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May have roped me in... 0

i will admit i wasn't too keen on the star wars books coming out. I saw no point as i know how the overall saga ends , so these little "side stories" would not do much to hold my interest. I picked this annual partly because of the new film coming out, in a way to amp myself up and its Darth Vader in an annual. a little story not having to do with the stories/continuity marvel has out so glad i did get this book. Vader is shown to be one part methodical and one part B.A. . the action, th...

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better than expected 5

this a pretty good read . at first i thought this to be the typical drug-fueled fantasy , but i was surprised how it was not and quickly got glued to the story . i believe you the reader should have the same amount of fun ,so i will say pick this up on a whim and you will not be disappointed. if you are the type of person who needs a little variety in their pull list and looking for something new and quirky , pick this up! im looking forward to this series and like another quick favorite of mi...

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