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Chicago! 0

Being from Illinois, I was really excited to hear that Nightwing was operating outside of Chicago! We really never had any superheroes coming from our city in either of the two big comic companies. Anyway, I think this book was pretty good. I feel like Higgins is setting up something great; that Nightwing is gonna establish himself as his own hero. I'm also really hoping that Nightwing gets a good supporting cast and rogues gallery.Another thing I'm really happy about is Brett Booth's art. His ...

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This series would be screwed without Immonen 0

I never really understood all the hate for Bendis, but I can see some of the reasons why people don't like him that much. He kinda ignores already established ideas, concepts, and characteristics of certain people for the sake of his own storytelling. For example, the scene where Wolverine confronts young Cyclops. Not only does he contemplate actually killing Cyclops, but he does it out loud, with none of the faculty really trying to stop him, and in front of all the students. In fact, there's a...

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I'm conforming. 2

A lot of people had been completely bashing this series before it even came out, which I thought was totally unfair. Even when this series started and people had somewhat legitimate reasons to hate on the series, I still actually enjoyed it. When issue 6 came out, I was pretty excited about the things to come. Utopia was in the sky, my boy Cyc was getting some more 'super' super powers, and the x-men were finally winning the fight after getting their @$$es kicked in the first couple issues. The ...

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Pretty Solid 0

I'm just gonna start out by saying that I LOVE Mike Deodato's art. In my opinion, he's the best artist in Marvel, hands down. Just his work in this series makes picking it up worth it.I thought the story overall was good. Not amazing, but good. It's almost like a one-shot because it was just showing us readers what happens to all the prisoners that the X-Men capture. Not too much story development. Anyway, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye end up breaking out of their cells and have some of t...

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booooring 2

Just a super quick review.Is it just me or are people just giving anything with the New 52 label a good review? Don't get me wrong, all the Bat-books have been phenomenal, but after reading this and few others, I wonder if people are just giving good reviews to DC for the Hell of it. This book was really boooooring (like the title of this post mentions). It was unoriginal, the characters were unlikable, and Beast Boy was red!!! And another thing, what the hell is up with DC using all these neon ...

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