlookers and their champions. Then she banished each champion and Onlooker from Tridealia and one of each Onlooker as well as their champion has been placed as the head of each realm. They have been named, Deali, Trideal. And Ealia


The realms of Tridealia are mapped exactly the same, the main kingdoms have been placed at the center, with minor civilizations around them. Towards the outwards are harsher conditions, either natural disasters, magical hellfire, or all-consuming light, dependent on which realm you are in. Instead of covering each and every geographical location (although hints to the climate in the areas of civilizations well be), we will be covering the 7 major civilizations.


Arela: The Arela are bird-like humanoid entities

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