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The Horsemen


Death mantle - The Horseman of Death is embodied with a death mantle (it lets any life form without willpower die ;Example: Trees, Flowers, grass etc.) with a touch.

In addition, the bearer of the Death Mantle can drain the life force (making him slowly weaker and unconscious) of the opponent with a constant beam, if the foe is heavily injured, KO or unaware of the Horseman's presence.

The Beam can be stopped if the user is Interrupted in any way.


Berserker Mode - Can enhance strength, speed and durability with rage and anger (It lasts for over 20 minutes, if you exceed that amount you start to get weaker).

In this mode the user does not feel any pain but does carry injuries (will not be distracted by them though)


Intoxication - The horseman of Pestilence is able to infect his opponent by using his weapon of choice that he sheathed in a self made poison. (the venom causes the foe to "slowly" lose his senses and awareness.)

The effect wares off if damage is dealt to the poisoned and if he is not KO'ed or killed after slowly coming to his senses again.


Higher Awareness - The Horseman of Conquest shall be empowered with a higher awareness which allows him to be more focused on a battle and find weak spots on the enemy

In addition, his reflexes are proportional to his awareness