Before "Arrow" ends, here's what needs to happen

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After almost seven years, the CW superhero drama "Arrow" is officially going to end after a shortened season next year.

Through its seasons, the show has had its ups and downs, but it's been beloved among many comic book fans and fans of the character, and it has spawned the shared TV universe of DC heroes known as The Arrowverse. Before the series ends, however, there are a few things that need to happen.

Green Lantern

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There have been tons of Green Lantern references in the Arrowverse. However, those references culminated in last winter's "Elseworlds" crossover, where it was revealed that John Diggle, who has fought alongside Oliver Queen since the very first season, was a ring-bearing Green Lantern on another earth. And that's not all. Hal Jordan, whom Oliver is best buds with in the comics, literally had a cameo (his face wasn't shown, but his jacket was) in season four. No matter who it is, the time is right for a Green Lantern to appear on Arrow.

A satisfying conclusion to Roy Harper and Thea Queen's story arc

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Thea, AKA Speedy, and Roy, AKA Arsenal, are two of Arrow's best characters. And, sadly, they've both exited the show. Though Roy has come back in the "flash-forwards" (more on that later) his present-day counterpart, along with his on-off lover Thea, have been gone for a while, and were last seen leaving with Nyssa Al Ghul to locate the remaining Lazarus Pits. To say the least, it'd be sad if we never hear from them again, and we've got our fingers crossed that, when they next appear, their story will culminate in a way that's satisfying.

The formation of a Justice League

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Now, it's likely we'll see this happening in "Crisis on Infinite Earths". However, we could hopefully see it before that. The Arrowverse has plenty of great heroes to form a Justice League around; Green Arrow, Flash, Superman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Martian Manhunter and Black Canary are just a few of the great DC heroes out there. Green Arrow, being the most "leader"-type figure in the Arrowverse, would be perfect to form the team and lead it into battle.

Return of MIA characters

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Huntress, Wildcat and especially Deathstroke have been missing for a while now. While Warner Bros. doesn't seem to want Deathstroke in the Arrowverse, let's face it: Deathstroke may never be properly used in the DCEU. As for Huntress...there's no excuse for her not to be used in the Arrowverse again. She's a great character who was painfully underused, and the upcoming "Birds of Prey" episode would be a great way to use her. Wildcat wasn't too compelling, but his sudden exit was barely explained.

The "flash-forwards" get resolved

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Arrow's flash-forwards to the future have added a sense of mystery back to the show. However, we don't want them to end as mysterious as they've started. We need to have some sort of resolution to those flash-forwards before the show ends. Maybe finally explain why Oliver disappeared for starters. (Though "Crisis" may explain that. *wink wink*)

Oliver's successor

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In both the present and future, we've got plenty of possible people to take on Oliver's legacy. In the present day, we've got Emiko Queen, Roy Harper and Thea Queen. In the future, we've got William Queen, Mia Smoak and Connor Hawke. If Green Arrow does become a legacy hero (which he probably will, seeing as he'll most likely die in the Crisis, and Star City will need a new protector) there are plenty of potential replacements out there.

What are your thoughts?


Why "Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters" is a TERRIBLE IDEA!

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Venom. Black Cat. Kraven the Hunter.

What do they all have in common? A large connection to Spider-Man. But, you know what else they have in common? They aren't even allowed to exist in his universe! This is due to an odd deal Sony and Marvel have. Spider-Man and some of his supporting characters and villains are allowed in the MCU, where almost every Marvel Comics can legally be used. Sony, meanwhile, is attempting to create a universe of 900 Marvel Characters, most of which have a connection to Spider-Man, without the Web-Slinger himself! Here's why it's a terrible idea.

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First of all, "Venom" was a mess. Sure, it was fun and at times hilarious, but it was not a good film on any technical level. However, that clearly didn't matter to millions of people worldwide, as they helped that dumb movie make just shy of a billion dollars, guaranteeing that a sequel will be released very soon. In addition to the Venom sequel (which could release as soon as fall 2020) as well as Morbius (which will release in February of next year) Sony has potentially dozens of other projects planned, including Kraven the Hunter, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Jackpot, Nightwatch and Silk, with an up-in-the-air "Sinister Six" project possibly serving as a crossover movie for at least a few of the characters.

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What I'm essentially saying is, what's the point? While some of these characters (such as Morbius, Silver Sable and Nightwatch) could work just okay without Spider-Man's presence, others (such as Black Cat, Kraven the Hunter and Venom) cannot work without at least some sort of Spider-Man connection. I mean, that's what we saw in Venom, and I can guarantee the same thing is going to happen in any of Sony's Spider-Man "spin-offs".

