Loki as a character

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Loki, the outsider in the Northern Germanic pantheon, confounds not only his fellow deities and chronicler Snorri Sturluson(Referring to the Prose Edda) but has caused as much quarrel among his interpreters. Hardly a paper, article, or encyclopedic entry DOESN'T begin describing Loki as a staggeringly complex, confusing, and ambivalent figure who has been the catalyst of countless unresolved scholarly controversies and has elicited more problems than solutions.

The first of the four theories is that of Folke Ström, who in 1956 concluded that Loki was another form of Odin. In 1959, Jan de Vries theorized that Loki is a typical example of a trickster figure. In 1961, by way of excluding all non-Scandinavian mythological parallels in her analysis, Anna Birgitta Rooth concluded that Loki was originally a spider god. Anne Holtsmark, writing in 1962, concluded that no conclusion could be made about Loki.

So ultimately? While Marvel DOES play fast and loose with Norse mythology, when it comes to Loki? It's kinda hard to do ANYTHING with him that would not fit the original mythological version as the original myth? Was ALL over the place. For all we know the Marvel version could the most accurate since the Viking age!


How the Shazam name could have finally worked and how DC loused it up

Watch this clip

Now watch this one

Notice anything? Yeah, Billy Batson is getting his powers DIRECTLY from the gods(plus Solomon) themselves. I think I'd be MORE okay with the name change from Captain Marvel to Shazam, possibly even like it, if they DID just cut out the wizard and have it be like this where he's getting his powers DIRECTLY from the gods. At least that way him being called Shazam makes more sense instead of it just being the "Shazam spell" where the name no longer is an acronym for the source of his powers and just a word with no real meaning. I mean it's an interesting take, but I think it works AGAINST the name change.


Forgotten Comics: Captain Marvel Jr.

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Freddy Freeman was an all-star student at the Binder school. An archetypal jock, he was also among the school's most popular and successful students. One of Freddy's friends was Billy Batson, Captain Marvel's alter ego, who worked as a boy reporter for WHIZ radio. At a WHIZ radio spelling bee hosted by Billy in , Freddy and Billy met Billy's long-lost sister Mary, whom Freddy immediately fell for.

Later, Freddy and his grandfather Jacob Freeman, went on a fishing trip in the Fawcett Bay, while Captain Marvel was engaged in a battle with Captain Nazi. Captain Marvel knocks Captain Nazi into the lake, and the Freemans are attacked when they attempt to save Nazi, unaware of who he was. not knowing who he is, lift the unconscious man into their boat to prevent him from drowning. Nazi immediately comes to, tosses the old man into the lake, and knocks the boy out of the boat with an oar. The old man immediately dies, but Captain Marvel is able to save the unconscious boy, named Freddy Freeman, and bring him to a hospital.

Captain Marvel, in his alter ego as young Billy Batson, learns from a nurse that Freddy is not expected to last the night. This leads Billy to take Freddy to the underground throne of the wizard Shazam, who originally granted Captain Marvel his powers. Billy asks the wizard to heal Freddy and save his life, but Shazam cannot, and instead tells Billy that he, as Captain Marvel, can pass along some of his powers so that Freddy can walk again. Shazam disappears and Billy transforms back into Captain Marvel, just as Freddy awakens. Looking up, he exclaims “Why...it’s Captain Marvel,” and is instantly transformed into a super-powered version of himself. Freddy, now called Captain Marvel Jr., resembles a younger Captain Marvel, though with a yellow-on-blue costume with a red cape, rather than Marvel Sr.'s yellow-on-red with a white cape.

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Captain Marvel informs Junior that he cannot remain in his super-powered form at all times, but that he must allow his human form to heal as best it can. With that, Freddy once again said his mentor's name and returned to his hospital bed. Freddy remains permanently lame in his left leg and is forced to walk with a crutch (although Captain Marvel Jr. bears no such impediment). As a result, Junior sought revenge against Captain Nazi, and the two repeatedly battled in a number of World War II-era comic stories, with Nazi being Freddy's own personal nemesis. His later revised origin after DC's Infinite Crisis was largely the same, only with the addition of Mary Marvel.

