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PSU Overqualified!

I've just absolved my PSU to determine the later career and life lines... strangely my teachers prophecized a weak result... (also according to my 1st half of the year report card that was messed up with grades of E's and D's because i was in hospital treatment for over 2 months due to my back operation.) Well there were 4 categories with 800 questions and it went over 6 hours with a personal speech with the second in chef at the Working agency. Now i have got 2 denies from FOS's (you could call it a german college) because of those nice grades that were given to me... Well this test was one of the last opportunities (if not the only one, just for the sake that one of the FOS's denied me for the fact that i'm in a wheelchair right now...)

The Resulsts in the 4 tests where Overqualified in all categories, even compared to people that visit the university. Now at least one of the FOS's HAS to take me ;D

And heres the part where i say...