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Anime Akame gets destroyed

I know nothing of manga akame

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It’s massively in character for Madara to go H2H, if he does he would get turned into paste.

Quantifiably perfect sussano is too much for a hypothetical whitebeard, so it just depends on how long it takes Madara to whip it out.

It could go either way.

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Power stone has never been shown to boost physical strength in the MCU.

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Yami one shots with dimension slash, and since most people agreed he is faster with a pseudo precog that lets him reacts to even faster people than him he will land dimension slash.

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@batman242: visual evidence is right inline with the actual high altitude nuclear tests that gave us this graph.

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@rijehu: I’m not supporting your argument at all, massive genetic changes does not equate to genetic enhancement. His genetic structure went through massive changes, this does not mean he gains any piercing resistance feats from zod not that zod has any impressive ones anyways.

By your logic could zod have evolved through damage? No because his genetic makeup isn’t set up for that. Same goes for doomsday with Zods feats.

Also you are wrong, you are assuming they were completely in the vacuum of space (probably because of Superman floating) which they weren’t when the missile went off.

The graph shows the further you go in our atmosphere there will be less of a blast and thermal radiation which would become 0 outside of our atmosphere.

You can float in the most outer reaches of our atmosphere (space station) showing that Superman was most likely in the furthest reach of our atmosphere since DD was on fire and was sent away from Superman.

To address your point of the light show visible from the ground this is also exactly in line with the data of operation fishbowl ( high altitude nuclear tests) in that massive visible auroras occurred much like the bvs nuke scene ones that do not happen in normal ground based tests.

So not only was the missile that hit them only carrying a low yield nuke but the blast from said nuke was minimal, although they were exposed to massive amounts of nuclear radiation.

Not sure what this was supposed to prove about piercing resistance anyway though

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@rijehu: no he does not, he went through massive genetic changes. Could you have killed DD with a neck snap?

Why did Clark get so jacked up from the nuke but DD didn’t? They don’t scale at all.

An extremely weak nuke that also loses a lot of its force and heat since they were borderline in space already.

I can link you the page from nasa that shows how weak nukes get the closer you get to space if you want?

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fuji and doffy stomp

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Sand infusion - The user can infuse objects (usually a weapon), beings or powers with sand, empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities and efficiency, allowing them use sand in various ways, create sand storms or sand waves or do other things with sand.

Crystal manipulation - basically like the sand infusion above just with crystals.

Swiss army appendage - basically an arm with hidden weapons, extremely useful with my power set.

Volatile transmogrification - The user can transform energy and/or matter into a highly agitated and unstable state, converting anything into a destructive substance.

Concussive force - says either directly or remotely

Charisma bestowal - trash

Poison breath - decently useful, it has cobra as the picture from FT so that’s a plus.

Electrostatic disruption - The user can disrupt atomic bonds with static energy, weakening/penetrating all substances regardless of their resilience. (Most useful power)

Eye magic - does this mean all eye magic, like what’s my limit?

Iconic radiation manipulation - extremely powerful depending on its scale.

I think I can win if I play my cards right, through electrostatic disruption I gain the ability to one shot through any attack if I can land it. In character thanos isn’t going kill me off the bat and will probably opt in for the fight until I piss him off to use the full strength of the stones.

I think I stand a solid chance of one shotting him before that.

If I get a solid shot with a sword arm (Swiss arm appendage) +sand+ crystal boost + electrostatic disruption to the head I should be able to behead him.

Using my abilities like volatile transmogrification, ionic radiation manipulation, remote concussive force attacks plus eye magic I think I can set up a solid strike.

This is assuming he just doesn’t time stop and kill me lol

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Stats equal or not Kakashi can’t tank any blast, you are out of your mind if you think Kakashi will never be tagged by a blast, or just straight up aoe’d.

H2H only no Sharingan Vegeta slaps

H2H Sharingan allowed Kakashi wins

Stats equal all out fight Vegeta vaporizes him