Captain Marvel Jr. is also perhaps the first teenage superhero receive his own solo comic series, decades before the likes of Spider-Man.

Perhaps the superhero with the biggest impact on the music industry, Captain Marvel Jr. was the favorite superhero of Elvis Presley

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Elvis styled his trademark haircut after that of Freddy's and some of Elvis' stage outfits(With a half-cape similar to those worn by the Marvels) and his TCB logo(With a Marvel-esque lightning bolt insignia) also show inspiration from Captain Marvel Jr.

This influence would later come full circle as modern portrayals of Captain Marvel Jr. showed that he was indeed an Elvis fan

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With Alex Ross taking the concept further in his graphic novel series Kingdom Come, where Freddy took on the name King Marvel with an outfit greatly resembling those worn by Elvis himself

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A New Hulk for a New movie

The thing about a Hulk movie is that it's hard to do anything majorly new with The Hulk. The greatest strength The Hulk has had comic wise is that he's always been portrayed with varying levels of intelligence, sometimes near mindless, sometimes as smart as Bruce Banner himself. It's not always the mindless beast of a Hulk. It's for this reason I present my FAVORITE Hulk incarnation..... The FIRST Hulk....... The Grey Hulk AKA Joe Fixit.

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The Grey Hulk worked for a time as a Las Vegas enforcer called Joe Fixit and/or Mr. Fixit on occasion. The Grey Hulk has average intelligence, although he occasionally displays knowledge and intellectual ability normally associated with Banner. He is cunning, crafty, hedonistic, arrogant, and distant, with a hidden conscience. In most of his Las Vegas appearances, he appears only at night. According to the Leader, the Grey Hulk persona is strongest during the night of the new moon and weakest during the full moon. This aversion to sun/moon light vanished when the Grey Hulk's night-induced transformation trigger was later removed. Although he is the smallest of the Hulks, the Grey Hulk towers over the average human. He prefers to dress in tailored suits. Mr. Fixit's base strength level is also the lowest of the three primary Hulk incarnations, but is still able to go toe-to-toe with many of the major Marvel powerhouses.

There are several ways they could play with the idea of a Grey Hulk in the films, at least for one movie. In the Ultimate Universe, The Hulk became grey after Banner mixed the Super Soldier Serum with the Hulk serum(Hulk's being derived from an attempt at the SS Serum in the Ultimate Universe instead of radiation based) and injected himself with it, thus becoming the stronger Grey Hulk(It's reversed in this universe).

I could see something similar happening in the films. Perhaps Bruce manages to get a sample of Steve's blood, manages to isolate the Serum in it, injects it into himself with the hope the effects of the serum could reverse the mutation, but instead it ends up with a mutated form of Hulk turning him grey and gaining more intelligence, becoming a full on split personality. Then when this Grey Hulk becomes truly enraged, the Green Hulk resurfaces and gets rid of the Grey Hulk though the increased intelligence remains.


DC's Biggest missed opportunity with Power Girl

Power Girl has always had a confusing origin. She's always been Supergirl from another dimension, or in one instance that was VERY short lived from Atlantis. Anyway, point is that she will NEVER be able to stand on her own or become REALLY big because of that fact. Adding multiple dimensions into a characters origins just... It makes it REALLY hard to push them especially if you have a character that they are a counterpart too. However that was before I learned of a series called Ame-Comi Girls DC put out.

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It's a manga-like digital comic series set in an alternate universe where all the heroes and villains are female and YES there is plenty of fan service. HOWEVER!!! The "Superman" of that universe is Power Girl AKA Kara Jor-El. Yes, Power Girl in that universe is the daughter of Jor-El and Kara Zor-El(The traditional Supergirl) is her cousin.

Make Power Girl Superman's SISTER!!!! It clears up a problem Power Girl has had for a WHILE which is her convoluted origin. Nothing is lost on either character since they already consider each other family, or did pre-New 52, but it also makes Power Girl more marketable.



Is DC Comics embarrassed by their characters?

