Exar Kun: The Chronological Respect Thread (2019)

This thread will hail one of the great Dark Lords of history:

"I was the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith. I am Exar Kun."

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Dantooine: The Kun Awakens

Freedon Nadd states that even as early in their career as they were as Jedi, Kun was greater than Ulic:

"You. You will be one of the great ones and there is another greater than you."

Credit: Freedon Nadd to Ulic Qel-Droma, Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

Yavin IV: A New Kun

Exar Kun is attacked by a Leviathan and effortlessly overcomes the song of a great Sith amulet, that of Naga Sadow's:

Minor amulets can create protective shields, knit injured flesh, sharpen battle focus, or energize weakened muscles. However, great amulets are priceless and often unique. Users must first overcome the amulet's seductive song. For if they can't, they will be forever lost to dark side insanity. I have acquired many of these prizes for myself, but I remain restless knowing that many more lie locked in the tombs of Korriban.

Credit: Darth Sidious, Book of Sith: Secrets from the dark-side

NOTE: The likes of Darth Nox, the Empire's Wrath, the third Barsen'thor and the Hero of Tython as of Shadow of Revan, were overwhelmed by the same amulet:

You found a talisman on Yavin IV. It seems to have some connection to Naga Sadow.

You're frozen and cannot move.

Credit: Shadow of Revan, Ancient Threat
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Exar Kun then obliterates Freedon Nadd's spirit, but not before absorbing all of his magical knowledge:

This leads him to the tomb of a long-deceased Dark Lord named Freedon Nadd, a spirit who is destroyed by Kun after all of his magical knowledge is absorbed.

Credit: Exar Kun, Star Wars Galactic Files

NOTE: Freedon Nadd was the greatest Sith sorcerer ever until Kun himself:

He only needed time to become the greatest Sith sorcerer that had ever existed.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Companion

Freedon Nadd's full knowledge encompassed vast hidden knowledge:

Freedon Nadd has knowledge of all Jedi and Sith Force powers presented herein as well as those abilities still hidden in ancient Holocrons and tomes.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Companion

Freedon Nadd himself was far more powerful than Naga Sadow:

Freedon Nadd studied avidly under Naga Sadow. Eventually, the apprentice became far more powerful than the teacher.

Credit: The Official Star Wars Fact File 90

Naga Sadow was alive; in suspended animation, until Nadd killed him:

And just as Nadd killed his lord Sadow, Kun destroyed Nadd’s spirit here on Yavin 4. These notable deaths likely served to further imbue the moon’s temples with dark power, further fueling the barbaric Massassi–as well as the succession of Dark Lords who would later reside here.

Credit: The Dark Legacy of Yavin 4: Part 3

Freedon Nadd grew much more powerful after this point:

As Nadd's power grew over more than 100 years of rule.

Credit: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Exar Kun replaced Freedon Nadd's spirit as a great power in the Force.

"I sense one great power has fallen and another has risen in its place."

Credit: Tales of the Jedi - Dark Lords of the Sith Audio Drama CD#2

This means that Kun was capable of empowering Ommin and his ancestors to such a degree that they could each dominate a planet's population with his power:

King Ommin rose to power in the same manner as his ancestors of the last three centuries: by dominating the populace of Onderon with the dark side.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Companion

The population of Onderon at this time was:

Great Sith War: 4,000,000+

Credit: The Essential Atlas

Exar Kun grows more powerful right after the fact:

"But Exar Kun had tired of Nadd's meddling and used his newfound strength to obliterate Nadd's spirit. Cowed, the Massassi bowed before Exar Kun as his slaves. Exar Kun's power grew. He ordered the Massassi to build immense temples and to seek out Naga Sadow's lost battleship."

Credit: Star Wars The Old Republic Timelines - The Exar Kun War

He's described to be an extremely powerful Force-user:

An extremely powerful figure now, Kun dabbled in dark side alchemy, creating freakish two-headed avians and hulking terentateks that thirsted after Force-rich blood. He invented a glowing golden sphere that trapped the children of the Massassi and allowed him to feed off their energies.

Credit: The New Essential Chronology

He is stated to have become more powerful yet again, and more powerful than an enraged Ulic Qel-Droma:

Exar Kun's power is in the ascendance.


