Does Darth Vader always Win? The results.

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Darth Vader vs Sinister Six


Canon Darth Vader vs New 52 Midnighter

Darth Vader vs New 52 Aquaman

Darth Vader vs Warmachine

Darth Vader vs Vergil

Darth Vader vs X-Force




Solid Mid Tier

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Darth Vader, the original super villain of cinema, the Dark Lord of the Sith, master of the Dark Side, and still to this day one of the most famous known villains ever had a decent run of several matches, and won just about every single one of them.

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Its hard to place Star Wars characters in battle matches. Star Wars characters are generally super fast, super skilled, have powerful TK abilities, and weapons that can cut through almost anything. By default they are higher than street tier, but due to their still very human levels of durability not high tier at all. They fall in a in-between we call mid tier on battle forums. Vader is handily smack dab in that category too. To make matters worse there is two versions of Vader. Canon (Disney approve) and Legends (Everything pre Disney buying out the franchise). One battle was Canon in a BOTW. The rest were the more powerful Legends Vader. So that must be taken into account as well though the gap is not that high.

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Overall, it was fun as a Star Wars fan like myself to set up some fun little matches for the Dark Lord to battle in. Proving just how powerful he is in the minds of many. Losing in only the most extreme odds and pulling out wins every time outside the one match with decent lead in polls. Vader truly is well above Street Level characters.

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Thanks again for all who took the time to be honest with this little series.