For those of you who don't know David S. Goyer recently made some very insulting comments towards Marvel's She-Hulk referring to her as a "Big green porn star that only the Hulk could f*&(" which is not only insulting but extremely wrong on so many levels as She-Hulk is a great character and one of Marvel's best. Now you COULD look at it this way. He works for DC Comics, he's just trash talking the competition. But it went much farther than that.

Then he went on to say that Martian Manhunter

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A founding and staple member of the Justice League..... cannot work in a movie, cannot be called Martian Manhunter in a movie, and is just an all around stupid character. And this is coming from a writer for DC, a guy who helped write the Batman Begins/Dark Knight and wrote the script for Man of Steel. To me? This is a HUGE statement on the lack of faith DC Comics as a whole has in their characters. And I'm talking in comics too. DC is almost embarrassed by their characters.

Now I know that line of thought seems flawed since it's just a single man's opinion, but let's look at it this way. And let me be clear this next part is not a "New 52 is evil" thing, just an observation.

The New 52 was like they were trying to rewrite anything and everything that was remotely quirky or silly and make it really serious. But the thing that makes that fail is that DC Comics was BUILT on silly ideas. Superman, super strong alien who can circle the Earth in a minute and is completely invulnerable to all except green rocks. Silly. Batman, grown man who dresses like a bat to scare criminals. Silly. The Flash, a man who runs at the speed of light in red tights. Silly. Wonder Woman, an amazon with magic lasso that makes you tell the truth and has bullet proof bracelets. Silly. Green Lantern, flies around in space in green spandex with a glowing ring. Silly. Aquaman, a fishman from Atlantis who rules the ocean. Silly

And yet they are great characters. But DC seems almost ASHAMED of it. Like they HAVE to rework and retool them to match the darker and more serious tone Christopher Nolan brought to the Batman movies.

This also explains DC's hesitance to use any of their characters in movies this past decade. I mean we got Watchmen, but that was meant to be a very ADULT movie. We got Green Lantern sure and that was pretty close to the comics in tone. Sure it failed horribly critically(I thought it was pretty good personally) but notice that the NEXT movie they made, they tried a VERY Nolanized take on Superman with a script by the same guy who helped write The Dark Knight trilogy. I loved Man of Steel, but even I can admit it felt a little darker than what I think a Superman movie should be like. The lack of bright colors, the fact we only heard Superman being called Superman ONCE in the entire movie. It just felt like they were trying too hard to make it like Nolan's take on Batman. Don't get me wrong, still love the movie, just that it feels indicative of how DC feels about it's characters nowadays. Modern DC feels like they are still just throwing things at the wall and don't care if they stick, they're just doing them. They're literally just going with whatever arbitrary change they can think of and it all feels like it's for the SAKE of change.

And no this is not a fanboy raving against something that has existed for years, this is a concerned fan that is noticing a problem, a SEVERE problem.

I have read Crisis on Infinite Earths. That was how you reboot a universe. Have a clear cut plan on what to do, where the characters are at, what they're like, and so on before you do it. It was like they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

I am in no way saying that DC was perfect before, I'm not. I'm saying that they need to address this problem and correct it.

On the Marvel side of things, they seem to be EMBRACING the silly ideas of their universe. In the comics AND in the movies. They're making the silliness WORK. We're getting a movie from Marvel that has a talking tree and a talking raccoon that are part of a group of space faring superheroes. We're getting a theatrical release of a Big Hero 6 movie, a Marvel Comics team SO OBSCURE that probably only 50 people knew it was a comic beforehand. We got a comic series where Captain America of all characters get transported to an alternate dimension and has to fight his way out Flash Gordon style. We got a comic series where a villain transplanted his mind into a hero's body and posed as that hero(I didn't like Superior Spider-Man BTW) and that's just 60's Silver Age goofiness in its purest form. We got a comic series where a character is called Miss Thing and wears a robotic Thing suit and no kind of mask so her human head is still visible atop the rocky body.

Yeah we'll never get anything remotely close to that with DC, and believe me they have weirder stuff.

