Why Power Scaling Doesn't Work in DBZ

In order to explain why it doesn't work, we first have to clarify what it is:

Power Scaling is, simply put, saying that if X is capable of an arbitrary feat, then Z with an equal or greater Power Level, is by definition capable of the same feat.

An example would be that if Master Roshi is capable of blowing up the moon, then anyone with a power level equal to, or greater than, that of Master Roshi, is also capable of blowing up the moon.

So, why doesn't it work?

In DBZ everything revolves around KI, the higher the KI, the more powerful the fighter.

But there are far too many variables for Power Scaling to actually work.

1. Uneven returns - Any given amount of KI, does not give a specific amount of Speed, Strength and Durability(as seen with Trunks' USSJ form). Which effectively means that Power Scaling cannot be used for those kinds of physical feats.

2. Power Multipliers - Their various special(named) attacks are all power multipliers(Goku's Kamehameha against Raditz has a multiplication factor of about 2.2, while Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon has a multiplication factor of about 3.6, just to give some examples). Without knowing the specific multiplication factor for each technique, Power Scaling is effectively useless for KI based feats.

A few examples to demonstrate my point:

1. Master Roshi, with a power level of 180, blew up the moon. However, he did that using his Max Power form, and the Kamehamaha technique. So, in order to figure out his actual effective PL for that feat, you need to know the power increase from his Max Power form, and the multiplication factor of his Kamehamaha.

Later, Piccolo blows up the moon, with a power level of about 400, but again, we don't know the multiplication factor of the technique he used.

2. Master Roshi, with a power level of about 138, is roughly 28 times more powerful than a normal human(based on the power level of 5 on the random Farmer scanned by Raditz).

Using Power Scaling, he should logically be about 28 times stronger and faster than a normal human. But with his 100 meter dash speed recorded at about 3.1 seconds, he's barely 3 times faster.

If we try looking at it the other way around:

Since Roshi blew up the moon at about 180 PL, a normal human, if they learned to use their Ki, without increasing their Power Level, should be able to blow up a mountain several times the size of Mt. Everest.

Bottom line: Power Scaling is completely and utterly useless for any DBZ debate, and no real DBZ fan should be using it, since they should already know these things.