Untapped Potential

Characters whose potential has never been fully explored.  This isn't really in any particular order.

List items

  • There was far more for Jack to do as Nomad. He would have been interesting as a stand-in Cap at some point (as one of the few Super-Soldier Serum recipients).

  • Ok. Her origin could have been better or re-envisioned. But Cathy would have been a great member of the Star-Spangled family.

  • Battlestar should have been a frequent guest star in Captain America and a counter-point to USAgent. He has a lot of potential, but seems to get ignored by most writers.

  • Rachel and Cap's relationship was one of the best. Her role as Cap's sidekick, and infusion with the Super-Soldier Serum gave her lots of potential. I was very disappointed when Waid inexplicably wrote her out to bring back a Sharon Carter that didn't mesh well with Cap.

  • Simon should be one of the most powerful mainstays of the Avengers. Some writers give him a worthy push, but most don't seem to know what to do with him.

  • Dane is the most under-rated Avenger. The Ebony Blade is one of the most powerful weapons in comics. Dane's science skills are always understated. He is one of the top five field commanders in the Avengers in my opinion.

  • We barely saw the surface of her abilities. A demi-god shapeshifter serving as an Avengers trainee. A lot could have been done with her.

  • Operation: Galactic Storm showed us that Starfox does have the full spectrum of Eternal matter control powers. We have also seen that Starfox has more technical skills than most remember. He should be a mainstay in space-going adventures.

  • Isaac has a compelling backstory, and a vast array of power that has been left untapped. I have always seen him as a core member of the Defenders.

  • Jen is one of the most powerful magic-wielders in the Marvel Universe. She should be a more central part of Dr. Strange's network. She has never really been showcased where most fans can get a good look at her.

  • Monica did so much for several years in the Avengers...and then disappeared.

    Tons of power. Enough presence to subdue Namor and Hercules at the same time. Law enforcement training. And all they can't think of anything to do with her?

  • Bobby almost established himself as one of the most powerful X-Men ever....and then he went back to the same set of powers he has always used.

  • Michael Collins...a pacifist in the perfect killing machine. He was compelling until they allowed him to shape-shift between Deathlok and his human form. Then he just vanished.

  • My favorite Thor villain. Too bad they choose to kill him off.

  • The man returns from obscurity and demolishes the Avengers and Squadron Supreme. I really wanted to see him clash with the Avengers again.

  • The villainous War Machine. Even if he needed a new armor and code-name, he was one of the best matches for Tony in a very long time.

  • A dangerous villain who I would have liked to see much more of.

  • One of the most powerful DC Heroes. They never explored the man out of time theme with him successfully, or the limits of his powers.

  • For a guy with his tenure, he has remained a second-string character.

  • Blue Beetle was never had his fighting skills or intellect showcased the way they deserved.