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@pikahyper: I was aware that things were bad and change was slow but I wasn't aware it was that bad and that the delay would take that long. If they ever get around to it. I was thinking it might take; oh say a year or so.

I agree that Comic Vine is one of the best sites for comic stuff around but it just irritates and aggravates me that I see things that I think could be improved or tweaked. That's one of the reasons why I keep posting stuff on this thread in the vain hope that they would get something done.

You'd think that this corporation would care about upgrading the site a little if it wants to maintain the hit counts and search engine rankings. Just out of curiosity, which corporation is it that now owns Comic Vine?

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Another idea that popped into my head is a couple of new sections on the Character Info Box that would have Significant Artists and Significant Writers. We already have an info slot for creators but for certain characters; they have been massively revamped or significantly rewritten by artists and writers over the years.

I've also noticed that the Info Box on People are quite small. Perhaps we could add in a slot for their occupation or occupations? There have been some people who have had multiple jobs in the industry over the years including Writers, Artists, Editors, etc.

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@cloudguy: I hate to say it but this site seems to be getting more and more difficult to do anything to improve it. It's like every time I suggest anything, I get "it's too difficult, we don't have the manpower".

Perhaps we need to get some editors to help overhaul things. We used to have those Quests and a bunch of the Wikias use things like giving things to Badges as way of crediting people. Could you guys create a system like that to help with your manpower problems?

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@cloudguy: I think the page setup is fine as it is. What I'm after is a way to try and cut down on the clutter on the major character pages. Basically what I'm suggesting is instead of one super-long page that incorporates everything; just keep the Superman page as it is, no need to change any of the links to it. Just consider making it like the MAIN PAGE with sub-section links.

Under a major section like "Other Media"; instead of a huge chunk--have a link to another page which just covers his various appearances in Films. Maybe another page which does his TV shows. And stuff like "Alternate Versions" as well should have its own separate page as well.

And consider under Major Story Arcs consider having separate links that covers him across a decade by decade basis. Like any major story arcs in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.

This way, you can actually read the page more easily and navigate it by picking and choosing what section is relevant to your interests.

I can also see where you're coming from that trying to create different incarnation pages for a character would be too difficult to try and parse out where they're appearing in the thousands of comic books.

Perhaps just a brief notation in the Major Story Arcs Pages? Like in the 1940's Superman Section; make a note that indicates that he is considered the "Golden Age Superman" or sometimes referred to as "Earth-2 Superman". Actually, it might be easier if you break it up by eras with individuals like Superman and Batman. With someone like Spider-Man who has a fairly stable continuity unlike DC's shifting universes; it may simply be easier to do him by a decade-by-decade basis.

I also never recommended that the editors consider this sort for all of the characters on the site. I think it's probably useless or not worth the time and trouble. I just thought that only the really MAJOR characters like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man who have a need for a better organizational system for their wiki pages. Maybe some of the lesser characters could use some linked pages for the "Other Media" or "Alternate Versions" but otherwise, I don't think it's necessary.

Yes, this alteration may create some broken links but I think that the majority of the links would remain intact and could be fixed over time. But as it is, it's simply getting too hard to navigate these pages and we need a better system.

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I've been reading some of the character pages and I think that some of them are getting a little bloated. Particularly for those characters who have been around for decades or have I guess, multiple incarnations such as Superman and Spider-Man.

I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to pare down the length of these entries if we couldn't modify the regular character page into having a "Click Here Link" to another webpage for stuff like Major Story Arcs, Alternate Versions, and Other Media for these major characters.

In the case of the Major Story Arcs, we might be able to pare it down even further or make it more comprehensive if we could separate them into like "Major Story Arcs by Decade" or something. It would make it easier for new readers to not be overwhelmed or for those readers who just want to focus on certain areas or sections.

The same would be possible for the Alternate Versions and Other Media; breaking it into shorter, more digestible bits.