I'm not comparing or saying one is better than the other. I'm saying that DC needs to STOP pretending it's more adult or more serious. If I wanted to read more serious and mature I'd stick with Invincible or Irredeemable or The Walking Dead. I just want a company to take PRIDE in the universe and characters they had, not try to hide them away in a hurry like a kid who forgot to clean his room.

This will be my LAST blog on a topic of this nature. I just felt I needed to get this out there. To see if I'm completely alone in feeling this way.



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Initial thoughts upon hearing the news:

OH HELL YES!!!!!!!

After thinking about it for a little bit: Okay not TOTALLY sold on the reboot thing, but it could work if handled right. At least it can help me forget about the horrible Power Rangers: Super Mega Force currently airing if anything else

It's also been confirmed the movie WILL be Mighty Morphin' based. Now I think the SMART thing would be to use totally new characters for the Rangers. Opens new doors and doesn't PO old fans if they get them wrong. If they're new characters then there's nothing TO get wrong. That being said, what do you guys think? Will YOU go see it?


J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe

We got some references to the Daily Bugle in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, meaning JJ most likely exists. Currently Jonah is the MAYOR of New York City in the comics, so what if that was the case in the movies?

I would like this change in the movies because it has the following effects

1: It means Jonah has far more pull to make a smear campaign against Spider-Man

2: It puts him in a more believable position to be behind the creation of Scorpion as he was in the comics, should they introduce Scorpion.

3: Jonah could still own the Daily Bugle, using it as a way to spearhead his Spider-Man hate mongering.


Why Superior Spider-Man fails as a concept

*NOTE: The following is simply my thoughts on how Superior Spider-Man should have gone and what I think of it. Mayhap a little late for this, but I feel I have all I need to go on to make an intelligent response to it*

Let me say this right here, right now. I am a Peter Parker fan. Granted the last few years he hasn't been in the best light since OMD, but I'm still a fan. However I must say this as well. When I heard they were killing Peter off and were going to be using a new Spider-Man? I was fine!! Why? Peter has been struggling, fighting, and going since he got bit by that spider. I for one feel that if any superhero deserves a rest it's Peter.

I was even getting excited about how this new Spider-Man would be different. I was looking forward to seeing how he fit in the Marvel universe, who his supporting cast would be, if he'd have any ties to Peter. I was legitimately excited for Superior Spider-Man! And then they did the biggest disservice to a supehero they could possibly do. Die helpless in the body of one of his archenemies while they parade around in what is essentially that hero's corpse and not have to face justice for the lives they have ruined.

At it's heart Superior Spider-Man has this message.

"The villain won, faced no consequences, and the hero died for no reason"

Yeah, Ock can go on and on about how he's a "superior Spider-Man" but really he's not. If he was he would have turned himself in and take responsibility for the crimes he has committed over the years and the fact he just murdered an innocent man who has done nothing but try to help people with every fiber of his being. It made me feel SICK ridding that issue. The only reason I'm reading Superior Spider-Man at all is because I have to believe they will reverse this soon. It's sending the wrong message, that villains can get off without ANY kind of punishment and heroes are helpless to do anything about it. That's not what superhero comics should be about.

As I said, they wanted to kill of Peter Parker? Then they should have had the balls to make it as sad and yet at the same time satisfying as Death of Ultimate Spider-Man.

And I know sometimes bad people win out in real life, but I'm not talking about some trial technicality and a criminal getting off. I'm talking about the fact that the premise of Superior Spider-Man is based on lies, deceit, manipulation of people, murder, and identity theft. Now I've seen movies where all that happens, read comics where all that happens, and played video games where all that happens. Difference here? IT'S IN SPIDER-MAN!!! A superhero who is about taking responsibility for his actions and being an example of one of THE best superhero creations right up there with Superman, Batman, and Captain America.

Ock should have at that moment killed himself. Yes. Killed himself. Only way to keep Peter's secret and atone for what he's done.

I was promised a "Superior Spider-Man" but all I've seen so far is a lying sack of filth wearing a dead man's skin.

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