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Alec Against the Metal, the Grey and Arcane! 0

Charles Soule has been doing great things on the Swamp Thing title, and this month has continued to deliver another brilliant issue. Though reading this issue left me short of breath and amazed, it also saddened me as it brought me another step closer to the last issue of not just Soule's run, but also of the actual Swamp Thing title. As always, this review may (or may not) contain spoilers.The War Rages On!The Machine Queen arc continues in this issue beginning with some awesome fight scenes b...

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Let the New Gods Feel Fear 0

With this issue, the first act of Godhead comes to a close. So far, this cosmic event has been mostly great, but already at this point, runs the risk of losing steam. Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead #1 and Green Lantern #35 - Godhead, Act I, Part II: Dead Worlds were fantastic issues, and while Green Lantern Corps #35 - Godhead, Act I, Part III: Reckoning and Green Lantern: New Guardians #35 - Godhead, Act I, Part IV: were also good issues, they weren't quite as gripping as the previous issues,...

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Sinestro Finally Gets a Book 1

Don't get me wrong. I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard the news that Sinestro would be getting his own title - but I, along with many other fans, feel that this decision was about 7 years too late. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, DC! Also, it's been a while since I last wrote a review, and I thought that this issue would be a good one for me to review, as I'm a particularly big lantern fan.As always, this review may (or may not) contain spoilers, so continue reading at your own ris...

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The Book of Parallax - Chapter 1: Sinestro 4

As you could imagine, judging by my username, Green Lantern #23.4 was amongst the books that I was most anxious to read. Let me just say from the outset that I was actually...dissappointed with the story in this issue, so let's get to that. The review below may, or may not, contain spoilers. Be warned.Heil SinestroAs I've already said, the story in this issue left me less than impressed. While the whole concept of villain's month was to tell the origin story of various characters, and build on t...

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Anton Arcane is BACK! Everybody run! 3

This is one of the books that I was looking forward to the most with the arrival of Villain's month. Admittedly I never read a single-issue of Swamp Thing before the New 52 reboot, but after being hooked onto Snyder's run, I have gone back to fill the information gap, and am now a full-fledged fan of Alec Holland and co.The review below may contain spoilers.Even the Rot has a Hell!What struck me most about this story was the nightmare scenario that the parliament of decay would send their renega...

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Is this Black Hand? Or The Rot? 5

This week's Green Lantern Villain's Month issue features Black Hand - wielder of the Black Power Ring - as its main focus. As with all reviews, the following review may (or may not) contain spoilers. Be warned.New Powers, or a mischaracterization?One thing about this issue that I've been heavily thinking about is a possible new power introduced to Black Hand. During a scene where Black Hand's zombie army meets resistance from the Coast City Police, William Hand was able to feel a virus present i...

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End Year One. 0

***Review may contain spoilers. BE WARNED!AND so the first year of Tom Taylor's 'Injustice Gods Amongst Us' comes to a conclusion with the highly anticipated final confrontation between soon-to-be Emperor Superman, and Batman.ReliefI have to say, at first I was rather reserved about how Taylor would write this issue, as I was dreading reading a Batman: The Dark Knight Returns type finale...again. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how the showdown went - in the process, refuting my two pre...

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Mongul Introduced into n52 5

This review contains spoilers to the issue and even older comics from the 1990s! Be warned!Before the new 52 reboot, Mongul was, simply put, one of the most sinister and powerful villains that existed in the DCU - just to give you a brief idea, Mongul had destroyed Coast City, sending it into oblivion which was the spark that led to Hal Jordan becoming Parallax and going on a killing spree back in the 90's.Whilst I haven't especially missed Mongul since the reboot, I whole-heartedly welcome him ...

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History of the Court 3

The Court of Owls get the 'Villain's Month' treatment this week, and basically this issue, written by present Talon writer, James Tynion IV, is an overview of the history of Scott Snyder's and Greg Capullo's creation, The Court of Owls.Establishing HistoryIn recent years, several comic book publishers have introduced characters without going too much into their history and origins, apart from the odd filler issue or editorial note. One thing I have really come to appreciate from DC is the effort...

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Relic Explained 3

***DISCLAIMER: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.I, along with many other readers, were obviously concerned with how the main Green Lantern book would turn out, following Geoff John's stepping down as the writer, after an incredible 9 year spell. His successor, Robert Venditti, has done an admirable job so far, but of course, it's still early days to make any fair comparison.In this issue, Green Lantern #23.1, we are brought up to date with the back-story of Relic, one of the foes recently introduced by Ven...

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The People Are Represented By Two Face 1

Yes, the title of the review was an attempt to adapt the legendary 'Law & Order' opening narration - did I do it right?Normally, I wouldn't post so many reviews in one week, but with this being villain's month, I'm sure there will be more to follow.Let me say from the out-set, that I enjoyed this issue a lot. My favourite villains tend to be the ones with something tragic about them, and in the case of Two-Face, his struggles to overcome his demons, though he is an essentially good person, ...

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Darkseid and Kirby's Fourth World are back! 5

With villain's month now underway, Greg Pak and co. tackle Darkseid and, one of my most favourite areas of comics, Jack Kirby's Fourth World. Please note that, as with all reviews, there may (or may not) be spoilers below.Origins Revisited with Disappointing DeliveryTo sum up this issue, the first half deals with the origins of Darkseid, and briefly the origins of Highfather, the Old Gods and the New Gods. Whilst I have often complained at the lack of recognition and attention that Jack Kirby's ...

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A Bit Too Predictable 5

So with this issue, 'The Hybrid' arc, as well as Diggle's run, comes to an end.For me, this issue, as the title of this review suggests, was too predictable, and added essentially nothing to the rich stories of Superman and his supporting characters. The previous two issues had set up the first confrontation between Lex and Superman in the new 52, but for me, it fell pretty flat, and the plot was all concluded with about two or three lines.So to summarise the entire issue,***SPOLIER*** Superman...

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Whatever Happened to the Emerald Knights? 0

SPOILERS.You have been warned!What is there to say about Geoff Johns' 9-year run that hasn't already been said? Green Lantern #20 brings the curtain down on an amazing story that was started by Johns way back in 2004. This issue, for me, was possibly the best last-issue that any author could hope to write.To many, 'Wrath of the First Lantern' has been rather hit-and-miss. Personally, I don't really care much for Simon Baz (as I have hardly seen him since his introduction), and my interest in thi...

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