For characters like Superman who has undergone some changes over the decades and whom DC has created several distinct continuity versions; it might be easier to alter his main character page as a sort of overview page with "Click Here Links" to each distinct version from the Golden Age (or Earth-Two), the Silver Age (or Earth-One), the New Earth (by John Byrne), and the most recent New-52 version.

It's not really a concern for many of the character profiles here on Comicvine. In fact, there is a dearth of information on a number of character profiles; but in the case of these really MAJOR Characters who have been around for decades, I think we need some better organization of the information.

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OK, I have to admit that I've finally gotten off my duff and watched most of the CW Flash series and it's not that bad. I'm not that sold on Grant Gustin as the main character/actor but I have to admit that for the most part, the storylines and supporting cast members continue to keep drawing me back.

But the series have gotten me towards dusting off the old bookcase and rereading my favorite Flash stories. I'm pretty much a Wally West fan; he's the character that I grew up with and enjoyed him growing up under Mark Waid. I wasn't that thrilled with Barry Allen's resurrection and the New 52 is mostly lousy in my opinion with their near-total dismissal of all of that history and continuity that they've thrown out.

But I digress; I'm curious just what is your Favorite Flash Story? I'm open to everybody from Jay Garrick to Barry Allen to Wally West and even Bart Allen. If you got a fave TV episode, then list that too. My one requirement is that the Flash has gotta be the MAIN character in the story. It doesn't have to be just single comics but a storyline itself and if you have a Top Five or Top Ten, it doesn't matter either. For myself, my personal faves are:

No Caption Provided

1. Flash #62-65 "Born to Run" by Mark Waid

The Origin Story of Origin Stories!

Mark Waid is one of those rare writers who combines a love of past comic book history, emotionally resonating characters, and he does comes up with some unique modern twists yet somehow remains nostalgic to the past.

Up until I read this story, I didn't much care for Wally. Under Bill Messner-Loebs' reign, Wally seemed to be a bit of a womanizing jerk. He was a good supporting character alongside other heroes in team books like the Justice League under Keith Giffen but as the main character in his own book? Not so much.

Waid however managed to transform an seemingly selfish and egocentric jerk into an interesting and sympathetic character. And the core of it was that deep down? Wally was ashamed. He was arrogant because he felt he had to be. He was always struggling to live up to the legend of his predecessor and blamed himself for failing to live up to Saint Barry.

He was also the first sidekick to step up and fill in the boots of his mentor. I always gave him props for that. A lesser person would have crumbled or gone emo; not Wally.

He loved being the Flash and I loved seeing him trailblaze his own path into being his own man and hero. Flash Fact.

2. Flash #73-79 "The Return of Barry Allen" by Mark Waid

No Caption Provided

This was the story that put the Flash and Mark Waid on the map for me. I was aware of Wally's assumption of the title before and I read a few of his adventures under William Messner-Loebs but he wasn't one of the great heroes in my opinion.

This was the series that changed it all for me. The sleeper shock of Barry's return was surprising to me but otherwise, it seemed like "oh well, they brought back Barry Allen; that's nice, ho hum".

Right up until Waid dropped the bombshell when Barry trying to kill Wally. WTF?

That's when I starting paying attention. The original Return of Barry Allen was a real shock and the twist took me totally by surprise. Up until that point, I genuinely believed that Barry was back and was flabbergasted and horrified by his behavior until Waid revealed the truth and he turned it all around again, returning Barry back to his pedestal and making Wally into the Hero Worthy of the Mantle.

3. Flash #95-100 "Terminal Velocity" by Mark Waid

No Caption Provided

Mark Waid made me believe it.

That this was the Final Run of Wally West. I had a bad feeling with how he introduced Bart Allen aka "Impulse" as a potential successor a while back. Not to mention that this was the era where they were changing everything up. A New Superman or Supermen, a New Batman, a new Green Lantern, and well, could my favorite Scarlet Speedster be far behind?

With a big build up, he delivered. Wally went out like I expected. A Hero to the Very End. The Flash was Dead!

