Marvel Reboot

Looking at Secret Wars, Marvel has no idea how to do a proper reboot. So I figured I'd make my own. This is my dream rebooted Marvel lineup. Ideally for me, most history would be erased and almost every title starts again from year one or a few years following. ONE UNIVERSE. The only other universes that exist will be in "What If?". To clarify, it's not long term- it's just launch titles. I figured 50 is a good number.

This universe was the result of Secret Wars. Instead of merging universes, it plays out differently: Yes, Battleworld is created, but Doctor Doom actually gains access to the universe and rewrites it in a good light... Showing that Marvel's greatest force of evil has some good in him after all, right before it dies out.

List items

  • Just called Spider-Man. Short and sweet. Starts two year after the origin. Uses both classic and brand new villains. Ultimate Universe origin story.

  • Again, simple title to signify a simple new universe. He awakens from WWII, frozen, like he does in recent canon.

  • Iron Man starts five years later, with a flashback format showing his early years creating the original suit and his alcoholism.

  • Hulk is just Bruce Banner. Nothing any more complicated. Just Bruce Banner on the run from the military. He gets captured, then used as a military weapon. Heavily inspired by the movie The Incredible Hulk. Starts 10 years after he originally gets turned into the Hulk.

  • Original Thor. He's thousands of years old. The gods are technically aliens, like in the MCU. Let's keep religion out of this.

  • He sports his classic purple suit, but with an updated design. He has always worked for SHIELD, and this series takes place in the years preceding the beginning of this universe. Black Widow is heavily featured as a main character rather than having her own series. Mockingbird is supporting.

  • Avengers starts out with just Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Thor. Mockingbird is a supporting character, but not technically an Avenger. The Battle of New York is the first thing that happens in this universe, right before the first issue of Iron Man. It's what sets off a lot of things in this universe, explaining the oversaturation of heroes. The Chitauri are replaced with the Kree.

  • Ant-Man is standalone from the Avengers, and features Wasp as a main character. It sets up a later Avengers arc which focuses on Hank Pym, this Ant-Man, his creation of Ultron, and eventually he and the Wasp joining the Avengers. The technology was made a few years ago, but Hank was only inspire to use it for good after the Battle of New York.

  • Nothing much to be said. This title starts as soon as T'Challa gains his identity from his father when he dies. His father was Black Panther eight years prior to the beginning of the title. He is the main representative of Avengers East, and has a huge military vibe, and not many superhumans are used. He eventually gets to know Iron Man, and gets drafted into the Avengers.

  • During the Battle of New York, the Kree made a blast of something later found to be called Terrigen, causing the Inhumans. Yes, the incest stuff is still there.

  • The Fantastic Four are all Inhumans. This book is very self-contained, except for Doctor Doom and frequent Inhumans crossovers. They cause the Skrulls to invade, causing a crossover event.

  • Yes, this will be controversial, but Doctor Strange now lives in Asia. He's also part of the East Avengers. It starts immediately, but the background starts 35 years ago.

  • Faithful to the original manga, with some ideas from the movie. Most of them are Inhumans, while some are technologically enhanced. Their main enemies are evil Inhumans. Starts from year one with the first arc, then picks up seven years later.

  • Takes place in X-VERSE (New universe designated to the X-Men so their acceptance themes make more sense)

    X-Men has extremely few connections to other titles because of the whole Disney/Fox dispute. It only crosses over into the main universe for one arc. The team starts out without Wolverine.

  • Takes place in X-VERSE (New universe designated to the X-Men so their acceptance themes make more sense)

    This title shows Wolverine as a modern day war hero rather than a superhero, though eventually he will be picked up by the X-Men and given his classic suit, which will also change the dynamic of this title substantially.

  • Basically a series of Elseworlds stories, but Marvel style. Each issue tells its own condensed story by different writers and artists. This title will be the ONLY sign of alternate universes.

  • Avengers East

    Since this is an original title, Avengers is the placeholder. This is Avengers East, taking place on the east side of the world. Members include Black Panther, Baymax and Hiro, Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, and Sunfire. Starts shortly after the Battle of New York.

  • Takes place in X-VERSE (New universe designated to the X-Men so their acceptance themes make more sense)

    I think this is an amazing concept and I just had to have it. It has Magneto's side of the story.. To be clear, not different takes on other storylines, but brand new ones showing Magneto as a misunderstood anti-hero with good intentions, eventually becoming a hero and joining the X-Men.

  • Iron Fist is trained by Doctor Strange to be his successor, as he takes on many a magical threat. A lot of the themes and villains are Asian, as Iron Fist originates from there. It starts shortly after the Battle of New York, and highlights the poverty the citizens of NYC are going through because of the disaster.

  • A much different tone of Luke Cage comic, very similar to the original Power Man series. Starts two years after Luke starts out as a vigilante, when he meets Jessica Jones, a cop.

  • Shows the same kind of poverty stuff Iron Fist does. Crosses over with Spider-Man, Elektra, Power Man, and Iron Fist a ton. Starts a year after he begins, with flashbacks similar to Iron Man. Black Widow is a supporting character, as is Mockingbird.

