Characters I Want To See In More Media

These characters need some mass-media attention!

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  • I love John Henry Irons, always have and always will

    He is a strong, dynamic character that also just happens to be a black man and desperately needs redemption in the public's eyes...thanks Shaq

  • Far and away my favorite Robin

    Robins in general need to have a greater prominence in my opinion and Tim is a strong role model, quite possibly the strongest out of all the Robins, for young boys

  • While Pete Quill kinda stole his opportunity, Rich is a really fun character that is desperately missed from the pages of Marvel and could do wonders on the big screen

  • Frank is one of my all-time favorites and would do incredibly well in the world DD set up. A throwback to those wonderful guest appearances would be terrific!

    What I'd really love is a Arkham-esque video game or game series staring Frank

  • I'd love to argue anyone on Moony's behalf for title of most interesting character in Marvel's arsenal.

    He deserves a lot more attention and could find great success in the right hands.

  • This dude is just plain cool. He's a total Superman rip, but it'd be a blast to see him in some capacity, even if it's solely ironic.

  • Never been a huge LoSH follower, haven't read much of their stuff but I did enjoy their short-lived cartoon

    From the objective view, these guys are a lot of fun and I could definitely see a successful movie targeted at a young audience happening in the near future

  • I've got a lot of love for the New Gods and I think they have a lot of elements to appeal to the masses

    Heck, Barda is one of the best female characters to come around

  • Cult movie classic just waiting to happen

  • A second Chicago-based comic and I'm not even a Chicagoan!

    Pick a media outlet and success is inevitable

    Granted I'm really biased because I have a stupid amount of love for this book

    I could definitely see a kick-butt video game series by Telltale

  • One reason and one reason only Red is on this list

    HELLBOY 3!

  • Wait who? What? How?

    All valid questions

    I've fallen in love with Jack by way of the Starman Omnibus and I want a video game and I want it bad

  • You want compelling Spider-Man story?

    You find with Kraven


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oh I'm Sure Punisher and Moon Knight are coming

ANd Time Drake is the only Robin that hasn't "died"

Even Batman "died"

Tim Drake is the best by default.


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