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Now, what I propose Sony should do is expand their deal with Marvel. The terms of that deal should be that Venom, Kraven, Black Cat, etc. can be used in the MCU, whether in a Spider-Man film or a solo film, while Sony gets to make a profit without completely screwing up any more characters.

What are your thoughts?


A FEW changes I would have made to Spider-Man: Homecoming

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All in all, I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming.

It was a great movie, in most respects. After those so-so Andrew Garfield movies, it kinda reignited my faith in the character as a whole. BUT, however, here are some things I would have changed.

The whole "suit" thing

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Look, this is something that irked me. Peter depended on his suit. As Stark said, if you're nothing without the suit, you don't deserve it. In this version, Peter would actually refuse Starks's offers and make a suit himself that would have a little tech in it. (Web shooters, night vision, zoom-in/out, comm link, etc.) It would look about the same, however.

Tony Stark's presence

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In my version of the movie, Tony Stark would only have brief cameos until a full appearance at the end, where he would congratulate Peter Parker and offer him the Iron Spider suit. (Peter would reject it.)

The casting for Flash Thompson

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Look, I like diversity, but it felt SO FORCED in this movie! I would cast Will Poulter as Flash Thompson. I would also add Gwen Stacy, who would be played by Sabrina Carpenter, and Harry Osborn, who would be played by KJ Apa. MJ's actress would stay the same, but the character would have some differences: her name would be Mary Jane (but she'd still be referred to as MJ), and she'd have straight hair dyed red as a homage to her comic book counterpart.

The post-credits scene

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I would keep it the same, except that instead of Scorpion mentioning his "boys on the outside", it would be revealed that they were on a security feed. It would then show a man (his face obscured) sitting at a desk in some sort of corporate building. A woman would then come up to him and then ask him, "Are you sure about those two?" He would then answer "Yes...same with the others." We would then see a list of names with Adrian Toomes and Mac Gargan's names on them, along with four others: Sergei Kravinoff, Flint Marko, Aleksei Sytsevich...and Otto Octavius. We then see the building he is in, which is Avengers tower, but with a new logo...OSCORP.

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The second scene (surprise!) is Peter getting a job at the Daily Bugle from J. Jonah Jameson. (Who is still played by JK Simmons, by the way!) Jameson then introduces Peter to his new partner: Eddie Brock, played by Alexander Ludwig.

This sets up the Sinister Six and Venom as possible future films, which will be a part of the MCU rather than Sony's poor man's cinematic universe. However, there'd be at least two more Spider-Man sequels before either of those spinoffs.

What do you think? Comment!


TV Series Marvel should make or at least consider for Disney+

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As you know, Disney+ will be a big part of the MCU going forward.

Currently, there are tons of shows confirmed and rumored to be in development. These include Loki, Vision and Scarlet Witch, a Bucky and Falcon team-up show, Hawkeye, Lady Sif and potentially even a Wolverine origin story. However, aside from all of those, here are some series Marvel should consider for Disney+.


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Now, the rights to She-Hulk are "complicated" as of now. However, if Disney can buy Fox, anything can happen! She-Hulk is more important of a character than she's often given credit for, and it's truly a shame she hasn't appeared in the MCU yet. A She-Hulk series would be a great way to include elements of Hulk's mythos that we haven't gotten to see yet, as well as to give one of Marvel's greatest heroines a chance to shine.

Silver Surfer

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This would be absolutely perfect. The MCU is already cosmic-oriented, so this could work amazingly. Silver Surfer has a rich, cool comic mythology that we're dying to see on the big screen. This series could also have a much more trippy, cartoonish feel to it than anything Marvel TV has put out. In addition that, this series could also potentially set up Galactus as one of the MCU's next major villains.


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I'm actually getting shivers just thinking about this. While Spider-Woman may seem like a Spidey ripoff to casual fans, she actually has barely any relation to Peter Parker (except in the Ultimate Universe, where she's actually a chromosome-flipped clone) and has a rich history of her own. A spy-comedy about Spider-Woman would be a blast to watch.


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Wait...but that already happened, didn't it?!

