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Way 2 Sly: CAV's

Way 2 Sly: CAV edition

Got this idea from @krleavenger so give props to him. But without further ado here are the CAV's featuring ya boi.

Just keep in mind that sometimes one must give L's and sometimes one must receive them.


  • Ongoing/Voting: Self-explanatory.
  • Dubs: Completed CAV's that I won.
  • T.K.O's: The opponent was unable to continue for various reasons...
  • L's: You give some, to get some...





  • High PYP 2.0 R2: versus Higorm: I received this L from Higorm during my second CAV. Least I made it to the semifinals. ( Sly-Team New Gods: Orion, Lightray, Big Barda vs HigorM-Team Mutants: Iceman, Magik, Jean Grey)

Futures that will never be...

  • Pick a Team Tourney: Sly vs KrleAvenger: This would've have been interesting if the tourney hadn't died. (Sly- Team New Gods: Orion, Lightray, Bekka vs KrleAvenger- Team Superman: Pre-52 Superman, New 52 Superman, All-Star Superman)

Best Titles

I'll update this section later but the basic premise is too list all of the best titles that I've in my CAVs.