The Characters You Love to Hate

There is a preponderance of Lists detailing Everyone's Favorite Comic Book Characters. Heck, I confess that even I have a List too! But I felt it fitting that I also include the ones that I think are the Worst of the Worst as well.

List items

  • I don't HATE him, but I do think that DC made a fatal error when they brought him back. Frankly, it was better when he was dead. It gave the whole Flash legacy a sense of history, a purpose, a greatness to it that one of them sacrificed his life to save the universe. It was the greatest accomplishment of all time. Barry was like the first Saint of Superheroes. I also thought it made Wally a far more compelling hero because he knew, intimately, that he was mortal. That even a Flash can't outrace Death. And how he was honoring Barry whenever he wore that suit. Now, Barry's sacrifice is cheapened. Not to mention that Barry was dead and departed when I was reading the comics. To me, Wally was and always will be the Flash; it feels like a damn imitator is filling his boots like that short-lived period where Bart was the Flash. I know that a lot of people seem to love the fact that Barry is back, but I am going to stick to my guns with my opinion that Barry was better off dead.

  • I used to like Iron Man. He was one of my favorite characters. I even watched the movies and cartoons series. But I really despised his stance in the Civil War.

    And I still carry that grudge. In my opinion, he killed Captain America. There was this scene where Cap called him "a creature of the art of deal, of compromise". I think Cap was right.

    What Cap was standing up for wasn't security or people's peace of mind or even their lives. He was standing up for something much more intangible and much more important. An ideal, a concept of personal liberty. How can you stand up for something if you don't honor and respect it? How can anyone honor or respect you if don't you stand for anything?

    Tony used to stand for something. He lost that when he chose his side. Even after all of the crap that's happened, after all of his manipulations with the Illuminati screwed everything up, he still hasn't learned his lesson. Iron Man was a guy who was willing to stand for something, he even took the law into his own hands in the Armor Wars. Now what does he stand for? Nothing. I suppose what I feel is more disappointment than anything else; Iron Man used to be a hero, now to me, he's just some guy in an expensive metal suit.

  • Total psychopath. He's a complete and selfish jerk. He was gifted with tremendous powers (he's stronger than Superman for cryin' out loud!) yet he's one of the most disgraceful and whiny characters. He doesn't think of doing anything constructive with his powers, he just bitches about the unfairness of the universe. I think he's scum, pure and simple.

  • While it's true that heroes are more interesting when they come off as flawed and human beings, Oliver Queen has constantly demonstrated his faults and failures. I'm not judging him for killing Prometheus, but his numerous affairs and his revelation that he abandoned his son as a newly born infant have hardened me against him. Oliver is more comfortable playing the role of a hypocrite; lying when it suits him and pretending that he is a better man than he truly is. He might be one of the most "human" members of the DC Universe, but I wouldn't dignify him as referring to this guy as a hero. Batman might lie and has performed questionable actions, but I think Bats has some justifiable reasons behind them. Queen doesn't, that's why he's earned his way onto my pathetic list. He's a crappy father and human being.

  • Seriously, this guy struck me as a total wannabe and a ridiculous and pathetic hanger-on. I was appalled with his first outfit with the rear view mirrors. The fact that he's slipping into being delusional is rather kind as it makes him somewhat interesting. But I still dislike him.

  • I understand that DC really intended Captain Atom to become Monarch but switched him out at the last minute with a second-stringer hero. Hawk never impressed me. Seriously, I never could credit the switch or that this guy who was never a real A-List Hero could wind up as a cosmic-level threat. His death was good riddance to a lame concept. Then he was resurrected. Frankly, there were plenty of other characters who could have been resurrected over this guy who was better off dead and deceased. At least when Hal Jordan went nutso, he died trying to redeem himself. Hawk never really showed anything that he deserves this second shot and plus we're just to forget all of the crap he did as Monarch and Extant? Forget it.

  • This guy was Marvel's answer to Superman. He had serious potential but writers wasted him, focusing on his mental problems 'til the point where he was just a crappy character and it was easier to get rid of him.

  • I just don't like bigots. And this one claims to be xenophobic but doesn't seem to have any problems sleeping with an alien. Try for a little consistency!

