She hadn't heard the bullet until it sliced cleanly through her body's midsection like a hot knife. Bullets tended to not knock down as more so they tended to piece. When she found herself on the floor, she didn't know it was shock or a fatal wound. The swift boot to her chest, pinned her small body to the ground as effortlessly as a grown man'd expect a child to be pinned. The breath knocked out her, did however remind her that she still drew breath. She didn't black out like in the movies. In fact, her eyes only got wider, clearer and more vivid as the barrel of the Kalashnikov angled over her face. The man's face became blurred as her mind couldn't help but focus on the barrel pointed down mere inches from her face. Her hands move in front of her face in near slow motion.


Guns were uncomfortably loud at this range, and for a couple moments she'd mistaken the noise for his own. Her eyes peep open, and the man is falling back in slow motion, before shutting instantly. She opens them again gets the full picture of her electron powered laser blast blasting a hole straight through his arm. Powerful as the laser was, enough to obliterate his arm and to go through him, it didn't transfer energy through his body. Frequency was too high, probably. Infrared? Microwave? Visible? Any of these and heat might've transferred to the rest of his body and blown him up. The beam was a pulse, there and gone in a second. The man laying with a melted rifle off to the side near him in a mere moment. His friends behind him, peering from behind cover shock and awe. Marveling at the power the little girl had and unable to process what'd happen. At least, until she scrambled to her feet and started speedily scrambling to her feet and making an escape.


A trail of bullet hole followed in the floor and walls wherever she ran, but her speed was enabled by her power and her small slender body. Ion bases propulsion gave her means of very unpredictable and floaty movement. Fluid, and instinctive because of how much she practiced it.

“Yo the lil' kid is ****in' gone!” “She got Ramon! Jesus Christ.” “Kid is ruthless. God-Damn.” “She ain't just no kid, hombre. Eyes peeled. Our boy's done but she's still out there and if you ain't noticed, the bitch bleeds.”

No more than one round had hit, but the drops of blood that followed her wherever she ran and the desperate expression some saw on her face, indicated far more than invulnerability. They sprang up after her and grouped up. One man listening, and then throwing a wooden plank to see if she'd shoot and take the bait. Nothin'. He checks around the corner himself and sees nothing but a dead end. His eyes go up, all around him to the warehouse rafters. And everyone else's follows.

“And if it bleeds, we can kill it. Vamoose. She's just a kid. Any one of us can take her. Hell. One of us almost did. You see her? Shoot and shout where she's at. Let's nail her and get this goin' alright?”

There were times where she questioned whether or not she was a good person, really. Wouldn't the best thing to do, have been to leave Abby and to try to live as peaceful and successful of a life as she could. Her powers motivated her to learn and to take initiative to teach herself, but she hasn't been to school in more than a year. She'd found enough applications to get by and to make some money. Enough to get by, and yet here she was, fighting some drug laundering, trafficking ring who was rumored to be armed enough to be able to take out armored vehicles. Fretting over the wound she’d just delivered.

Why am I so stupid? Is he dead? Oh god? Is he dead?

She looked at the man who she'd shot from the ceiling. Squinting allowed her to see some vague semblance of movement. Subtle shifts as one of them tended to the guy. The wounds were cauterized but she'd no idea of his condition.

I can't leave. Not if there is a chance that he'll…

She feels the moisture in her side once again. She's hurt. Bullet went right through her soft, frail little body. But it didn't roll or worse fragment inside of her. It was quite a bit of blood, but she could seal it. She knew she could. She'd practiced in all this time. Electrons were in everything and organic tissue preferred to bonded together. It had to mean something

Keep your cool. Just like you did when that guy got shot. Just like that. Just like that.

Fear and shock made her her tremble. She'd never been shot before, and rational thought only prevailed so much in the face of the unknown. The possibility of death still sat at the back of her mind, and more than that? How it would affect everyone else. God forbid she died doing this at this age. Her parents? Abby? She worries them enough already.

Just like that.

