"Hesitation is defeat." - Isshin

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Why Base Luffy stomps EoS Toriko

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So as we all know: Rage/anger was revealed to be Acacia/Neo's weakness, Acacia/Neo was pushed to the limit by EoS Toriko. What do you see above? It's Luffy's RED shirt. Red connotes anger or rage and is the strongest primary colour just like Oda is the strongest of the HST mangaka and TORIKO ISN'T EVEN IN THE HST.

Look to your right and see what weak-a** Toriko is wearing:

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Orange. This shit colour is unarguably weaker than red.

Toriko's Red Demon's Soul Sniffing

So now that we've established Base Luffy as stronger than EoS Toriko, it stands to reason that Toriko's Red Oni is similarly weak aka not as strong as Luffy's Red. Luffy was thrown into a pit of wolves when he was a child showing the soul and spirit to survive. Toriko's Red Oni only matched Guinness...another weak wolf.

Why CoH beats Intimidation

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50,000 10x human strength Fishmen ---> This is Fishman Island Luffy ----->he's pathetic compared to his current self who just got done beating Katakuri ----> Exponential growth -----> shows no fear -----won't be intimidated----- Conqueror's Haki beats the lame af Emperor Ring Toriko will make.

That's logic. Not convinced yet? Moving on:

Toriko's Blue Demon is less than fodder

Yes yes yes Blue is stronger than Red Oni, however Sanji is bottom tier M3 level, he wears blue, his dream is to find All Blue and he cannot hope to beat his Captain Luffy

Luffy swats Blue aside like the bug he is and makes him piss himself more than Heracles did.


Uniting the Will of every cell to ward off attacks? Luffy has the WILL of D, has an ability based around Willpower and having no doubt so there's no doubt Enbu gets negated

Any flying fork/knife variant gets lolnoped

Blah Blah Blah eat a mountain of pudding, blah blah blah manga based around food---

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^^^^ Luffy pins God himself who has eaten with him using a knife and fork on multiple occasions.

White Oni gets Snaked

So...what else is there to say here now? Luffy's base shits on Toriko's EoS form and can beat Acacia, yeah yeah White finger poked him to death but Luffy will get a FRIGGIN ENORMOUS BOOST BY USING SNAKE MAN TO KING COBRA THIS TRASH TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE!

Luck of the Devil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Gourmet Luck

Future Pirate King >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Conduct of a King

No probability manipulation for you, son because Luffy is probably gonna get kissed by Midora's Mom. That oedipus boy is gonna have to deal with that.