  • You know, I could understand why the writers brought this guy back as Spidey needed a major enemy. But Norman as a evil manipulator and mastermind who spent years behind the scenes? I don't think so. Then, they rewrote that he knocked up Gwen Stacy before he killed her? And I hated Dark Reign. I could not understand why the US was letting a nutcase, even a "reformed" super-villain to be their Top Cop. That's like giving an armed robber the keys of the bank. I could credit that he was a major threat to Spider-Man, but elevating him to Dr. Doom's level was a bit much. I think they tried to make Norman into Marvel's version of Lex Luthor, but instead of elevating him, they lowered the bar as Norman has never really a superior super-vill.

  • Another reformed villain. I don't think so. I just don't buy it. I think she's just switches sides to the one that looks the best for her. I also don't like how she's carrying on with Cyclops who began an affair with her over Jean Grey and personally, I view her as a skank. Her whole superior attitude would also come off better if she wasn't dressing like a stripper with a fetish for trashy underwear.

  • Like Green Arrow, his infidelities might make him an interesting character, but not a great hero. I used to like him, but since he started carrying on with Emma Frost, my opinion has plummeted.

  • In the beginning, it was an interesting seeing her see-sawing back and forth between redemption and villainy. But frankly, it's gotten old. I don't think of her as someone who wants to be redeemed but rather someone who is just trying to get out of jail time where I think she deserves to rot. Let her just be a villain once and for all and find another character to utilize in this would-be redeemed hero angle. She's had so many chances, I don't want her to have any more.

  • I suppose the saying, "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely," should be amended to add, "and makes you a psychopath too,". Vulcan was a terrible character, I think he was just retconed in to shake up the X-Men and the Sh'iar.

  • Aside from the fact that they're a thinly veiled version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, this bunch blindly follow the orders of whoever is in charge of the Shi'ar, even if the dude is a raving psycho, which has happened thrice so far; D'Ken, Deathbird, and more recently Vulcan. I certainly would consider them as irresponsible.

  • Smartest Man in the World? More like the Most Arrogant. I disliked Watchmen as being too dark for my tastes but while Rorschach was insane, and Dr. Manhattan I couldn't stand ... Ozymandias was a mass murderer on an unimaginable scale. I did like how he went through all of that only for Rorschach's Journal to survive on and threaten to topple and destroy everything that this maniac had tried to build and how it was all for nothing. He shouldn't get away with what he did. Didn't plan that did you Ozzy?

  • I think he was an attempt to revive the Spider-Man titles and inject a bit of controversy. The Clone Saga began interesting enough but it flopped. I think that the writers let it drag on waaay too long and it created some massive plot knots and tangles that still remain to this day despite attempts to repair and "explain" things. I also desperately try to wipe my mind of Ben's horrible costumes; the sweatshirt motif didn't even look like a real costume and then the monstrosity that he wore when he thought he was the "real" Spider-Man was even worse. About the only good thing is the tech that Ben created like the Impact Webbing and Stingers; both of which I think Peter really needs to add to his arsenal.

  • The writers tried to create a second Venom as they seemed to be having too much fun writing the original Venom as a "good guy" or a "Dark Spider-Man" so they went ahead and created Carnage, an over-the-top psychopath. He's sort of like a souped-up Joker. One Venom was OK, two is just overkill.

  • Honestly, I had no idea what the deal with this guy was. I also though his look; the teeth and the arms and legs were just a bit weird.

  • I just can't stand this version of Supergirl. She just seems too immature to be a hero and more like a spoiled brat.

  • Another character who was better off dead. They screwed up with Jason. I mean, if they had Ra resurrect him with the Lazarus Pit or something and brainwashed him as some sort of psychological attack on Batman would be something I could have bought; but the whole Superboy Prime's punching the space/time continuum caused his resurrection? I didn't buy it. It was weak. Not to mention this Red Hood business? Eh. That was lame too. He didn't come off a menace, just a kid throwing a tantrum trying to get daddy's attention.

