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A closer look to Thaddeus Howzes's Flash vs Superman post.

So let's start with the analyzing!

"Barry's return from the Speed Force has altered his perception of his powers and his view of the real world. He can, focus on a series of events and determine the least amount of effort required to make those events happen."

In Pre52 Barry returned in Re-birth and didn't show any new powers or even being faster. In fact he was so slow that he couldn't even exit the Speed Force, for that he needed Wally to drag him out. The only Flash keep in mind who can enter and exit Speed Force on will. Bart Allen was also stuck in Speed Force until SBP broke it.

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Next time Barry was stuck in Speed Force was in New 52 and after his return from that Speed Force also didn't give him any abilities. While Flash did get stronger after that, he got stronger several issues later while battling Eobard Thawne that had nothing to do with being stuck in Speed Force.

The powers you are really talking about came with Barry being a whole new character with new powers in Post-Flashpoint Universe.

"It's a new and different way of depicting how the Flash controls his perception of time, space and his relationship to the world at large. Being as fast as he is, he appears to violate causality appearing to be everywhere at once. He isn't, but his speed can give him the illusion of simultaneity."

It's not a new or different way of depicting how Flash controls his powers. Wally West in Pre52 actually used that trick to speak with Hunter Zolomon's wife. Barry going through every possible solution in a fight is also nothing new as Wally did that against Solaris is DC One Million going through billions of possible solutions to take him down the best way in a single Nanosecond.

"Wally couldn't control this power and thus refrained from phasing through matter if he could help it."

Again wrong, Wally easily used phasing powers without blowing things up. He mastered molecule past Barry Allen.

"The first use of the Infinite Mass Punch was by Wally West against the White Martian, Zum. Barry has shown he can also use this power."

Barry has never shown the power of IMP.

"Wally West was the most powerful version of the Flash to ever exist, until Barry Allen returned from the Speed Force."

He wasn't stronger or faster than Wally in Re-birth after returning from Speed Force. In fact like I stated before he didn't show any new things after returning from Speed Force. He also didn't show being stronger than future New 52 Wally after returning from Speed Force in New 52.

"Since Barry's return from the Speed Force, his powers and abilities have equaled or eclipsed most of the feats performed by Wally West."

So now we get back to this quote, a full circle I would say. As I have proven above there is no proof, nil, zilts, none that any canon version of Barry is even a little bit close to Wally. Saying Barry is still like a snail compared to Wally is overestimating him.

"Arguably, Superman is one of the most powerful metahumans in the recently rewritten DC Universe. There are some rumblings among the fanboys the Martian Manhunter is more powerful, but I think this is about the Manhunter having a more diverse power set including mental powers, phasing and mass-alteration abilities."

There is nothing to argue about it, he is not one of the most powerful, well it depends what you mean by one of the most powerful, but there is a massive list of characters still above him. New 52 MMH fanboys don't have to be fanboys to say that MMH is still leagues above Superman, that is because MMH has beaten Superman 3 times already. In 2 of those battles he beat the entire League with Superman.

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"Superman is the flagship hero of DC and most of the DC staff have repeatedly indicated Superman has no equals."

No DC's flahship hero is still Batman, now if we are looking at comic book sales month to month then we see that Batman is the only DC hero who is keeping up with Marvel sales that were boosted by MCU. Individual DC writers don't have the say over the entire DC canon, if anybody actually has any say it's Dan Didio and even he doesn't have say over things that characters have actually done. I mean Stan Lee stated that Galactus is the most powerful Marvel character and we all know that is far from true.

"Outside of a planetary atmosphere he has proven to be able to achieve speeds faster than light, traveling from Pluto to Earth in a matter of minutes."

That was actually in matter of seconds unless you really think 3 characters full of excitement say a sentence or two in minutes.

"The first time these two mixed it up, the Flash assumed his superspeed would be enough to keep Superman from even laying a hand on him."

You forgot to mention that was Barry new to his powers, before Barry got his Speed Mind powers working and was just running around some what fast. The best part with all of those scans is that you forgot to show Barry knocking Superman down.

Now your Match:

You made a pointless big match instead of just saying Barry goes faster than light and vibrates Superman's brain out. As we know Barry is faster than light, stated by professor that whenever he runs faster than light he joinks things across space and time and Barry has only gotten faster since that moment. Barry recently beat Eobard Thawne who had new powers like slowing time down, Flash said he can speed time up as a counter measure. And as we all should already know Flash vibrated a massive plane with all the passengers through a bridge, he has more than needed experience to vibrate through alien tissue. If still not impressed, Barry vibrated through Fortress of Solitude which was made of millions of different alien crystals.