Well, yes, but it doesn't matter. Since the show barely fit into canon, a good way to bring the Inhumans (who, by the way, are FAR more important than anyone gives them credit for) back into the fold would be by reviving the show with very little connections to its original season or by rebooting it completely with an entirely new cast. Either way, it would be a shame if the Inhumans' story were to end in the MCU. This, in my opinion, would be a great way to introduce Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel.

Quake and the Secret Warriors

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Now, Agents of SHIELD has two more seasons on the way, but it's not likely it'll go past that. As sad as it would be, the show will likely have begun to run its course by then. A great way, however, for the fan-favorite Daisy Johnson's story to continue would be by having her lead her own team of superpowers individuals on secret worldwide missions. Think "Mission: Impossible" meets the X-Men.

New Warriors

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This series' pilot was filmed and set to premiere on Freeform, but that sadly never happened and, while Marvel isn't cancelling the show, it's still looking for a home. The Disney Streaming Service could very well be that home.

Kitty Pryde

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Now, aside from an actual series about the X-Men, this would be my first choice for an X-Men show. A cool idea for it would involve Kitty Pryde finding and training young mutants like herself at a "new location" of Xavier's school. This could very well compete with supernatural high school shows like "Legacies" and "The Vampire Diaries" by being much fresher and quirkier. As for an actress to play Kitty? Hailee Steinfeld seems like an obvious choice.

What do you think of these ideas? Comment!


How the Arrowverse could (possibly) create a Justice League this year

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As many of you know, The CW is adapting "Crisis on Infinite Earths" this fall.

And there's a lot to look forward to in that, aside from it being adapted from one of the greatest comic book crossovers in history. It means tons of things - a change in status quo, an end for old heroes, a beginning for new heroes - but it could also very well mean the formation of the Arrowverse's Justice League.

How could the team form?

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Well, The Monitor could put them together. In the pages of "Crisis", The Monitor created a team of heroes from across the multiverse to combat the Anti-Monitor. That team was not the Justice League (the real team formed about 25 years earlier) but it could be reinvented as such, and if you really think about it, it would be a perfect opportunity to have a bona fide Justice League on live-action TV.

Who could the team include?

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Wow, there's actually tons of candidates. The obvious choices are Green Arrow, The Flash and Batwoman from Earth-1, along with Superman, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter from Earth-38. But there's plenty of others. Earth-1's Sara Lance and Dinah Drake, along with Earth-2's Laurel Lance, are candidates for the teams Canary. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are still out there somewhere. There are plenty of Legends of Tomorrow characters both current and former - Atom and Firestorm being the prime examples - that could factor in. And beyond that, there's even more. Batman is active on both Earth-1 and Earth-38. Themyscara made an appearance on Legends of Tomorrow last season, so Wonder Woman could very well exist. Aquaman is an Earth-2 resident. In at least one alternate universe, John Diggle is Green Lantern, and speaking of which, Hal Jordan has been referenced multiple times. Black Lightning exists in the same multiverse as our heroes. STAR Labs exists, so Victor Stone AKA Cyborg could be somewhere out there. Put together a few of those heroes and you have yourselves a legitimate CW Justice League.

What do you think? Who do you think the team should include? Comment!

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My idea on how to use The Multiverse in The DCEU

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So, the DCEU is a mess at this point.

Sure, Aquaman was pretty good, but right now, it's obvious why Marvel's movies are better: because they know what they're doing rather than thrusting 50 movies into development. What I've thought is that, if the DCEU's "shared universe" concept isn't working, then how about a shared MULTIVERSE?

Now, here's how this would work:

From now on, all the movies taking place in the current DCEU are release under the banner of DC: EARTH ONE. And, if we can't have Cavill back, we could release a brand-new, reinvented Superman movie simply called "Superman", and it will be released under the banner of DC: EARTH TWO. And to expand that idea further, we could have the Supergirl film, and potentially tons of others, take place in that particular universe.

The first connection between the two "earths" would come in the Flash movie, which is said to introduce "a speedster multiverse". Here, we could see an "Earth Two" version of The Flash, perhaps Jay Garrick or Wally West.

Now, if this experiment fails, they should just forget about it. But if it works, they should merge the two universes using a crossover like "Crisis on Infinite Earths" or "Flashpoint", getting rid of problematic characters (Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, perhaps?) and uniting pieces of Earth One and Earth Two continuity into one single shared universe.

What do you think of this idea? Comment!

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My Ideas for 4 Disney+ X-Men shows

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Rumor has it that the X-Men will get a Disney Streaming series, and Wolverine, their most iconic member, will as well.

Here is my idea for four other shows.


