Breaking 1000

I've done it! After many hours hunched over the keyboard and peering at the tiny profile pics, I've finally cracked the 1000 barrier on my list, "It's Not Easy Being Green" which celebrates those characters with green skin (or scales, fur, etc.).

I've tried to be as honest as possible, counting only those characters who are naturally greenish in hue and not costumes or armors. I ultimately decided to count robots who are predominantly green as well and stayed away from the Pokemon creatures as I felt they already have so many lists dedicated to those guys.

I also tried to limit myself to include large groups too. For example; I stuck in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as ONE entry rather than four separate ones. Same thing with some of the alien races; I added some of the more important and major characters and considered that the more minor and miscellaneous ones fell in the alien species entry.

I also tried to ensure that I didn't repeat anybody on the list; a task made incredibly difficult ever since ComicVine disabled the organizing feature on lists with over 100 entries and I lost my ability to alphabetize these guys.

If you spot any repeats on my list, it's a legitimate error and let me know so that I can hunt it down and correct it. In a lot of cases, I also was going by eye as I have little to no idea who some of these guys are so if it was the result of a poor image scan or simply because of a costume, then it was a mistake and I apologize. Let me know if you spot any errors or anything and I'll correct it too. If you know of anyone who belongs on this list, then let me know and I'll add 'em if they fit. I want this to be the most complete list of green characters out there.


Looking for Colorful Characters

I'm trying to create the most detailed list of characters who are green; not they're wearing green costumes but their skin tone is literally green. I've managed to get 896 of them listed on this site but I'd really like to break a thousand. If anyone knows of any obscure characters like this, could you forward me their names? I'd appreciate it.

I'm also interested in characters whose skin tones are red as well.


I'm Up!

Haven't been spending that much time on ComicVine lately because I've been busy setting up accounts on it's sister sites of AnimeVice and Screened! Neat huh?