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Characters from the Wildstorms Collectible Card Game

Wildstorms was "The Expandable Super-Hero" card game that was produced from 1995-1997. It initially featured the characters from the Wildstorm comic brand, but later featured other characters from throughout the Image universe as well as a few Marvel characters that had been revamped during the "Heroes Reborn" story arc that ran 1996-1997.

Each entry will list what teams a character is listed to be a member of (this made a difference for game play). Teams will be in brackets [ ]. If there are no brackets, then the character's team was listed as none. Chase characters usually had their team logo in gold instead of the normal colors. Chase characters will be marked with an asterisk (*). The set that each character was released in will also be listed with a coding (some may have been released in more than one set).

The sets are as follows:

$- Limited (original set, 1995)

%- Unlimited (reprinted much of the original cards, had white edges instead of black, 1996

?- Conflict (1996)

+- Image Universe (introduced other Image characters, 1996)

<- Legends (introduced a solitaire way to play the game, 1997)

~- Best of Wildstorms (more reprints, 1997)

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