Anyone know a good plumber or superhero to save us at work...

Email traffic: The toilets upstairs backed up when the plumber was working on it something

happened and there is a major leak over the door to the hallway to room 33.

People have been called in and the plumber is working on it but if you have

to come to the second floor I would avoid room 33, it is sewer water leaking.


Random stuff

I know I am not the first person to address this issue, but while I was teaching a class it occurred to me that Superman can indeed break his own arm. There I said it. Not sure if I feel better yet. It was hard to admit that fact because I tend to fence ride most issues like this. If the kryptonite fearing man can fall victim to fatigue than it only seems reasonable that he could snap his own appendage like it was batman’s back.

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