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DC Reboot

I honestly quite like the New 52. But was it really a reboot? Two titles' continuity were kept, which basically fucked up the whole thing, and there is WAY too much history in those comics for an average reader to make sense of them. I want to completely erase all previous continuity and start completely fresh with every single title. Also, no alternate Earths (Except in Elseworlds and Watchmen), retconning, and each character can only be killed (and revived) three times. If a writer wants to kill them again, they're gone forever.

This new universe was caused by Doctor Manhattan fucking with the timeline, similarly to Rebirth.

List items

  • It all starts from the beginning. Well, kind of. Dick Grayson is Robin, soon to be Nightwing, and Bruce Wayne has been Batman for five years. He has not met the Joker yet. Batgirl exists.

  • The first arc in this story is what kicks everything off. It takes place a year earlier, and it's about the transition from Clark Kent to Superman, stopping the Zod invasion.

  • This title is about Superman's discovery of his powers as a child.

  • The Wonder Woman comic series is split into two: One story about 1000 years ago in the Amazon, and one in modern day. They correspond directly.

  • Legends of the Dark Knight is essentially one-off stories taking place in the five years between Batman's beginning and Zod's attack.

  • Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. Total reboot. It picks up two years after a particle accelerator made by Harrison Wells explodes and gives people in the Gem cities all kinds of powers... It created metahumans, and it's Barry's job to stop the ones that use those powers for evil.

  • Cyborg has a very, very small rogues gallery, which is why this series almost entirely consists of either new rogues or lesser-known ones, as well as team-ups and villains home to other titles.

  • Aquaman is the King of Atlantis. This starts immediately, at the same time as the rest of the timeline runs. Arthus has been king of Atlantis for years, but this is his official start as Aquaman.

  • The Green Lantern Corps were established decades ago, but a recently crashed pilot named Hal Jordan just became one of them, and put in the middle of the war between seven emotions.

  • Sinestro was a Green Lantern, until he was corrputed by Parallax in the middle of the Red Lantern War. Now he leads his own army.

  • Star Sapphire leads her own corps named after herself. Hal Jordan is in love with her, but can she balance this relationship and her leadership?

  • Rage. One of the most powerful emotions in the universe. And the worst enemy of the Green Lanterns. See the emotion and reasons for what they do in this new innovative series, in which there is no good and evil.

  • The Indigo Tribe is a very different Lantern Corps. See how they react to the wars and what they do about it.

  • The Blue Lanterns bring hope to the universe. Everyone needs hope.. even the Red Lanterns. Saint Walker is only a supporting character here, and instead the main characters are all original characters.

  • Larfleeze is a one man army. Very, very different from other Lantern Corps. Larfleeze is one of a kind. Oh, and he's greedy as hell. This is the only primarily comedic Green Lantern Family title.

  • Rather than focusing on Hal Jordan, this title focuses on every Green Lantern but. It has wider, more effective events rather than the smaller, more condensed ones Green Lantern has.

  • After the first issue of each title, the event known as Justice League: Origin happens, in which Darkseid comes to rain down Hell on Earth. After this, we skip ahead five years with almost every title. The team consists of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Hal Jordan, the Flash, Cyborg, and has Martian Manhunter as an unofficial member. As the series progresses, the team learns about the secrets of the universe and the incident with Doctor Manhattan (as mentioned in the summary) through the Speedforce and Pandora.

  • Gotham takes place when Bruce is 10, and his parents are killed. It's a cop drama starring Jim Gordon when he was just a detective, and it features Bruce as only a supporting character.

  • Five years after Origin, Dick is now Nightwing, and Batman has a new Robin, Jason Todd.

  • The race of White Martians were brought down as Darkseid's army, with Martian Manhunter following close behind... The last sane one of his kind.

  • In Earth's time of need, known as the War of the White Martians, the magical wizard Shazam gives Billy Batson his powers to become his successor, then blows away into dust. Billy Batson is Shazam, but little does he know, he has a whole family of magic... and his worst enemy, Black Adam, may just be part of it. It takes place both during the break and after it, due to a flashback format.

  • Jonah Hex takes place in the Old West, during the American Frontier, yet it still has the ability to affect modern day stories, especially when he ends up teleporting to the future.

  • Four years ago, Oliver Queen came back from the island he was deserted on. His father and girlfriend died in that shipwreck, and his father gave him a list of corrupt people in Star City that Oliver had to take care of... personally. Green Arrow is an important character to the Flash and Green Lantern, and his origin has been altered slightly to better suit this role. He is also much younger than he was before, and this time around, he's the world's best archer. However, he also kills. It has a flashback format, so the book runs in two time periods mainly, but another two minorly.

  • Accompanying Oliver on the island was the Austiralian governor, Slade Wilson, and now he's back for revenge as Deathstoke, part politician, part antihero terrorist hybrid.

  • 1000 years from now, the Justice League has since expanded into the huge Legion of Superheroes,and it is their job to protect the entire universe from all kinds of threats. This starts 20 years after the Legion was initially formed.

  • Some of the Legion has gone missing, and a team of superheroes have been tasked to find them. This book gives two perspectives: That from the ones lost, as well as the ones searching.

  • Batgirl is mostly lovable and comedic, but it can be insanely serious when it wants to be. That's what balances it out so well. Also, she's dating Nightwing, and she decided to become Batgirl after her best friend Pamela Ivy turned into Poison Ivy.

