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brotherhood of the shadow

a secret society of assassins that operate from the shadows. no one knows who formed them, or who their leader is.  no two agents are ever sent on the same mission, nor do they know who the other members are as to avoid being questioned.

List items

  • his technological scythe is his primary weapon of choice but he also possesses magical abilities including necromancy and he can drain souls. he also has enhanced strength and endurance

  • he is an expert in the bow and arrow, after all, he was the one who trained hawkeye in the use of the bow

  • shen kuei is an excelent hand to hand combatant, it is said that he is shang chi's physical equal

  • a supernatural ninja with enhanced physical attributes. he feeds off the lifeforce of his victims

  • an international terrorist and mercanary who is an expert with firearms and bladed weapons

  • a vietnam veteran turned mercenary who uses an m1911 as his primary weapon

  • he is a master af all weapons and stealth,

  • he is a master with a pair of whips that he uses, he also wears bulletproof armor

  • a master of martial arts who uses two bladed fans as her weapons

  • he uses his uncanny aim and his ability to turn any hand held object into a weapon for his missions

  • his aim is equal to bullseye's, but he uses specialized boomerangs for assassinations

  • trained by the taskmaster, he uses guns, crossbows, and throwing knives

  • he can predict his opponents every move, he is also a master of every mertial art known to man

  • his primary weapon is the godkiller katana, he can also turn his enemies to stone by looking at them

  • a cyborg who uses adamantium claws

  • his body generates a tachyon field that he can focus through his sword, enabling it to cut through almost anything, he also uses a teleportation ring

  • he uses a combination of high tech gadgets and magic

  • a master of japanese martial arts who uses throwing knives and scalpel like shuriken

  • he is trained in unarmed combat by the cia, and he uses various firearms

  • a contract killer who uses throwing stars and an energy sword

  • martial artist who uses knives and the whirling blades on his costume

  • he uses wrist blades and other gadgets

  • he uses gas pellets that contain fear pheromones

  • his armored costume gives him super speed and he uses adamantium blades

  • he uses various weapons and his cloak enables him to travel through dimensions or teleport

  • she uses martial arts, swords, and mental abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and mind control

  • she is highly skilled in the uses of combat and weapons

  • she uses martial arts and poison tipped spikes in her gloves and boots

  • he can form guns and bladed wepaons from his armor

  • has all the powers of spiderman, plus he can form sharp weapons with his body, shapeshift, and grow in size

  • he can morph any part of his body into a defensive or offensive weapon

  • expert assassin who uses specialized needles as his main weapons

  • she uses assault rifles, high powered sniper rifles, knife fighting, and hand to hand combat

  • she possesses superhuman strength and is high durable. she cannot be hurt by adamantium

  • he can duplicate himself and he uses firearms

  • he has adamantium covered skin and he uses poison tipped claws on his hands

  • possesses the same abilities as his father wolverine

  • she uses martial arts, bullet proof armor, and two swords that freeze and paralyze

  • he uses his eletrical powers to overload pain synapsis, and he also uses adamantium truncheons

  • he uses superhuman strength, hand to hand combat, and firearms

  • his sword can fire differant types of energy as well as fire and gas

  • he wields the ebony blade that steals the souls of the ones it cuts

  • he is a master of armed and unarmed combat

  • his superhuman speed is his primary weapon

  • he can rotate him self at super speed, he uses razor sharp wrist blades when doing so

  • his specialized armor and tech are his primary weapons

  • he uses the same skills and abilities as hawkeye

  • his large spiked mace serves as his weapon of choice

  • he uses venom tipped claws and throwing darts as his weapons, he is also a skilled fighter

  • he uses power armor and the skills of a samurai

  • an accomplished martial artist who uses invsisbility

  • he is a trained mercenary who uses retractable bladed weapons on his suit

  • he kills with his vampiric abilities

  • they can come up with interesting ways to kill

  • he uses razor sharp discus' to get the job done

  • he kills in a similar way to mr. fear

  • his ghost like skills make him a perfect assassin

  • another former member of the masters of silence, who uses samurai skills to get the job done

  • her shapeshifting ability along with her asassination experience will make her one of the best

  • the mind secretly behind the brotherhood of the shadow, his reasons are yet unknown

  • the vibro shock units in his gloves do the work for him

  • his spy skills and combat experience would be his tools

  • he uses specialized armor and weapons, and he also uses knowledge of the magical and supernatural in his battles