  • Jessica Jones is a cop crime drama, with the same secret as the original book, but besides that, a lot more down to earth. More time is spent after murders than stopping them, but that gets a lot more prominent when she decides to unretire, influenced by her new boyfriend Luke Cage. Starts roughly a year before the most of the rest of the titles, and picks up speed once the Battle of New York has passed.

  • I always thought this was way too cool of a character to pass up like they're doing. He was inspired by the Avengers, as were many other street heroes. With him as a street hero... Why not put him in the Defenders?

  • This is about a team of street heroes. It has Night Thrasher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Power Man, Iron Fist, and Hulk after he leaves the Avengers. Elektra later joins. When Hulk leaves he is replaced by Moon Knight.

  • It's hugely connected to Iron Fist and Daredevil. A lot of new villains and team-ups are conceived specifically because of the lack of source material. She's been doing this for three years.

  • Frank Castle is portrayed as an anti-hero working for SHIELD, with a license to kill. He's been retired for twelve years, and has decided to come back as an illegal street hero/anti-hero after noticing that the world is in dire need of help after New York. He's much older in the reboot.

  • Takes place in X-VERSE (New universe designated to the X-Men so their acceptance themes make more sense)

    A Mutant that was infected while fighting in the same war as Wolverine. Very comedic, but the fourth wall is never broken.

  • Very, very dark. Moon Knight is portrayed as an anti-hero with a tendency to break the law, often through murder, to get what he wants: Money, fame and power. However, he slowly learns that that's not all being a hero is about. He's been at this for several years now, but just recently got an identity after he got arrested and was released shortly before the Battle of New York, inspired by the secret identities of the Avengers.

  • Captain Marvel is ready to retire, so he decides he needs an apprentice, and finds not only that, but a dear friend and daughter figure in Carol Danvers, who he trains to succeed him. They are both seen as the main characters. Starts at the same time as everything else.

  • Martinex T'Naga, Captain Charlie-27, Yondu, Starhawk, Aleta, Nikki the Engineer, and J'Son of Spartax, the retired Guardians of the Galaxy, decide that the universe is once again in danger, and the NOVA Corps is not enough, so they tell J'Son's son from Earth, Peter Quill, that he is part of something bigger than himself and he is to form a new Guardians of the Galaxy. He adopts the name Star-Lord and chooses Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, NOVA, and Carol Danvers as his team to Guard the Galaxy.

  • Huge Green Lantern vibe here. A few main characters as part of a space corps meant to protect the universe from all kinds of cosmic threats.

  • Howard the Duck is an alien duck from a planet that exploded hundreds of thousands of years ago, and created all ducks on Earth. Howard was the chosen one, and was the only one that kept his alien powers... and what does he decide to do with this power? Buy hookers, do drugs, and start a business that becomes rich enough to buy the Daily Bugle and the Baxter Building.

  • Guardian of the portal to all eight realms, Man-Thing was selected to guard it after he proved his worth to the "Gods" 15 years ago, even after he went through a horrific accident that ended up letting him literally become all nature on Earth.

  • Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, sometimes Peter Quill needs some time alone. So he gets all his stress out by saving anything from one person to a whole solar system.

  • The original Nick Fury, leader of the Howling Commandoes during WWII. Many crossovers with Captain America occur.

  • Captain America: First Avenger

    The original Avenger in WWII before he ended the reign of the Red Skull and froze for 70 years. Again, original title, so I had to use Captain America as the placeholder.

  • A team that deals with dark magic. It includes Blade, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and Hellstorm, with Doctor Strange working in the background. Starts before New York.

  • Blade works with vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural entities. He does NOT work with ghosts, resurrections, demons, hellspawn, etc. That is dealt with in other books. Starts before Midnight Sons. It is presented as a horror title rather than slasher.

  • Ghost Rider deals with ghosts, resurrections, demons, hellspawn, etc. Presented as slasher/anti-hero. Robbie Reyes is used.

  • A team of street hero Inhumans travelling around America to help out in any way they can. Includes Alex Wilder, Chase Stein, Gertrude Yorks, Old Lace, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, and Victor Mancha. Takes place in the aftermath of the Battle of New York.

  • Morbius is the main villain of Blade, given his own prequel that takes place 600 years ago.

  • Namor is the king of Atlantis. No, he is not a mutant, an Inhuman, or anything else. He is simply an Atlantean. It runs alongside Fantastic Four.

  • Origin story of Venom. Takes place during Spider-Man's two years as Spider-Man before New York.

  • Ex-Oscorp employee that is out of a job since Norman became the Green Goblin two years ago and Harry couldn't handle running a company. So she's a thief.

  • A very lighthearted weekly Spider-Man comic about his two years before the Avengers.

  • Spider-Man in the year 2099.

  • Doom

    Original title again. See Magneto.

  • The operations of the organization SHIELD. Uses the Agents of SHIELD cast, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury as the main cast.

  • Team-Up book providing background on both titles while also working on its own story.

  • Team-Up book providing background on both titles while also working on its own story.