Getting fed up with the Liefeld hate.

(I also posted this on the Bloodstrike blog concerning Rob Liefeld and Deadpool.)

I will probably be the only one on this site to say this but I've just had about enough of the drama I keep seeing. I won't take back what I say and I honestly think that anyone that tells me otherwise can kiss both my ass globes and can go sing Justin Bieber songs.

I've had it up to here -top of the statue of liberty- with people constantly losing their shit over Rob Liefeld on honestly every freaking forum I go on.

The haters can go jump off a cliff and bitch and moan til they're blue in the face. I don't care about their beefs and their grudges with a guy that doesn't draw according to the expectations of anatomy purists and people who expect nobel-prize writing on every freaking issue. They may have good points but constant bitching about it night n' day will not get you anywhere but giving migraines to the people that don't care who Rob is and don't care why should they care. I'm like this, if I don't like somebody's writing or art that much, don't buy it. period. You want to make a real statement? Make it with your dollars. Stop supporting this guy's work and stop giving a damn about him. The more publicity you give, the more he will stay in the spotlight. If these haters are honestly constantly buying this guy's work even when they hate them, then that's their own fault for being bitchy.

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