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Illuminating... 1

The Illuminati call to order during the AvX storyline. Who shows up? Who sides with who? And what impact will this have on the Phoenix Five? (some spoilers to AvX are here)The GoodI loved the concept of the Illuminati. It only makes sense that the most powerful members of the Marvel U would band together for behind the scenes decision making for the tough issues. It is possible one of the most clever uses of the ret-con ever.It only makes sense that these men would meet with the conflict that th...

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A Nice Start... 0

Recently I have been going through a reorganization of my comic book collection, pulling what I know I don't want and finally reading things that I have never read. Here we are, 2012 and I am just getting around to reading a book from 1995.The GoodI was never a reader of Cyber Force or Shi, so I only somewhat knew the characters. But, during the big push of both indy publishers and the "bad girls" of the mid to late 1990s, it was enough to garner my interest back then.When I finally read this to...

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Slapping Together a Team 0

It looks like I am in the minority as far as this issue goes, but I was not that impressed. While I liked the fact that Cap is pouring over his choices and that the world is waiting for the new roster like the election of the pope, how Cap forged his team felt really random and rushed. ******* Spoilers Follow ******* While Storm is perhaps the best choice of X-Man to be an Avenger (after Beast of course), how does she pull herself away from all the shake-ups in the X-Books? I will admit, I d...

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Dark Avengers Rise Again! 0

In my opinion, the best (and possibly only) good thing to come out of the Avengers 1959/Superia & HAMMER arc from New Avengers, was the promise that Norman Osborn would soon be a threat in everyone's side again. I loved the initial concept behind Dark Reign and felt that Osborn was truly an inspired choice to assume a role that made him the Marvel U's top baddie. And why not, he's clearly been one of Spider-Man's best foes for several decades. When Superia was finally captured and slipped...

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More of a "Ramifications of..." Than a Tie-In 2

Thunderbolts has been one of my favorite titles for years, but this latest installment isn't hitting it out of the park.  Perhaps a triple, but not quite a homerun.  While Thunderbolts is and really has always shown and relied on strong character interaction and tests of the members individual characteristics, at this point of Fear Itself, it took the momentum and dropped it a bit.  The Good & The Bad (sorry, easier to do this since we are dealing with multiple stories)There is rarely a trul...

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An Origin Issue 0

The latest issue of Secret Avengers is again a tie-in with the massive Fear Itself event.  This time we turn our focus on the Asgardian warrior woman Brunhilde as she is spotlighted.  Long story short, this is basically an origin issue for her and Fear Itself mostly takes a backseat.  The Good My highest compliment for this issue goes towards the art.  It was beautifully drawn by Scot Eaton and had an amazing cover by Adi Granov.  While this wasn't a horrible story, to me Valkyrie's origin at th...

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Cheese or Not, Go for the Original 0

A remake of the classic '80s film of the same name.  Both were terrible adaptations of the actual Greek tale of Perseus, but I have to go for the original if given a choice.  The Good Visually, this movie looked pretty good.  I watched it on HBO so I can't say how it was on the big screen or 3D (a good friend of mine said the 3D was horrible though).  I have to say that Ralph Fiennes stole the show, as per usually.  His Hades was chilling and evil and was some of the best acting in the entire mo...

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An Oldie But Goodie! 0

While reorganizing my comic collection I stumbled upon this one-shot from about twenty years ago or so and realized that I had either never read it or the story totally slipped my memory.  The Good While not a unique concept, we see Blackheart (son of Marvel's version of the devil a.k.a. Mephisto) tempting three of the MU's less morally bound characters.  This would then provide Blackheart with some extra power to kill Mephisto and take over his "operation".  The story was not bad and well paced...

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Should the Avengers Fear Bendis? 0

A tie-in to Fear Itself, but kind of a slow moving issue for the big "SURPRISE EVENT too SHOCKING to be revealed" that it was marketed as.   The Good If you are a fan of an old fashioned slug-fest between to heavy hitters, then look no further.  Red Hulk versus Thing would be good enough but this is Rulk battling it out against Ben as Angrir the Breaker of Souls.  These two battle it out and let's say it doesn't end well for one of them (SPOILER- It's Red Hulk).   The Bad Bendis has now (IMO) st...

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1959 is Finally Over!!! 2

Looking at what others have said, it is good to know that I am not alone with feeling as though the 1959 Avengers have been a big waste of time.  I would stand by my feelings either way, but it is good to have some validation.  The Good Hands down, Mike Deodato's art if great!  He helps tell the story in creative and visually stunning ways.  Besides that, I can't give much more praise.  I do like how Bendis wrties the characters of this Avengers team, but stretching the combined "Bobbi's been cr...

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Is Ben Stiller Making a Cameo? 0

Judging on what other people have posted, I may draw some fire for this, but we are here to share and experience different opinions right?  The Good  I have been waiting for Secret Avengers to hit its stride and I think that both the 12.1 issues and 13 help do that.  What a relief to move away from the John Steele business.  Also, how interesting is it that we see three Avengers that you would not necessarily see working together.  War Machine (aka Iron Man 2.0), Ant-Man (O'Grady version), and o...

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