The Reboot and How To Deal With It

Most of us hate the reboot. Everyone knows. We've all been VERY vocal in our rage. But what can we do about it? Nothing. Literally. If we don't like a new title or something, we can simply refuse to buy it. And in the event of that not making a difference, here's what I tell myself:

Comics are constantly changing, and changing back. They can kill off characters and bring them back as freely as they please. All we have to do is wait for Scott Lobdell and the others (who decided to ruin everything) to either retire, be fired, or die of old age. What power do they really have? They cannot control our imaginations or what WE accept as stories that have or have not happened. Someday, some new writer will come in, pick up where they left off, and fix everything. They'll find someway to explain how all this erased history and changed-origins still makes sense. I have faith that this reboot will eventually come full-circle and that SOMEHOW the writers will put back together all that has been taken apart. We just have to wait it out.

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