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Favorite comicbook characters of Soduh2

If anime/manga was allowed, this list would be a little bit different.

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    #1 in this category. I've been a fan of Sonic since I was 4 or 5 years old. I've always enjoyed his games (even through the "dork age"). I read the Archie comics as well, though I consider game Sonic different from comic Sonic.

  • Yeah, if you've read my posts you would probably know that I'm a big Cyclops fan. I've always recognize that he's the field leader but always seemed to get the Shaft over guys like Wolverine. The recent event Avengers vs X-men has actually increased my support of him.

  • Really happy to see him come back to life. Always not only my favorite FF character but one of my favorite marvel characters too.

  • Big Spider-Man fan. Though I disagreed with OMD, I was never a big reader until Big Time and Spider-Island came around.

  • When someone asks me "who is my favorite DC comics character?" I try to avoid saying Superman. However, I guess there's no denying it. Though I like his traditional boyscout attitude, more than the New 52 edgy version.

  • I've been a Nightwing fan since Batman: The Animated Series in the 90s. Like Superman before him in this list, I'm not a big fan of the New 52 changes but I guess there's nothing we can do about that.

  • How can anyone not like Batman? I have a Batsymbol painted on my wall and it's been there since I was 6. He can be a bit overrated at times but he's still awesome.

  • First introduced to Wade Wilson through X-men Legends 2 for the PS2. Since then the merc with a mouth has always been a favorite.

  • I'm not sure when I got into Thor. Probably the Video games as well. He's my favorite Avenger in both comics and film (if you don't consider Spider-Man an Avenger), and ironically a pretty underrated guy.

  • I have good memories of the Bill Bixby television show. This translated into my interest in the character as a whole.