True Avenging Spirit

The following list is the Avengers that most embody the Avenging Spirit.  It is based off the Morgan Conquest story-arc.

List items

  • The unquestioned leader and soul of the Avengers.

  • The founding Avenger who most identifies with the team. Jan has always found herself drawn back to the Avengers.

  • The God of Thunder. Thor is the top powerhouse of most line-ups.

  • Yet another Avenger who cannot stay away.

  • A former chairwoman, and she once reminded Namor and Hercules of their duties.

  • The first here not to have served as a chairperson. Quasar followed Cap's example more than any other Avenger.

  • And he wasn't even an Avenger yet.

  • Wanda overcame Morgan's spells to free Captain America and then resurect Wonder Man. Her endless corruption in more recent years is sad.

  • Simon lives to defend others and provide them the chance to live better lives.

  • Honorary mention; if he had been an Avenger at the time I think he would have been included. Night Thrasher noted in the New Warriors (vol 1) that being a hero IS his identity, and for a good reason.