Does Miles Morales always lose? The results.


Miles vs Batman Beyond

Miles vs Blade

Miles vs X-23

Miles vs Black Panther

Miles vs Red Hood

Miles vs Captain America

Miles vs Gambit


Miles vs Bane

Miles va Daredevil




Mid Street Tier

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That sums up Miles Placement in the Battle Forums these days. The kid has fought the likes of Ultimate Venom, Ultimate Green Goblin, Ultimate Electro, Ultimate/616 Mysterio, Ultimate Dr Doom and Doombots, 616 Winter Soldier, 616 Old Man Logan, and even besting a fluish 616 Spider Man. Mile has been part of the Avengers, Ultimates, train by SHIELD, Secrete Wars, and part of some major situations. Miles has super strength, durability, speed in the meta human levels, while packing spider sense, webbing, invisibility, and the Venom Sting. Yet he is only some odd reason only considered mid street tier by results.

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The higher tiers like Blade, Panther, X-23 stomp in polls. Red hood and Gambit barely winning. Meanwhile Miles barely beaten Daredevil and Bane for wins.

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This pattern is more close to mid street and it seems Miles more falls in this line. I personally don't agree, but this was the aim of the series. To see where he stands and if he always lose. He won a few, but overall not impressive by battle forum standards. Whether this is where people legit place him, or if they are just bias for a number of reasons to vote against him, this seems to be where Miles stand.

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Thanks again for all who took the time to be honest with this little series.