Does Godzilla Always Win Results?

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Godzilla (IDW) vs New 52/Post Crisis Sinestro

Godzilla (Movies and Comics) vs Thor Odinson


Godzilla (IDW) vs Magneto

Godzilla (Movies and Comics) vs New 52/Post Crisis Supergirl

Godzilla (Movies and Comics) vs Naruto (Manga and Anime)

Godzilla (Movies and Comics) vs Saitima (Manga, Comic, and Anime)


Godzilla (Movies and Comics) vs Hulk


Solid High Tier

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Before the Incredible Hulk, and before Giant Monsters was a genre on the big screen, there was one giant Radioactive Lizard that has withstood the test of time in popularity, and badassness. Even to this day there is several versions of this character in Movies, Anime, and Comics. This character is Godzilla, the King of Monsters. A title that he upholds in this segment.

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Godzilla was put through the paces against various Marvel, DC, and popular Manga heavy hitters. Some versions was strictly IDW comics. The most powerful Godzilla version known in a collection of arcs and short stories. Mostly Godzilla was allowed feats from comics and his 60+ years of movies. Either way, he rocked most of the competition with only the Herald Tier level foes handily beating him in polls, but never beating GZ in a stomp. Testament to the crazy power this giant monster has.

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So to answer the question does Godzilla always win? No, but he is a safe bet to place on in most fights if he were real and pitted against other super heroes and villains in a match to the death lol. Its nice to see so many people feel the same way on my personal favorite character in fiction. Godzilla is depicted as a force of nature. unstoppable and unrelenting. Sometimes Godzilla is earth greatest defender, other times mankind's worst foe. In the end, Godzilla earns the title as King of Monsters. Its been a crazy 60 years for the King, and here is a toast for another 60 years of good times.

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Thanks again for all who took the time to be honest with this little series. This is my last one probably, and glad I was able to finish this.