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    "I'm Mary Poppins ya'll!"
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    Anybody else ever been both "GRRRR" and "meh" at the same time?
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    The plot is intriguing, but the art might be a deal breaker for me...I'll wait and see though I guess.

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    Will this then be ushering in the All-New All-Different Heroic Marvel Age Reborn?

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    "A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic." ~Carl Sagan
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    Is it possible that the most ret-conned character of any comic company is Marvel's Toad?
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    What are your thoughts about who SPOILER (Sorry, I know your review alerts re: spoilers, but I like to be cautious)

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    Why is it that some people's personal volume knob is permanently stuck at 8 or higher?
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    I had to go with Green Goblin. Only one to complete wreak havoc Peter's life both in and out of costume. In fact, how many of them were also running the Avengers and SHIELD (well, hammer) during Dark...

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    Sorry if someone else already pointed this out, but when I first saw the picture, before I read the title I thought they were making a Mission: Impossible comic and that was Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt c...

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    I agree with you both your pros and cons. Back in the 90s, I looked forward to the events because they tended to be more annual and less piled on top of each other. AoA will always be one of my favor...

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    I am a huge Taskmaster fan, but even without time travel or teleporting Spiral has enough other abilities that she would probably win. I think it would be close and I would LOVE to see Tasky take it,...

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    I had to make a tough call and not buy Deadpool #27 last week. When I went today, cash in hand, my LCBS was out. I feel like The B...