Does Invincible Always Lose? The Results.

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Invincible vs Post Crisis Wonder Woman

Invincible vs Marvel Angela

Invincible vs Magneto


Invincible vs Ms Marvel

Invincible vs Namor

Invincible vs Post Crisis Superboy

Invincible vs Extremis Iron Man




Low High Tier

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I was actually surprise how well Mark did these past few battles. He was placed higher than most I thought would, though bias as I am I place him higher still. Still, Mark won a decent amount of battles for a weaker version of Superman.

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The higher tiers like Magneto stomp Mark, though the rest of Marks loses were as close as his wins. Even in the 2014 time frame, Post Crisis Wonder Woman, a solid Superman tier character, only beat Mark with 55% to Marks 41%. And to this day Mark is solidly beating Namor and such in polls. Not bad.

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With all this said, I am closing this out at 7 battles. With pretty consistent results shown. If anyone wishes to continue to debate in the threads I made, please do. This is base on the time this was made. Who knows how Mark will be viewed down the road. With his incredible series ended, and no more new comics to come out in the foreseeable future, this was a nice send off for one of the best indie characters in comics today.

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Thanks again for all who took the time to be honest with this little series.