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Top 15 Most powerful Superman like Beings

OK so dont expect to see Thor and Martian manhunter or Wonde woman in this list u need have to be called the superman of your genre theres alot to pick from but i got these 15 number 1 is the weakest 15 the strongest 
villans are allowed in this aswell and Cartoon people oh and no cosmic entites and stuff like that

List items

  • Ok sentry is weakest on this list why for this part it came down to him or apollo and based on feats sentry makes it to spot 1

  • Here he is Gladiator why you ask he has a good many feats above sentry i such as taking on supreme head on and busting a planet

  • I had to put conner has number 3 he may not be at the top of the food chain but he has untapped power imo

  • Be amazed hes one of my fav black heroes and if him and senty had a rematch i think blue marvel could pull a win i also think his full power has yet been tapped which and he has a good years of experince which gives him the edge of conner

  • Dont get me hes powerful very powerful but i have some more people ahead of him hes got all Captain marvels powers and Energy manipulation giving him a edge of over the others above and also hes preety much a more powerful current Captain marvel

  • Here he is Icon the best black superman ever

  • The Manga superman and because of his huge energy manipulation he desreves this spot

  • Kara gets to be above goku cause im using coie Supergirl which is when she was at her strongest she damaged AM

  • This guys got some good feats so good ill give him a very small edge over coie supergirl

  • Emoboy Prime is here i dont like prime that much but he has a huge edge over everyone else here hes a bronze age powerhouse

  • Next Supreme The silver age supes rip off well this is moores supreme where using he has the feats to put him at this spot and bit a small bit of pis powers

  • Yep Hanks here only if he gets all his rings i think he has more powers then prime or supreme which gives him the edge

  • Dont start this guys the silver age supes of cartoons ENOUGH SAID

  • SA Captain marvel the magic tank himself

  • SA Superman i asked myself he has a slight edge over marvel cause of heat vison i know cap is powerd by magic but he can use that lighting unless he can get close

  • Majestros is like SA Supermsn snd then some

  • He owned time puts him a good mile above Majestic

  • SA CS hes got all the powers he needs he pwend SA Superman inless then a minute something no one on this list coould do which is why hes the strongest