Yo JIm Lee its Feburary 2011, I want BATMAN!

Announced at wondercon in 2010 was the continuation of Frank Miller's and Jim Lee's All Star Batman and Robin titled Dark Knight: Boy Wonder. It was scheduled to start in February of 2011 and lo and behold its February 2011. Dc as not acknowledged it since then and no information seems to be available.  It seems to be dead again unless Jim Lee is trying to get all issues done  
this quote from Lee shows confidence that issue one would appear in February. 

I feel terrible about how late the book fell behind,” added Lee. “100 percent of the blame falls upon my shoulders, so one of the reasons we chose the February, 2011, start date was to ensure that DARK KNIGHT: BOY WONDER would ship regularly and on-time. There are a number of reasons for it’s incredible delay but rather than focus on what cannot be changed,  " 

With several months of solicits (up to May) out there seems to be no indication of this titles existence. Whatever the reason i hope we see some indication that the title is alive to send off the All Star line   in   style.


Marvel defending the direct market

Since Marvel has not officially announced the price of Invincible Iron Man Annul #1 many, many assume is would be 5.97 one dollar more than print this seems to be true with this quote from Joe Q him self when ask wh mat the price was                                    

Joe Quesada: The Iron Man comic is over 60 pages, and in print it's priced at $4.99, but on average for that kind of page count, we would have priced it at $5.99 or broken it up into three $2.99 issues. Our comics on the Marvel App are priced at $1.99 and the way the annual is written it breaks up 
nicely into three chapters perfectly, so that's how we'll break It up in the app. So, when you do the math on this one, the direct market comic shop has the advantage in price on this one, and we've already received word from retailers that they feel this is the best way to set this test up.

I do not see how marvel charge more for a digital copy would help them gain readers, i think they should try a regular issue rather than an annual which usually does not get much attention to see if digital is worth it .  If the max size of a comic fie on this app is 22 pages that is ridiculous because .cbr files that i have downloaded have been bigger than than that. . Is this marvel trying to bring readers into to the shops or are they testing th waters.
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RIP Sentry

Sentry was one of my favorite Marvel characters. A man with the power of a 1000 suns yet is scared to the conquces of his actions . glad to see the got Paul Jenkins his ceator to give him a proper sendoff 

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