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Never heard of this Jerec. Must not been that important. Ventress.

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lol this shuld b gud

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I want to see this match if it finishes. T4V

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Yeah Daredevil still solos all of the Turtles, maybe they can take Fisk if they fight like they did against Krang since Fisk hasn't gotten as many skill feats as Daredevil has received from his contemporary Marvel comics. But Daredevil is beyond the TMNT's skill level to defeat. By feats, showings and fights, he outclasses both Splinter and Shredder's skill as martial artists and both have soloed the Turtles by themselves, Saki more than once. To address the Leo vs Batman fight, Batman was clearly going easy on him and got distracted in the middle of the fight by Splinter's commentary, plus Leo was having his hand held by Splinter all the way through. It's also worth noting that Batman defeated all the Turtles in a real serious fight whereas all Leo did was just flip Batman over in a friendly sparring match. Real fight>sparring as a representation of someone's combat skill.

It's a gross exaggeration to even begin to claim Leo is equal to Batman in any way by virtue of one judo flip, especially when comparing the context of both respective fights. Plus the crossover will end with Batman going toe to toe with Shredder, someone above Leo's skills in the TMNT universe yet he's supposed to be equal with Batman? That makes no sense. Anyone above Shredder's fighting skill is fair game for soloing the Turtles based on the evidence of 2 highly skilled martial artists defeating all 4 Turtles at once and Daredevil fits that bill, as does Batman.

The turtles can't be the highest level martial artists from the beginning like when this post was made. Otherwise there would be nowhere for the Turtles to progress to and no reason to keep reading besides hoping something new in the comics would be entertaining. Currently, arguement can be made for Raphael beating Fisk while the other 3 handle DD.

Considering Leo currently is Shredders near equal in solo matches, DD get murked by three on one.

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@emperorthanos-: Kewl..... thats a nice picture of Hedorah actually. I dont think i have that one.


We meet again my friend ;) I will start.

No Caption Provided

Hedorah is a Space Monster whose power is absorbing trash, toxins, pollution in general. The larger he gets, the more dangerous he becomes that even Showa and IDW Godzilla have issues winning. His powers is toxin base, with massive stats, and regen.

No Caption Provided

Spawn is the super powerhouse of Image comics. A super soldier murder, went to Hell, and given incredible power. Spawn powers are pretty much limited by his imagination, base on the energy of Necroplasma, and his powerful symbiotic suit K-7 Leetha.

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Blaze is the man who made a deal with the devil, and slapped with the curse of the Ghost Rider. Blaze houses the powerful Spirit of Vengeance known as Zarathos, and has access to one of the most powerful magical energies in Marvel comics, Hellfire.

Lets get this show on the road.

Initial Thoughts

First off, I am looking at your perks.

  • 1-hour Prep anywhere (5)

BP tech im guessing.

  • Spidey Team (2)

This is no doubt for Absorbing man.

  • Mind Link

Cool, now they all can share the same thoughts as they die.

  • 1-hour Prep in the battlefield (1)

Not sure how this helps your team, other than give them time to set up defenses for initial opening attacks. Maybe let Absorbing Man to absorb Vibranium Armor.

Anyway not much to wait on here. I have decent knowledge f your team anyway. So with that said, here is what my team has.

  • Perfect Teamwork

Oh yeah, this means my team will compliment eachother abilities and attacks like a well oil machine. Unlike your team that never work together, it be harder to make arguments of them thinking of doing this and that to compliment eachother or even work well with the other. My team will be doing great combo attacks and covering eachother with this perk.

  • Basic Knowledge

Even better, my team has a idea what your team does and who they are. More than enough to know what counters to use or what opening attacks to be prepared for.

Opening Attacks

For opening moves, Spawn will slink into the shadows. Making him pretty much invisible and untouchable to your team. Perfect example below. Spawn is able to merge with the shadows and attack from any direction the shadows are. Attacking from all the shadows even while remaining untouchable.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

As seen, K7-Leetha is able to empower someone to enter and attack from th Shadows as she does for Downing Spawn here. Leetha is the same suit for Simmons, adn it was her using Downing to do the work. Downing had no idea what he was doing or how he did it. Point is the feat relates to Simmons who has use this ability himself.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

So he will remain mostly untouch and able to strick from anywhere. Spawn is mainly providing support attacks here though. Unleashing chain attacks at Lady Death. His only rival here.

So what is Hedorah doing? Wiping out your team off the bat really.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Hedorah's smog is absolutely lethal to living things. Wiping out cities with its presence. How lethal is his smog effect?

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

So lethal that it turns humans into bones and steel rusts and breaks in seconds. So lethal even Godzilla with his incredible durability and healing factor is nearly killed after seconds of prolong contact. There is no excuse for your team to not instant die from the start. Unlike my characters who dont breath or have physical living bodies (Spawn is made of Necroplasma energy and Ghost Rider is made of Hellfire energy) your team will wither and die as soon as battle starts.

The only counter is maybe mind controlling Hedorah with Lady Death, but then Spawn counters anyway attacking her directly, and his own TP should fend her off anyway.

Last but not least is Blaze who will go Zarathos. Yes, Blaze can let go and go Zarathos off the bat. like a damn switch actually.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Normally he would not chose to do this, however, I have perfect team work and basic knowledge. no reason he would not go all out in Zarathos fashion. Once this happens, Zarathos will charge forward and soul burn what remains of your team that is being poison to death.

No Caption Provided

Kinda like this. Instant soul burning Hellfire goodness.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Various feats from 70s, 80s, and 90s of Blaze's Hellfire burning the soul.

This leads to GG really. Opening salvo. Well, till you show me what trickery you have for prep that is.

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