Her body calms just a little and her powers follow suit. They were easier to control the calmer she was. Less likely to flare and lash out the calmer she was. Like a muscle, albeit one very strong. In certain situations, though, very precise. Her will over electrons of her own cells, her own organic molecules, was stable enough for her to grasp the two holes on her belly and back, and seal them. More a mend than anything else. Stitches but without the stitches? It’d open again easily until it healed with proper time and the body's natural healing mechanisms but it'd do for now.

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Drop of blood from above lead rips into the rafters. A magazine drops to the ground, another loaded following and an iconic click hears as another round is chambered. Eyes look steadily around for signs of movement in the ceilings. “Yo! Saw her over he-“ A small pair of hands grab his arm. “AWSDTJTF!” A guy comes and finds his friend laying the ground twitching as he'd begun to pee himself. Without warning he feels her ram into him and grab him as well. Her touch felt like a thousand needles going through your body. You wanted to raise your hand and punch her off, but muscles were so tense he couldn't contemplate any further range motion than just falling to the ground spasming. Her eyes got wide when another showed up, and she bolted off faster than his aim could follow. *BANG BANG BANG* Bullets follow her and the man not too soon after. He sees a dead end, and looks up too late as she lands on him with her thighs around her neck. Current running along her skin takes the large man down as comfortably as everyone else…

“She's…she's picking us off. Everyone regroup, now! Eyes to the ceiling. She can come from anywhere. Fast. Jumps high. Keep your eyes open!” They all do as the man commands, everyone grouping back together and watching each other's backs. Eyes dart back and forth, gums waving in such a way as to taunt shadows and dare the little girl to come out. She pops out to try to peak from a vantage point on to of a crate, only to be greeted by a volley of lead in her general direction, prompting her to duck back behind concealment very promptly. A little closer and she knew no matter how fast she could go, she wasn't so fast as to be able to dodge so bullets up close. They’d mow her down, and easily. Unlike when she'd fought that Alien supermonster, there was no Grom to distract her foes. No Ultra Girl to heal and shield her.

There has to be another way! There always is.

It started.. sprinkling from above. The warehouse's fire alarm started, as if gunshots and that laser wouldn't tip the cops off enough. “We gotta take this lil' bitch out now. Place is a ****im' bust.” “I say we cut our losses.” “We'll pay ‘em off. Can't burn the place down and they'll just follow us” “Let's talk about this shit later alright?”

A flash of light and everyone's eyes snap shut in pain. Seme trigger fingers sprayed wildly in front of them, and others seized. But the lumiscient blast of photons did the trick in stunning them. Electricity didn't like going through air. That's why when it did, it did so violently in the form of lightning. Too dangerous. Too lethal. By landing among them ,electricity from all about her body went smoothly from her to be conducted to the water. From the water, it danced invisibly in all directions for some twenty feet.

The squad of thugs dropped like flies, their bodies thudding all around her as they dropped their AK's to the ground. Amani rises to her feet, looking around all bright eye and bushytail before she lets out a sigh of relief.

Just gotta get to him.

The sprinklers shut off, and she runs, her soaked sneakers splashing in puddles as she looks over the man she nearly killed. She checks his vitals and his pulse, and her hands go in his chest. *ZAP* He gasped for air his eyes widening. He took a moment to process what was happening, before he saw the girl who he tried to kill. Healing him. Easing his pain, as she mended his third degree burns. Her touch, inducing a sensation of anesthesia. Control over chemical reactions, enabling her to mimic drugs. No blood loss really. Far as she could tell. He’d be alright.


She slowly turned around from her sitting position, slowly coming face to face with the short end of a Beretta M9 pointed between her eyes point blank. The gun blurred as she looked upon the visage of the man standing above her as she sat on her knees. There was no sympathy in his eyes, but no hate. Nothing.

He lowers the gun, she exhales out from holding her breath. Her chest almost too tight for her to breathe. The man moves his head over his shoulder in a backwards nod off to the door, as he just walks Soliton by. Slowly, she rises to her feet, starting to walk away, buy she can't help but look back as the man tends to the guy she shot, whispering something to presumably calm and comfort him. The sound of police sirens however, sounds her que to leave.

In a flash of ion propelled Olympic speed, she is gone .