Ulic unleashes a force of unruly fury at the death of Master Arca, avenging the death by defeating Keto, and taking the Krath throne by the side of Aleema. Meanwhile on Yavin 4, a more powerful EXAR KUN rests in his meditation chamber, reaching out across the galaxy and detecting other Sith practitioners with his psychic tendrils.

Credit: Chronicles of the Old Republic

Exar Kun then uses the Force to lift a 215-meter long cruiser, the Corsair, from beneath the temple of fire:

Though all of the Derriphan-class battleships were thought to be destroyed in the Great Hyperspace War, at least one survived. The ship, belonging to Naga Sadow, was buried on Yavin 4. During the Great Sith War, Exar Kun would raise the ship from the planet and put it back to service, similar to the way Darth Nihilus would raise the Ravager from the ruined surface of Malachor V.

Credit: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

NOTE: The author of the guide, Abel G. Peña, has confirmed that Kun indeed used the Force, much in the same way Darths Nihilus and Sidious had done:

Q: In the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, under the Sith Battleship description it states that Exar Kun recovered his ship the Corsair in the same way Darth Nihilus recovered the Ravager on Malachor V. Does this mean that Exar Kun summoned the ship via the Force from the depths of the Massassi Temple of Sacrifice?

A: That said, looking over the text, it appears to me to be a direct analogy with the Ravager and that your interpretation is essentially correct. (Another example, though in reverse, is Emperor Palpatine using the Force to bury the Lusankya, in plain sight, beneath the surface of the planet Coruscant.)

Credit: Abel G. Peña

Cinnagar: Rogue Kun

Exar Kun travels to Cinnagar and then dominates every scanning technician in the vast city:


"No one will help you, no one even knows."

"But your ship! Energy blasts! Scanners!"

"All went unnoticed, my unfortunate friend. With the dark side I blinded every scanning technician in Cinnagar. They all watched me land and wipe out your little docking bay, and not one of them batted an eye!"

"Who.. are you?"

"I? Soon, I shall be the man who conquered this planet, the man who rules the galaxy. But for this moment, I am the man who murdered you."

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

The population of Cinnagar was truly enormous:

Population: 310,000,000,000

Credit: Force and Destiny: Nexus of Power

Exar Kun engages Ulic in a duel, a perfect stalemate that would've lasted for hours, meaning not a single misstep or mistake would've been made by either swordsman:

Exar Kun and Ulic fought, but they were too evenly matched for either to gain the upper hand. Their battle might have gone on for hours but for the macabre manifestation of a host of Sith spirits, led by the shade of Marka Ragnos.

Credit: The Dark Side Sourcebook

Exar Kun is now a superpower:

Now super-powerful, Exar Kun, aided by his equally infamous Brotherhood of the Sith, wages total war on the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order that protects it.

Credit: Exar Kun, Star Wars Galactic Files

At some point during the war, the presence of Exar Kun and his Sith Brotherhood corrupt Thule so strongly, the very crust of the planet is infused with dark side energy:

During the height of the Great Sith War, Thule served as a base of operations for the Sith Warriors, and much of the planet's crust became imbued with the residue of the dark side of the Force.

Credit: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Thule is an enormous planet, 27,345 kilometers in diameter, 5,000 kilometers larger in diameter than Dromund Kaas which the Sith Emperor corrupted using rituals:

Power hungry, the Emperor spent great energy discovering and perfecting esoteric rites of darkness – rituals that wrecked the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, transforming the ionosphere into a swirling electric storm.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Holonet)

The powerful electrical storms were a physical manifestation of the dark side power that engulfed the entire planet—a power that had brought the Sith back here a millennium before, when their very survival had been in doubt.

Taken from (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

The two of them spend four years expanding their powers:

Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma disappeared for several years, gaining tremendous powers of the dark side.

Credit: Ant sucks at sourcing, so whatever the f**k this is from:
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Ossus: The Phantom Kun

Kun; now the most powerful dark-sider in the galaxy, murders Odan-Urr, and steals the Dark Holocron:

Odan-Urr goes to the Force and the darkest power in the galaxy walks away with something that will make him even stronger.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

This alone is very impressive, as Odan-Urr was not only the Head of the Jedi Order, his revolutionary mastery had unlocked the true power of the Force and became the singular basis for all the great future Jedi doing so:

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This was the most powerful Sith Holocron in the mythos:

The most powerful Sith Holocron contained Sith teachings and histories that covered some hundred thousand years.