  • Titans consists of sidekicks tired of getting pushed aside and wanting to make a difference in the world, as well as teens or young adults wanting to help out. It consists of Robin, Supergirl, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Speedy, Kid Flash, Tempest, and Static. It takes place during the break, starting after the first year, but it later moves into modern day.

  • Static heavily focuses on social justice and human rights, touching upon racism, sexism, and generally not fitting in, especially when you're a metahuman. Takes place during the break, but like Titans, eventually moves into modern day.

  • Featuring Hawkman and Hawkgirl stuck on Earth after being banished from Thanagar and trying to find a way home, but eventually they warm up to Earth. It takes place during the break for the first three arcs, and after for the rest. It's best to read both books as one product, called Hawkworld in TPB, or it'll be hard to understand.

  • Featuring Hawkgirl and Hawkman stuck on Earth after being banished from Thanagar and trying to find a way home, but eventually they warm up to Earth. It takes place during the break for the first three arcs, and after for the rest. It's best to read both books as one product, called Hawkworld in TPB, or it'll be hard to understand.

  • The government came to a large group of villains during the break to get them to act as a team of heroes (Task Force X) to work off their sentence, but they ended up escaping, and now they're their own team: The Suicide Squad.

  • Selina Kyle would be living in poverty if she didn't steal. She's not a bad person, she's just... Misunderstood.

  • After the Justice League was formed, the Justice Society was formed. It consists entirely of street heroes: Green Arrow, Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, and Black Canary. After the government was watching them for a while, they eventually recruited the team as a contingency plan for the Jutisce League. First storyline takes place during the break, the rest after.

  • This isn't just a book about Swamp Thing. It's a book about different worlds. It's a book about Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Shazam, Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing is the protector of worlds as well as the embodiment of all nature on Earth. Post-break.

  • Atom

    There isn't an Atom series or character profile, so I have to use Ray Palmer as the placeholder. Atom is all about team-ups. The very essence of the series is not showing off what the Atom can do, but rather how he can help. Takes place all over the place.

  • Post-break, Hector Hall, a security guard at a museum is attracted to the Mask of Fate, a strange artifact in the museum he works at, and when he puts it on, he can see the entire universe. he is now burdened with being Doctor Fate. Now he must be trained by John Constantine to be the protector of the space-time continuum, and together, they make sure it is never broken.

  • Constantine is a literal man of God. Don't get on his bad side. He's mentored the protector of the space-time continuum, defeated nature and the protector of worlds, brough people back to life, and even once won a gambling match against Lucifer, the Devil himself. John Constantine, the Hellblazer, is not a man to be messed with. Sandman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate are all supporting characters. It is essentially the sister book to Justice League Dark.

  • John did not come up with that name. This wasn't his idea in general, it was Superman's, and to be completely honest, he's not totally happy to be there. Nobody is. But light and dark need their balance, and they're (un)happy to (have to) keep it.

  • This shows the Joker's madness and what an average day for him is-- while also including a deep plot that majorly affects all Bat-Family titles. This is a must read, unless you hate Batman. But let's be honest, nobody hates Batman!

  • The man in your dreams is real. And he's watching you. But don't worry... He's only keeping you safe from the REAL demons in the night. Constantine is a supporting character, and it has extended storylines like most modern comics nowadays, in comparison with the original.

  • Over the course of the break, a new Kryptonian landed on Earth. She turned out to be Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl. She accidentally bumps into someone else who seems to have some kind of gene that makes her just like Kara: Powergirl.

  • Lobo is a fun, Deadpool-ish comedy book about an alien bounty hunter that often crosses over with other cosmic books like Superman and the Lantern titles.

  • Who Watches the Watchmen?

    Watchmen is a placeholder title for an original idea, a sequel to Watchmen. It takes place in the same universe as Watchmen, but it's included in the 52 because it heavily influences the main story, as gone over in the summary.

  • The epic team-up of the two most popular heroes ever, the World's Finest, team up to take on some of the biggest threats in the


  • The epic team-up of the two most powerful heroes ever, the Brave and the Bold, team up to take on some of the biggest threats in the


  • In the future, when Batman is too old to crimefight, Amanda Waller created a clone of him named Terry McGinnis to fill the role. Gotham must always have a Batman.

  • The Man of Steel ages very, very, VERY slowly. It comes with his virtual invincibiliy. He is the leader of the next generation Justice Leaue.

  • Wonder Woman Beyond

    Again, Wonder Woman is just a placeholder, because this is an original idea of mine. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor gave birth to a child who eventually grew up to be Wonder Girl, and is now taking on the role of Wonder Woman.

  • The Future Justice League has to deal with a ton of different threats of all different shapes and sizes, which often connect to currently running storylines in present day.

  • Blue and Gold

    Again, this is a placeholder. Basically, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are both from the same future as the Beyond line, but are now trapped in the past, and they need to find a way to get back without fucking up the timeline. Much like Batgirl, this is a comedy series with its serious moments.

  • DC Comics Presents is an anthology series. It includes two standalone stories in each issue.

  • Yes, that's right! Surprise! A 53rd title! That's because technically this isn't one of the 52 in that universe. No, you see, this is the only example of different universes aside from Watchmen, and every Elseworlds story will be published in this book, switching out writers and artists when each story is done.