And then Waid brought him Back, Bigger and Better Than Ever and I breathed a sigh of relief that my Faith was rewarded and one Hell of a nerve wracking storyline finished.

4. Flash #91 "Out of Time" by Mark Waid

A self-contained story that showed the Flash and his utter humanity and the raw power he commands. Despite his moniker of being "The Fastest Man Alive", Wally is gripped with terrible guilt when he discovers that an innocent victim has been horrifically crippled in an accident while he was fighting a super-villain. Despite his legendary speed, Wally believes that the situation could have been avoided if he was even faster. Desperate to push himself further and faster than he has ever dared to attain, Wally seeks out Johnny Quick and demands his Speed Formula, 3X2(9YZ)4A in an attempt to boost his speed so he is never put in that position ever again.

It was an interesting twist, plus I loved Max Mercury popping up to lend a little advice.

5. Flash #145-150, Impulse #46 "Chain Lightning" by Mark Waid

Chain Lightning was one of the bigger Flash storylines of all time. Literally. Mark Waid had been laying teasers, hints, and clues for years before he finally finished it off the grand denouement of Cobalt Blue.

6. Justice League Unlimited Season 3, Episode 5"Flash and Substance" by Matt Wayne

No Caption Provided

There were so many Wally Moments in the Justice League and JLU series. He was by far, the funniest and human member of the League. He was--well, not the SOLE reason why I watched, but he was one of the major reasons with his quips. What I really wanted was an episode dedicated all to him and I finally got my wish with "Flash and Substance". I considered "The Great Brain Robbery", "I Am Legion", and "The Ties That Bind" as possible contenders for the Best Flash Episode but he wasn't quite the center stage as he was in here.

This was sort of like a Day in the Life of the Flash when he isn't running about with the League and I loved seeing him and his supporting cast and villains with Linda Park, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, and of course, Mark Hamil as the one and only Trickster.

7. Flash #54"Nobody Dies" by Bill Messner-Loebs

No Caption Provided

This is during the arc where Wally is underpowered and before Waid catapulted him to greatness. I honestly didn't much care of Messner-Loebs' run on the series as I felt the Flash was a bit ... underwhelming under his pen. I suppose he did a decent job, but he didn't reinvigorate the character as Waid accomplished and he sometimes had some eccentric storylines that I didn't care for and ignored for the most part.

However, I have to admit that I did like this issue which depicted Wally's dilemma during a fight on an airplane and an stewardess that he befriended gets sucked out of a hole blown into the side. And suddenly, Wally finds all of his speed is useless. He doesn't fly. He just runs, really fast and how is he supposed to save her? Loebs' emotionally draining monologue of Wally fighting to save the life of one person makes this one of the better Flash stories in my opinion and the best one he had.

So anyone want to list their own?

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Wally West! He was the Flash that I grew up with and had some of the greatest storylines ever under Mark Waid and Geoff Johns. I also loved the irreverent JLU animated version as one of the very best characters in the series.

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I just discovered that by the "Top Rated Lists" is actually a link that shows all of the lists that is linked to the wiki page. I was extremely pleased to discover this but it's too well hidden.

It is vital to emphasize that the link even exists in the first place. I discovered it accidentally when I moved my mouse cursor over it and it lit up. I figure that some people don't realize that it even there at all.

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    I always thought this was one of the odder episodes and for the most part, mediocre at that. However, there was one scene in this episode that always stood out for me and always made me remember it.

    Everyone is against the idea of allowing this super-alien intelligences to "possess" the bodies of the crew temporarily, everyone is pointing out the dangers, the risks involved and then Captain Kirk makes this stirring speech about the danger is enormous ... but the potential rewards are equally great if not greater and concludes with, "Risk, gentlemen is our business."

    I always thought that captured the heart of the original Star Trek series. The other ones have tried to imitate it but they don't seem to have the same sort of irrepressible pioneering spirit that the TOS had.

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    @pikahyper: Well, that's ... lousy. OK, I guess I'll keep plugging away and making my suggestions and hoping they get around to fixing stuff. Thanks for trying.