Credit: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

This Holocron allowed Kun to rise to power even more rapidly:, indicating most of his power growth took place after this gain:

Exar Kun might not have risen to power so quickly had Odan-Urr destroyed the Sith Holocron when he’d had the chance.

Credit: Jedi VS. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

This means Exar Kun, far before his prime, was more powerful than Ulic-Qel Droma and even the Sith Emperor, an immensely powerful dark-sider who was single-handedly a far greater threat than the Star Forge:

He and Malak had found something. He couldn’t remember what it was, or where it was, but he feared it on a deep, primal level. Somehow he knew that whatever the terrible secret might be, it was a threat far greater than the Mandalorians or the Star Forge. And Revan was convinced it was still out there.

Credit: Star Wars the Old Republic: Encyclopedia via SWLeGenD

Through this Holocron, he reinvented both his weapon and fighting style, incorporating ancient Sith lightsaber techniques developed by the Jedi Exiles:

The construction and use of the first double-bladed lightsaber is sometimes credited to Jedi-turned-Sith Exar Kun, but according to the Tedryn Holocron, Exar Kun assembled his weapon by following instructions from a Sith Holocron, possibly prepared by the Jedi Exiles themselves.

Credit: Jedi VS. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

Something he personally boasts about mid-duel:

"See how powerful the Sith teachings are. . . When they are used correctly!"

Credit: Exar Kun, Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

This implies that Exar Kun's unique fighting style:

Some unique objects are invariably associated with their remarkable owners. The unusual double-bladed lightsaber of the fallen Jedi Exar Kun is one such artifact. This weapon as distinctive and dangerous as its builder, the Dark Lord of the Sith, who initiated the great Sith War and nearly toppled the Old Republic.

As the battle against the Jedi escalated, Kun altered his normal lightsaber into a more deadly and dangerous weapon. Kun added a second emitter matrix on the opposite end of the handgrip, allowing him to release two blue-white blades simultaneously. The dark Jedi wielded the saber much as he would a quarterstaff, using one blade to block incoming attacks, then quickly spinning the handgrip to use the second blade to strike a killing blow against his opponent.

Customized controls allowed him to adjust each blade's length from half a meter to one and a half meters. Panels controlled each blade's intensity: at its highest setting, a blade was like any other lightsaber, with the ability to cut through dense materials such as armor plating and durasteel with virtually no resistance. At the lowest power setting, a blade became a simple shaft of light, delivering no damage and providing no resistance against incoming lightsaber attacks. By abruptly shortening a blade or dropping it to the lowest power setting, Kun tricked his opponents into overextending themselves during attacks, giving him an opportunity for a dealy counterstrike. By coupling these tactics with his Force abilities to predict the actions of his opponents, Kun became virtually unstoppable in combat.

Credit: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

Was actually the use of ancient Sith lightsaber techniques:

"This was the tomb of Tulak Hord, known as the greatest lightsaber duelist of the Sith Lords. His skill was considered remarkable even in his time, when many true lightsaber masters lived. If you were to face an ancient Sith Lord in combat, you would learn that we are as children playing with toys compared to the prowess of the old Masters."

Credit: Kreia, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Coruscant: Revenge of the Kun

Kun faces Vodo-Siosk Baas, who was no match for him; despite Kun maintaining a spell that froze thousands of senators:

Ulic’s trial was interrupted by Exar Kun, who met his former Master face to face for the first time since his long descent into darkness. The two fought, and Vodo-Siosk Baas was no match for Exar Kun’s double-bladed lightsaber and deep reserve of dark side power. Vodo-Siosk perished, slain by his former apprentice.

Credit: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

It has been erroneously claimed that Baas lost due to Kun's application of a saberstaff, a weapon Baas was supposedly unfamiliar with. This is the polar opposite of the reality:

The dark Jedi wielded the saber much as he would a quarterstaff, using one blade to block incoming attacks, then quickly spinning the handgrip to use the second blade to strike a killing blow against his opponent.

Credit: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

Kun's saberstaff is merely a lightsaber variant of the very weapon that Baas was declared a Jedi Weapon Master for:

Master Vodo wielded a common quarterstaff in combat as effectively as most Jedi used a lightsaber.

