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Slade's Random Reviews: Batman and... #31 0

Picked this Random Review up because I enjoyed Batman and Red Robin featuring Frank. This bad boy featured some stylin art, a solid story, and some decent progression. Nothing fabulous or extraordinary but it was fun to see Bats and Frank run around together. The gripe I had was the hardly-believable communication between Bruce and the golem-like creatures. Now don't rush to grab this issue but if you do happen to come across it and like the idea of Bruce and Frank hangin out, I say buy it....

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Fading to 'Black' 0

As a huge Golden Age and pulp fan, this title is truly a dream come true. The first issue was a huge hit with me, but the second issue was a bit of a letdown from both a visual and story line standpoint. Thankfully this issue was a massive step up. Dennis Calero's art has grown on me and Roberson has provided a much better script than the previous issue. Seeing Black Terror, even as brief as it was, was friggin' awesome. The problems in this issue did bring down my overall opinion. Primarily, th...

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