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Name: Zornun

Aliases: The Ungral Merchant,

Species: Ungral (Reptilians,usually unintelligent,brutish. Found across the universe) He considers himself to be a Mutant Ungral, due to his unusual intelligence and skin.

Identity: Known

Alignment: Anti-Hero/Evil

Place of Birth: Ungran(Home planet of the Ungrals)

Age: 284 Earth Years(most Ungrals live to be around 700-750,so Zornun is still rather young)

Family: Unknown Ungrals.

Height: 2 metres(6.5 foot)

Weight: 280 kg(620lbs)

Hair: None

Eyes: Reptilian Yellow

Skin: Grey-Green

Base: The Flesh Fair, Eeogiex, Intergalactic Trade Metropolis

Occupation: Illegal Weapons Trader


Unbreakable skin: His scaly skin can withstand extreme heat(temperatures equal to a star's core), strength (Zornun has survived punches from some of the strongest species in the galaxy, and been run over by a spaceship without being scratched) and energy. There are few things in the galaxy known to break Zornun's skin. However, Zornun still feels pain (though his nerves are dulled a lot, so it isn't nearly as much as humans), and enough pain can knock him out.

Intelligence: Zornun has a genius level intellect (unusual for an Ungral), and is a successful businessman.

Wealth: Despite the small size of his shop, Zornun is extemely wealthy: a multibillionaire by Earth standards.

Guns:He possesses an arsenal of weapons, mainly guns, but also melee.

Ungral Characteristics: Like most Ungrals, he is also extremely strong and heavy, can breathe underwater, and possesses sharp claws and fangs, all of which he uses to his advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike many Ungrals, Zornun doesn't have a tail.

Engineer: Zornun is a proficient engineer, and can fix, dismantle, or build any weapon quickly. Zornun is skilled in using all firearms.

Personality: Zornun usually tries to plan his every move carefully. However, he has a short temper and often goes into a primal beserker rage, where he will attack anything that annoys him in the slightest. He attempts to restrain these, but is often unable to do so. Although he finds no pleasure in fighting or killing, he often feels it necessary to do so. As he does not enjoy it, he tries to end fights quickly, using any means he can. Zornun has a particular hatred of other Ungrals, and considers them worthless brutes. If he sees one, he will invariably attempt to kill it within seconds.

Backstory: Zornun used his intelligence to become a successful businessman in trading weapons on the black market. After some time moving around the galaxy, buying and selling weapons, he decided to set up a shop in Eeogix. He is well known amongst criminals, for his reputation as a fair tradesman, who doesn't reveal his client's information. On the occasions when he has been challenged by thieves, or police, he has defeated them with ease.

Languages: Zornun knows all the commonly used languages in the universe, such as the Universal Communication(UC), and also other, less common languages, such as the most widely spoken Human languages, Mandarin, English and Spanish. As such, he can usually communicate with any species he meets.

Combat: Although he uses his bulk to his advantage in hand-to-hand combat, fighting like a wrestler, Zornun prefers to fight with the numerous guns he has. His favourite is his energy fusion gun, which releases energy blasts of up to 10,000 degrees Celsius. He always carries this around. Other guns he sometimes uses, but not regularly are:

  • Lasers of varying power
  • An EMP cannon, which can instantly scramble any machine
  • A psychic wave blocker, which can knock anything with a brain out
  • Occasionally, grenades or varying power
Zornun's Fusion Gun
Zornun's Fusion Gun