Credit: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

Ossus: Attack of the Kun

Exar Kun leads another attack on Ossus where he engages Ood Bnar, who is empowered by the planet's entire Force energy:

Ood resists Kun's attempts to steal the lightsabers by undergoing a final metamorphosis, plunging roots into the ground and driving Kun back with a blast of power drawn from the depths of Ossus.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War 6: Dark Lord

Kun is ultimately unphased by the attack, despite Ood Bnar being powerful enough to endure ten supernovas:

The explosion of ten suns sears the face of Ossus, like a galactic funeral pyre.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

Said to be the most destructive thing the galaxy has ever seen:

All ten stars feed a sudden inferno more devastating than anything the galaxy has ever seen.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

The destructive wave broke the planet as it burst out across the galaxy:

The shockwave burst apart across the galaxy, reaching the world of Ossus and rupturing it, destroying the Jedi library and thousands of teachings and artifacts.

Credit: Chronicles of the Old Republic

How Ossus wasn't completely destroyed is a mystery:

Ossus still bears the scars of the Cron Supernova: its surface is a seared wasteland of rock and sand. But even this degree of desolation is shockingly mild; that the planet was not rendered into a charred ball of molten rock, or even obliterated completely, is nothing short of miraculous.

Little academic work has been put forward to explain this unlikely survival; only conjecture. The initial cause of the supernova was unnatural; perhaps this explains the unnatural results? Ossus was a stronghold of the Jedi; does the inherent life force of such a place make it more resistant to destruction? Could the unique astrophysical structure of the Adega system where Ossus is found have played a role?

Regardless of the reasons, the continued survival of Ossus offers the promise that its ancient mysteries may one day be unlocked.

Credit: The Unlikely Survival of Ossus Codex, Star Wars The Old Republic

Kun instead turned his sights on the Great Library of Ossus, a trove of knowledge:

Looking at all the precious artifacts his Massassi have stolen, Exar Kun knows he has more wealth and knowledge than he could ever use.

Credit: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2

Yavin IV Kun: A Spirit Wars Story

By the point of his death, Exar Kun is by far the most powerful Jedi of the Great Sith War:

She discovers the accounts of the Great Sith War, and learns that though Kun was far more powerful than any one other Jedi of the time, a combined force had defeated him.

Credit: The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Exar Kun's spirit was too strong for the Jedi Order to defeat entirely, so they were forced to merely imprison him on the planet:

Though unable to defeat him entirely, the Jedi were able to imprison his spirit in the temples of Yavin IV.

Credit: The Old Republic Timeline 7 - The Exar Kun War

He's also become the most powerful and dangerous Dark Lord to date:

Kun, Exar. Once the most powerful and dangerous of the Dark Lords of the Sith, he was responsible for the deaths of millions four millennia before the rise of the Empire.

Credit: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Exar Kun is the greatest threat the galaxy has faced since the founding of the Galactic Republic:

Nearly four thousand years before the birth of Luke Skywalker, the galaxy faces its greatest threat since the founding of the Republic!

Credit: Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Volume 2

Exar Kun's spirit withstands death, and dominates the minds of powerful Archeologists as they uncovered his antechamber 4,000 years later:

Hidden below the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin 4 lays the tomb of this legendary Sith Lord. Exar Kun's spirit is so strong and malevolence so great, that he has withstood death for 4,000 years, waiting for an opportunity to finally obtain the godhood he so desires. A group of archeologists excavating nearby have discovered the tomb's crumbled antechamber, and as they explored deeper, have succumbed to Exar Kun's powerful will. Players must eliminate each of the now twisted but powerful archeologists on their way to finally put the spirit of Exar Kun to rest.

Credit: The Fury of Exar Kun, Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 9, LucasArts Announcement

It is stated that Exar Kun's spirit was as dire and powerful a force as those Luke himself had faced:

If Kyp could face this final test, Luke would know he'd passed through the fire of his testing-tempered by forces as dire and powerful as those Luke himself had endured.

Credit: Jedi Academy Trilogy Vol.3: Champions of the Force

Kyp Durron attacks Corran Horn, but Horn holds his own, until Kun steps in:

The Force blow he aimed at me glanced off my chest, yet it was strong enough to bounce me off the corrider wall. I managed to catch myself against the rough stone, but not before I'd slid half-way down the wall.

"You are not my master!" Kyp pointed back toward the dining room, "He is not my master! What good is it being a Jedi if we do not act?"