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This series' main characters would be Multiple Man, Forge, Strong Guy, Meltdown (Tabitha Smith), Darwin, Longshot, Siryn, Rictor and M. The series would be a gritty, grounded, detective-style series set in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan. The series would revolve around Multiple Man and his "team" investigating mutant-related crimes in their area. The Morlocks would factor in and be recurring characters. It would be almost like "The Gifted" meets "True Detective". However, there would be some lightheartedness and humor mixed in to sort of balance out the grit.

New Mutants

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(Yes, I know they're getting a movie, which BTW might be cancelled.)

This series would be almost like "Stranger Things" mashed up with "Riverdale" and with mutants. The series would feature Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage and Magik as its main starting characters, with Karma, Magma, Blink, Cypher, Elixir and Surge joining later on. The series would feature the group of young mutants escaping from a facility with no memories except their names and powers. After that, they would go on the run from a secret organization that wants them - and other young mutants like them - for an ulterior purpose. That organization would probably have something to do with Weapon X.

Rogue and Gambit

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This would be a miniseries and spinoff of the X-Men series, featuring the characters confronting their past. The main villain would be Mr. Sinister and his Marauders, and both of them would be connected to him. The series would feature romance between Rogue and Gambit, and be a superhero rom-com of sorts.


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This would be almost sort of a “Days of Future Past” adaptation. The story would involve Bishop coming to the present day from his dystopian future, and going through our world to stop events from happening that will bring about this future. The main antagonist would be Trask Industries.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas of your own? Comment below!

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The Worst "Halftime Show' in History

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Okay, so I actually watched the Super Bowl when it came on.

And it completely sucked. The Patriots won for the millionth time, barely anyone scored and I was bored out of my mind. But the game isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that...THING that happened in between the second and third quarter.

So, when I first heard that Maroon 5, the Comic Sans of music, was playing the halftime show, I was pissed but not surprised. Thankfully, they got some Atlanta-based rappers (I live near Atlanta, so I was passionate that the rich hip-hop culture was represented) to spice things up. Then, after Stephen Hillenburg died, a petition was made that got hundreds of thousands of signatures to have "Sweet Victory", one of the most memorable "Spongebob" songs played at the show. And before the game, the NFL announced that was going to happen.

If only.

Instead of getting Sweet Victory, we got a 3-second clip of Spongebob that led into Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode", which is a song that I used to like, but now hate due to it being used to spit on Stephen Hillenburg's grave. And if that wasn't enough, we got Maroon 5 playing the same old bubblegum pop songs and Adam Levine re-enacting Magic Mike for all to see. Therefore, we officially got the "YouTube Rewind 2018" of Halftime shows; a "concert" that showed just how much the elites that control the music industry look down on the common person while making Madonna's Super Bowl XLVI performance look like Freddie Mercury at Live Aid by comparison. Now let's just forget this travesty ever happened and hope that next year's halftime show is at least 1% more tolerable.



Here's what the MCU could look like in the near future

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So, there's a lot of rumors running around about the MCU's future.

Some of them sound completely ridiculous, like most of the Avengers: Endgame "plot leaks" running around 4Chan and stuff. However, some of them are most likely real, and seem to be coming from people on the inside. Now that I've stitched the likely rumors and official announcements together, here's what the MCU could possibly look like in the near future.

- Phase 4 will be mostly cosmic-focused, but there will still be some street-level stuff like Shang-Chi's movie.

- Disney+ will factor in greatly, and series about Loki, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Bucky, Hawkeye, Lady Sif, War Machine, Nebula, Okoye, The Ravagers, Rocket & Groot, Agent 13, Hank Pym, Sentry and Moon Knight are all either rumored or confirmed to be in development.

- The Fox Deal will impact the MCU as well, and rumors are that Marvel is expanding their slate to FOUR FILMS A YEAR in order to bring in characters like Silver Surfer, The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.

- Every Fox Marvel project after New Mutants (which also may be dead) has been scrapped, and Marvel may or may not revive at least a few of the projects somewhere down the line.

- The X-Men are possibly gonna start out on Disney+ before Marvel fully brings them into the MCU. Marvel will also give the spotlight to lesser-known and underused characters in the X-Men mythos. Rumors also state some X-Men characters will be given solo films, which means Fox's seemingly dead Kitty Pryde, Gambit and Multiple Man movies could happen. In addition, Deadpool 3 and X-Force could be tweaked to be set in the MCU, though likely with a less restrictive rating.

