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10 Major Comicbook Monarchs

These are the people who SHOULD have been used for the "It's good to be king" quest

List items

  • King of the Inhumans, and even the entire Kree race during War of Kings.

  • King of Wakanda

  • This guy wasn't on the list of kings. He's the King of an entire planet!!

  • King of Atlantis, Namor's DC counterpart.

  • King of Latveria.

  • Another one who didn't make the official list. Magneto was not only the ruler of Genosha, he even ruled the WORLD during House of M!

  • King of Atlantis, Aquaman's Marvel counterpart.

  • Annihilus rules the entire Negative Zone, and yet didn't make the list.

  • It's not that I don't consider Wonder Woman to be royalty, but she isn't the one actually doing the ruling. That's her mom's job.

  • Ok, so Lilandra or Deathbird would fit this slot just as well, but I went with Vulcan because he was featured in War of Kings, and yet wasn't considered enough of a King to make a list of Kings. Hell, Gladiator would work too, I almost forgot about the current Majestor. Honestly the fact that NONE of those four made the list just seems a little odd.