"What good is it being Jedi if we don't act responsibly?" I hauled myself upright, "Remember Kyp, the 'no good Jedi' kicked Kun's butt.." Kyp struck at me again through the Force but I expected it this time, I absorbed enough of it to let me create a shield.

"You're involved with someone who lost a long time ago, don't compound his error."

"And who will stop me?" I hesitated because Kyp's words seemed to echo within themselves, we were not alone, which meant Kyp's mentor had come to aid his apprentice.

"I will, if you make it necessary." An ancient sneer of contempt twisted Kyp's features.

"Puny Jedi, you are of no concern to me." Even though I had braced myself for another attack, it did no good. Kyp's previous blows were like light breezes compared to this full-on gale. I slammed back into the wall with teeth rattling-impact.

Credit: I, Jedi

Corran Horn deems Exar Kun's spiritual power to be beyond his comprehension given his ability to mask the aforementioned attack from Luke Skywalker, who was fifteen meters from it:

"What happened to you?"

"Kyp didn't like the menu." I winced as a twing rang through my ribs. "We had a discussion in the hallway, you didn't feel anything?" Heads all around the hallway shook, and I felt a cold dread begin to congeal in my stomach. If Exar Kun could mask the attack on me in such a way that Master Skywalker could not feel it barely fifteen meters away, then we were up against something more powerful than I'd cared to imagine existing.

Credit: I, Jedi

Exar Kun and Kyp Durron attack Master Luke Skywalker from two sides. Despite using all defensive techniques he knows, they prove useless and Luke is completely overwhelmed:

Luke dropped his useless lightsaber and crouched. His every muscle suddenly coiled and tensed. He rallied all the powers of the Force around him, seeking any defensive tactic. With the Sun Crusher looming behind him, Kyp stretched out both hands and blasted Luke with lightning bolts like black cracks in the Force. Dark tendrils rose up from the gaps in the temple flagstones, fanged, illusionary vipers that struck at him from all sides. Luke cried out and tried to strike back, but the shadows of Exar Kun joined the attack, adding more deadly force. The ancient Dark Lord of the Sith lashed out with waves of blackness, driving long icicles of frozen poison into Luke’s body.

He thrashed, but felt helpless. To lose control to anger and desperation would be as great a failure as if he did nothing at all. Luke called upon the powers that Yoda and Obi-Wan had taught him—but everything he did, every skillful technique, failed utterly. Against the full might of Kyp Durron and the forbidden weapons of the long-dead spirit of Exar Kun, even a Jedi Master such as Luke Skywalker could not prevail. The black serpent-like tentacles of evil force struck at him again and again, filling his body with a pain like lava coursing through his veins. As he screamed, his voice was swallowed by a hurricane from the dark side. Luke cried out one last time and crumpled backward to the blessedly cool flagstones of the Great Massassi Temple, as everything turned a smothering, final black around him…

Credit: Jedi Academy Trilogy Vol.2: Dark Apprentice

Master Luke Skywalker by this point had grown far more powerful due to the events of Dark Empire:

When we had met before I had felt power in him, but now, after his experiences with the Emperor Reborn, his power had been redoubled. Physically he looked a bit haggard and worn, with the flesh around his eyes having tightened and wrinkles appearing at their corners. I knew we were the same age chronologically, but in experience he far surpassed me.

Credit: I, Jedi

Especially when compared to Return of the Jedi, where he was an equal of Darth Vader:

Although Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are equally strong in the Force, their duels are more than just about physical strength.

Beware of the Sith

Father and son were now equally strong with the Force and equally skilled with their lightsabers.

Star Wars - Jedi Battles

On the Death Star, father and son grimly clash! Brutally, aggressively, Darth Vader brings his full strength and power against the younger man. But unlike the first time they dueled in the carbon-freezing chamber of Bespin's Cloud City, this is a battle of equals. The young Jedi has grown in the interim, and if there is any true advantage, it seems to have shifted to him.

Source: Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi comic

Some degree of power over Luke is clearly maintained by Exar Kun's spirit, as his destruction is the only means by which Luke's spirit could be freed and he could return to his corporeal form:

With a wheezing cough as he expelled long-trapped air from his lungs and drew in a fresh breath, Master Skywalker groaned and sat up on the stone platform.

"You've-done it!" Luke said, gaining strength from each lungful of cool, clean air. The new Jedi Knights surged toward him. "You have broken the bonds."