  • I thought she was so-so as the Spoiler but I did not think too much of her romance with Robin and her attempt to fill Tim's boots ended disastrously with her death. I think the writers screwed up with bringing her back with her "faked" death. They should have let well enough alone ... or come up with a better one than that! Nor do I think she in any way deserves the mantle of Batgirl. Cassandra Caine was a far more compelling character and a much more interesting Batgirl than Steph and I'm hoping that DC sees the sense in that and brings Cass back in the role.

  • The dog was one thing, the cat was another, a monkey was stretching things, but when they added the horse? They had well and truly lost it. They just pushed things to the point of ridiculousness. Not to mention the dumb capes they were all sporting.

  • I thought he was a cheap attempt to create an all-powerful super-vill. The fusion of Professor X and Magneto? I did not get how they did that. Now, if I had been writing it, I would have made it like all of Prof X's rage and anger secretly manifesting itself against his enemies as his Dark Side. It sounds better. Heck, Marvel even did it with the Sentry a few years later, although they totally overused the idea. A lot. But I digress, he was a kinda cheap super-vill, despite his near omnipotent status. I'm pretty sure that the writers specifically created him solely to get that Heroes Reborn Universe jumpstarted.

  • I just could never take this guy seriously and was genuinely shocked when he was outed as the new Sorcerer Supreme. This guy was a poor substitute for Dr. Strange. I'm wondering just who is going to be taking the mantle up now or if Strange will be retaking it, but I am glad that they got rid of him.

  • I was more disappointed than anything about how he handled things. He was the son of one of the greatest heroes ever and destroyed his father's legacy. Now, when people think of Captain Marvel, they'll think of this guy. He ruined it. Sad.

  • Just plain disturbing and disgusting. His power? He shoots crap.

  • What were they thinking? Oooh! I have kites! Fear me!

  • Fashion nightmare. Seriously. What is up with that outfit?

  • Not a character; but I just felt the whole concept was really, really stupid. I mean, as a one-shot maybe, or a potential alternate reality but having it was a regular series? I think it just seriously screwed with the continuity and introduced some dumb characters. When you do something like this future look; I think you need to have some radical changes, major character alterations or deaths to be interesting. The writers instead made boring, tired, and insipid story arcs that didn't shake things up. I don't know if they were afraid of mucking up with the continuity or by editorial decree, but it just didn't work. Hopefully, Marvel has the sense to leave this stuff where it belongs; in the garbage can.

  • Despite attempts to portray this guy as a criminal mastermind or a major threat to Batman, I wasn't impressed. It seemed like a lot of terrible writing that made no sense to me.

  • This guy struck me as a pathetic loser who desperately wants to be a big man or like the "Kingpin" but is just not smart enough.

  • Basically I want to file the whole concept in this List. I assume that Marvel was attempting to attract kiddie readers or something with animal versions of their superheroes. I like to label this under "What the Hell Were They Thinking?". Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew pushed it the animal humor at times, but Spider-Ham and the whole Marvel-verse as Animals went I think totally overboard with parodying themselves. Plus, the Zoo Crew were actually original characters, not lampooning themselves. I don't know if it was because I was too old already when Spider-Ham debuted, but I thought this was a stupid concept. About the only reason why the Pet Avengers haven't fallen into this category is that they are actual animals, not animals pretending to be human.

  • Before, Deathstroke used to have something; a code, a sense of purpose. I didn't like him too much but I could understand why he acted like how he did because he blamed the Titans for the death of his son. But lately, he just seems to kill because he can. Because he wants to. He doesn't seem to care too much about his children, Jericho and Rose, something that used to define this guy. I remember this quote, "if you look at the abyss, the abyss looks at you," and in my opinion, he's gone into the abyss. Frankly, I think this guy needs to be put down.

  • I despised the whole Mutant Messiah storyline and her as well. Frankly, she hasn't really impressed me that much as a character since. I think that the writers came up with a stupid idea. Considering how many other individuals such as Rachel Summers who have held the Phoenix Force for years, to suddenly dismiss her left me feeling like the writers have paid absolutely no attention to past continuity.

  • I thought Dung was the most disgusting character that Erik Larsen had created. But this one proved me wrong. Even Cesspool, Backfire, and Nasal Ned were funnier than disgusting. Heavy Flo on the other hand was just ... blech.