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How did this episode get voted as the best of the show?

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It's no wonder.


"And then he kissed me"- Goodfellas

Ok so Goodfellas is my favourite Gangster film of all time and my second favourite Scorsese motion picture. Without getting too in depth about this genius scene, I'll just summarize using already known analysis, comments on this video and some of my own interpretation.

  • Song by the Crystals is in Karen's mind and tells the audience what she's feeling
  • Henry and Karen go through the back entrance, skipping the queue to get ahead-this reflects on Gangster lives: how they can get everything in life but have to go through the 'back' entrance to do it, that is, getting their hands dirty
  • When the guy opens the door he represents a demon or satan and looking at the blood red walls and floor we can see that the foyer represents hell
  • Henry greets everyone and is familiar with them---this is to impress Karen. From her perspective this is a man who brushed her off once but is now taking her through the back of an exclusive dining place, giving people wads of cash in the 70/80s no less which, adjusting for inflation would be...well I'm shit at maths so lets just say it's a lot
  • Some of the people they walk past are wearing black/red to further emphasize hell
  • They get a table right at the front
  • The long, unbroken take works to show fluidity and make the scene more palpable

So on this first date Karen is thinking: this guy is rich, this guy is important, this guy is a rat so cool


Urouge's Wizard Struggle against the Law

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I don't give a shit if his DF lets him convert kinetic energy to strength cuz his durability both internally and externally stays the same.

So *Shambles behind him* Gamma Knife to the spinal cord.

That's GG, D.

I don't care if his DF lets him become physically stronger than Trafalgar: Tra's intelligence feats crap on this bandaged boo boo's and he uses his much better speed feats to ninja rush behind him and chop him on the neck. Law tagged Doflamingo with IS and was trained in h2h since he was a child.

That's GG, E.

I don't give a flying f that your mad priest beat Snack whose bounty is higher than Law's because bounty isn't a direct correlation to power: it's just an indicator. WE HAVE BARELY ANY CONTEXT TO HIS FIGHT. I don't care that Snack is a Sweet Commander likely on par with Cracker who lost to Luffy circumstantially and Luffy is *inhales* better than Law right now. Your Monk took an L to Biscuit Boy on panel and Law hasn't taken one since Dressrosa, years ago.

That's GG, C.

Law. Has. Better. CoA. Feats. Than. Your. Stupid. Shit-eating grin. Husbando. He. Blocked. Doffy's. Strings.

That's GG, A.

Ooooo whoop di do Urouge was on par with Kid's metal fetish masked first mate who probs betrayed him. Law is homies with Zoro who would by FEATS: EVISCERATE, MUTILATE OR JUST BISECT HIM.

That's GG, F.


Why Base Luffy stomps EoS Toriko

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So as we all know: Rage/anger was revealed to be Acacia/Neo's weakness, Acacia/Neo was pushed to the limit by EoS Toriko. What do you see above? It's Luffy's RED shirt. Red connotes anger or rage and is the strongest primary colour just like Oda is the strongest of the HST mangaka and TORIKO ISN'T EVEN IN THE HST.

Look to your right and see what weak-a** Toriko is wearing:

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Orange. This shit colour is unarguably weaker than red.

Toriko's Red Demon's Soul Sniffing

So now that we've established Base Luffy as stronger than EoS Toriko, it stands to reason that Toriko's Red Oni is similarly weak aka not as strong as Luffy's Red. Luffy was thrown into a pit of wolves when he was a child showing the soul and spirit to survive. Toriko's Red Oni only matched Guinness...another weak wolf.

Why CoH beats Intimidation

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50,000 10x human strength Fishmen ---> This is Fishman Island Luffy ----->he's pathetic compared to his current self who just got done beating Katakuri ----> Exponential growth -----> shows no fear -----won't be intimidated----- Conqueror's Haki beats the lame af Emperor Ring Toriko will make.

That's logic. Not convinced yet? Moving on:

Toriko's Blue Demon is less than fodder

Yes yes yes Blue is stronger than Red Oni, however Sanji is bottom tier M3 level, he wears blue, his dream is to find All Blue and he cannot hope to beat his Captain Luffy

Luffy swats Blue aside like the bug he is and makes him piss himself more than Heracles did.


Uniting the Will of every cell to ward off attacks? Luffy has the WILL of D, has an ability based around Willpower and having no doubt so there's no doubt Enbu gets negated

Any flying fork/knife variant gets lolnoped

Blah Blah Blah eat a mountain of pudding, blah blah blah manga based around food---

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^^^^ Luffy pins God himself who has eaten with him using a knife and fork on multiple occasions.

White Oni gets Snaked

So...what else is there to say here now? Luffy's base shits on Toriko's EoS form and can beat Acacia, yeah yeah White finger poked him to death but Luffy will get a FRIGGIN ENORMOUS BOOST BY USING SNAKE MAN TO KING COBRA THIS TRASH TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE!

Luck of the Devil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Gourmet Luck

Future Pirate King >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Conduct of a King

No probability manipulation for you, son because Luffy is probably gonna get kissed by Midora's Mom. That oedipus boy is gonna have to deal with that.


Akainu's roast

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Here it is

Some things to bare in mind:

  • Ace had just been successfully rescued and many allied pirates had lost their lives
  • Ace takes after his biological father, Roger who is stubborn and known to viciously defend those who would speak ill of his comrades
  • Ace had formed his own pirate crew, the Spades and had ventured off to kill Whitebeard a few years before Luffy set sail
  • He made quite a name for himself and after fighting Jimbei for 5 days, Whitebeard showed up to accept his challenge
  • Ace made a huge flame wall to separate himself and Edward from the Spades and told them to run
  • He doesn't shy away from fighting Whitebeard and rushes him
  • He gets off-panel lolstomped
  • Whitebeard tells him he doesn't want him to die and if he can become his 'son' he will have a purpose: to run wild and free, fight and carry the Name Whitebeard
  • He continues to try killing Whitebeard while Edward sleeps or in a position to be taken unawares, over 100 times and keeps getting lolstomped
  • The WB pirates all find it amusing and are warm to Ace
  • Ace loves WB like a father after years of being wild and free
  • When Ace was a child he would run into strangers calling Roger evil, a demon etc which turned him cold and unfeeling for a time
  • He still wanted to become a pirate
  • Akainu simultaneously praises Ace's biological father and disses his adoptive father

Frequent One Piece fandom thoughts:

"Ace was stupid for taking the bait"

"Ace just rendered everyone's deaths moot"

"Ace was mentally messed up because Akainu told the truth"

"This is one of those roasts where it isn't even funny, the truth cuts like a knife and Ace, given his disposition, had to fight Akainu after this"

Or to be blunt about it, in the tune of South Park's Mormon episode: Sa-ka-zuki smart smart smart, Port-Gasu dumb da dumb

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