- Marvel is doing their best to extend their deal with Sony, which will allow Spider-Man to have 2 more movies after Far From Home, as well as possibly an MCU-set version of Sony's scrapped Sinister Six movie. Unfortunately, seeing Venom, Morbius, Black Cat, etc. in the MCU is likely impossible unless Marvel strikes up some bombshell deal with Sony to fully get those characters back. Miles Morales also may be off-limits to the MCU, and could be the Spider-Man analog of Sony's "Venom" Universe.

- Netflix shows are dead, but Marvel has confirmed they have plans to re-use at least some of the characters outside of Netflix. However, a rumor states that Marvel can't use Daredevil until at least 2020 due to some sort of contract thing with Netflix.

- The Eternals will be an "origin story" for the entire MCU and possibly Thanos, but it will likely be a standalone film. Members of the Eternals, however, could factor into future Marvel films.

- Guardians 3 is delayed, and rumored for a 2022 release date. We know for sure it's not being scrapped, it just needs a new director. Adam McKay is one of the directors in talks for it.

- Movies about Nova, Captain Britain and Silver Surfer are rumored, and Annihilus could be a recurring villain kind of like Loki.

- Norman Osborn and The Dark Avengers could be Phase 4's overarching villains, and Osborn has been written out of Sony's Marvel projects, likely in order for this to happen. Dark Reign and Siege could be adapted.

- The "street-level" side of the MCU will be mostly occupied by Spider-Man, though as I said, Shang-Chi will likely be a grounded, street-level adventure, and it's possible other characters could get street-level movies as well.

- Black Panther 2 could bring Namor, Doctor Doom and possibly The Fantastic Four into the MCU.

- Secret Invasion could the next major crossover after Phase 4.

- Galactus, Kang, Annihilus and other Fox villains are very likely.

- Past villains like Dormammu could return.

- Blade could factor in somewhere, and Wesley Snipes could reprise his role!

- The Avengers will be revamped towards the end of Phase 4, with the new team consisting of characters like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man/Wasp and Spider-Man, along with a group of younger heroes inspired by the original team.

- There will be tons of new heroes and villains.

- The MCU may not have anymore "Phases", just some more big story arcs.

- Captain Marvel will be the face of the MCU going forward.

What do you think of this news? Comment!


The MCU's X-Men: What we NEED to see

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After the Disney/Fox deal, Marvel has confirmed the X-Men are coming to the MCU.

That means a lot of things. First of all, all the X-Men movies and spinoffs after Dark Phoenix will probably get cancelled. Second, it means that the MCU is about to get bigger. WAY bigger. According to some sources, Marvel is expanding their release slate from three to FOUR films per year in order to fit in the characters they've acquired. For the MCU's continuation of the X-Men franchise, here's what we need to see.

Solo movies

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Another Wolverine movie would be cool, but Marvel is reportedly saving him for later, which could be a great decision. There are so many great, underrated X-Men characters who deserve a time in the spotlight. A Kitty Pryde movie would be awesome, as would a movie about Colossus. A Rogue/Gambit romcom would be all kinds of epic, and a Dazzler movie that serves as both a hero flick and a music biopic would be revolutionary. Maybe that Magneto origin movie we never got could factor in. Who knows?

Disney+ shows

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The Gifted was good in at least its first season, and it showed how well X-Men characters could work on the small screen. It's rumored that Disney+ will be a big part of the X-Men franchise, and that's good for a number of reasons. First of all, it could provide a real connection from the movies to TV, something that Agents of SHIELD mostly did, but the Netflix shows barely ever did besides references and easter eggs that tied them to the main MCU. Second of all, it could add some real pizzazz to Marvel TV. I would gladly let the upcoming last two seasons of Agents of SHIELD be cancelled if that could make this happen sooner. (Sorry, Agent Coulson!)

Lesser-known characters

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The X-Men have a lot of great, obscure characters, such as Sunfire, Warpath, Blink, Forge, Northstar, Fantomex, Kid Omega, Armor, Chamber and Pixie. Marvel has said they will adapt X-Men who aren't "Marquee Name" and that's great. Some of these characters really deserve to shine.

The Redemption of badly used characters

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Emma Frost was horribly represented in X-Men: First Class, and Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique was very flat. In addition, Sabretooth, Angel and Iceman were very much butchered, and it'd be a shame if Marvel just abandoned those characters. If there's any way to redeem them, it's the MCU.

What do you think? Comment!