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Favourite Writers

In no particular order...

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  • Definitely my favourite writer today...hardly surprising since I'm a GL fanboy.

    Geoff gets the nod due to his body of work on the Green Lantern titles, with particular praise going to 'The Sinestro Corps War', 'Rebirth' and 'Blackest Night' and then of course his work on Action Comics, Booster Gold and Aquaman have also been really good for me

  • Work on 'Green Lantern Corps' and 'Batman and Robin'

  • Easy choice, really...

  • Work on the Batman title has been truly inspired, but it's his recent run on Swamp Thing that I love most.

  • Writer of some of the best comics I ever read in my life: Watchmen, For the Man Who Has Everything, The Killing Joke, whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing.

  • Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are classics...other than that, then HELL NO!

  • Superman For All Seasons, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Hush

  • The Man of Steel and work on the Fourth World.

  • Mostly thanks to his work on the Flash

  • Really enjoyed his run on Detective Comics, and his writing on the DCAU.

  • Booster Gold!

  • Another easy choice

  • Justice League International and Booster Gold

  • Again, another easy choice

  • No. He's not strictly a writer, he was the editor over at DC who personally oversaw the revival of the comic book industry.

    Though he doesn't belong on a list of writers, he definitely deserves an honourable mention for overseeing the creation of the Silver Age and brought us Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

    Words will never do justice to what this man achieved.

  • Green Arrow and Animal Man