The best comics I've ever read (strictly super-hero)

I wanted to compile a list of what are, in my opinion, the est comic books ever written. This list will be made of Super-hero comics only as adding any other comics would be too hard a list to construct lol.

List items

  • The best story about my favorite character. Mark Waid manages to truly encapsulate everything great about Clark.

  • One of the most brilliant, touching, funny, clever, masterful comics ever.

  • My favorite Batman story and the only Batman story I've read that actually felt like a detective story. Jeph Loeb gets a lot of flack but this is one of my very favorite comics.

  • This story is simply brilliant. the kind of book you read 10 times and at the end you still have questions.

  • I feel that sometimes, especially in today's world, people use words without grasping what they truly mean. Sometimes i feel that sophists dominate the ether. But i truly feel the word to describe this volume is: epic.

  • Brian Michael Bendis' tenure on Daredevil was truly some of the best story-telling I've seen in comics since i started reading them. Heart-wrenching and beautifully gritty, this Daredevil run made me fall in love with the character.

  • Geoff Johns gets a standing ovation from me for this work. Beautiful art, beautiful story and touching moments make me pine for a Shazam ongoing written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank.

  • One of the best written and best illustrated comics I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

  • This story made JMS my favorite writer. JMS + Esad Ribic= one of the best most touching tales about the surfer ever crafted.

  • A fun and character definitive run for one of my all time favorites. Majestic is a bitter sweet read because, while it is incredible, it ends with issue 17. Here's hoping one day Majestros returns to what he once was.