Credit: Jedi Academy Trilogy Vol.3: Champions of the Force

Exar Kun's spirit was simultaneously controlling Kyp Durron, corrupting him beyond his will:

And then the haunting voice of Exar Kun rose to a wail in his mind, an utterly forlorn scream as if he were being torn out of this universe and exiled to another place entirely, where he could torment Kyp Durron no more. Kyp snapped backward in his control seat as if an invisible tow cable had been severed. His arms and head dangled like a puppet with suddenly snipped strings. The cool wind of freedom whistled through his mind and body. He blinked his eyes and shuddered with revulsion at what he had been about to do.

Credit: Jedi Academy Trilogy Volume 3: Champions of the Force

Exar Kun is stated to be an even greater threat than a corrupted Kyp Durron could become:

His best students were going sour, getting impatient, trying to push the limits of their abilities. But he had sensed a greater, deeper menace that vibrated within the very stones of the Great Temple itself. . . evil, and well hidden.

Credit: Jedi Academy Volume 2: Dark Apprentice

NOTE: Kyp Durron would become even worse than Darth Vader:

If Kyp had fallen to the dark side, he could become another Darth Vader. Perhaps even worse…

Credit: Jedi Academy Volume 2: Dark Apprentice

Kyp Durron was at his fullest power at this point:

Against the full might of Kyp Durron

Credit: Jedi Academy Volume 2: Dark Apprentice

The presence of Exar Kun's spirit is stated to have permeated the jungles of Yavin IV:

Complicating matters were the ancient Massassi temples on Yavin 4 — brimming with Sith history and magick — and hidden Jedi secrets. A dark presence permeated the very jungles (Luke would many years later encounter the spirit of the bygone Dark Lord Exar Kun trapped in the Great Temple)

Credit: The Star Wars Spy Game: Declassified

Exar Kun's strength at this point in time would have been a farcry from in his prime. His canonical inferior in Marka Ragnos required not only the focal points of Yavin IV's collective temples, but many sites across the galaxy, including Korriban, Endor's orbit and Byss, to restore some of his power in a spiritual form:

"But the area around the temple felt strange, like its dark side aura was gone.”

Credit: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

“The Disciples of Ragnos are getting bold. They’ve managed to siphon Force energy from every site that was mentioned in my journal. We still don’t know what it is they’re planning to do with the energy though.”

Credit: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
No Caption Provided
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With the Scepter of Ragnos and Exar Kun's spirit, as a reference of power, Luke Skywalker estimates the entire Jedi Order would need to unite their strength to stop Marka Ragnos at full power:

"If Ragnos is resurrected, there's no telling what he might be able to do. It will take all of our strength to stop him."

Credit: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

During the crisis with Kueller in 17ABY, Leia states that Kueller is more powerful than anyone she's met in years, including Luke, with the singular exemption of Exar Kun's spirit:

She [Leia] wished she had the same certainty. This Kueller had more Force capability than anyone she had encountered in years. Except Exar Kun, and he had been a spirit. Kueller was alive.

He was using these deaths to replenish his own well of hatred. The dark side ate people from within, but while it did so, it gave them too much power.

He appeared to have more power than she had. More power than Luke.

Credit: The New Rebellion(Decaf_wizard)

Luke in 19ABY recalls Exar Kun's spirit as one of the strongest dark side nexuses that he'd ever known, along with the Reborn Emperor Palpatine:

There in front of him, starkly visible against the blackness of space, he could see the faint images of Emperor Palpatine and Exar Kun, two of the greatest focal points of the dark side he’d ever had to face. They were standing there before him, gazing back at him. And laughing.

Credit: Specter of the Past

All hail the great Dark Lord, Exar Kun.

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@thevivas: It's meant to highlight lesser-known/newer feats/accolades that a lot of people most probably haven't seen before. I didn't want to just repeat ILS's RT because then a lot of the new things would've gotten lost in the vastness of the thread. I also wanted to do it chronologically so people understood how ridiculous Kun's power growth is in such a short time.

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@thevivas: It's meant to highlight lesser-known/newer feats/accolades that a lot of people most probably haven't seen before. I didn't want to just repeat ILS's RT because then a lot of the new things would've gotten lost in the vastness of the thread. I also wanted to do it chronologically so people understood how ridiculous Kun's power growth is in such a short time.

Makes sense.